Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

Countdown to Christmas!

Hey hey guys, it seems like just yesterday I was announcing that I will be taking part in Your Good Skin Challenge. Your Good Skin is the new skincare range from Boots which promises visibly healthier skin in just 28 days

I decided to test this out, so I purchased the core items in the collection to use exclusively for the whole month of November, which gives me a little bit over the 28-day milestone. The only products I didn’t use from the collection were:  toner- I used Pixi Glow Tonic, face masks- I switched between GlamGlow Supermud, Sephora Sheet masks and BodyShop face masks. I think I complied with the challenge really well, I used the items twice a day with the expectation of the face wash, but there were at least 3 days I didn’t use any items at all.

Let’s get to the full review then

SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream

The SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream is formulated with Vitamin C & Green Tea and promises 24hr hydration. More claims include an oil-free formula and no clogged pores. Made without parabens

The day cream has a light texture and it’s slightly thicker than a lotion but I won’t call it a cream (I think creams are thicker and richer). It doesn’t have an overpowering scent but it’s a very pleasant once none the less. I loved the SPF 30 it came with and at a price of only £7.99. I don’t leave a white cast, so I am able to use it alone, on top of the serum. The cream sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves it soft and hydrated with a healthy glow.

Within the 1st two weeks of November when the weather wasn’t too cold, I felt like the day cream provided all day hydration and softness, but in the last two weeks of November when it has much colder, I noticed the cream didn’t quite keep up. I felt my skin looked dry towards the middle/ end of my work day so around 3 or 4pm. It also felt slightly drier too and if I had whiteheads around my chin area, those looked slightly visible too. Retrospectively, I am thinking if it had oils in it, I think it would have performed better.  Because of this, in the last week of using the cream, I topped it off with Babe Balm which I am going to review for BrownBeautyTalk soon.


ProVitamin Overnight Cream

The ProVitamin Overnight Cream contains Green Tea, Vitamin C, E & B5 with no oils, parabens and pore clogging. The texture is very similar to that of the day cream and I won’t necessarily label it as a cream too.

I felt like it doesn’t quite deliver as much hydration as I would like, especially for the winter and for my night time routine. My skin does feel soft and hydrated upon application but after a while, it feels like there isn’t much on the skin. It sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t clog pores and the oil-free formula means my skin doesn’t look or feel oily/greasy. Again as the day cream, during the first 2 weeks, I found the level of hydration and moisture ok but in the last 2 weeks, it struggled it keep up. I mean my skin wasn’t parched dry in the morning but I could have done with a little bit more moisture.

Balancing Skin Concentrate

This is the main star of the whole collection, promising an improvement in the 5 key signs of healthy skin- skin tone, skin texture, moisture levels, oiliness and radiance.  I used the serum twice a day- before the creams.

The texture is very similar to the creams but much lighter. It doesn’t have the normal oil- like serum consistency but this is like a lighter lotion. I used 2 to 3 pumps for my face and neck. It sinks into the skin very quickly and leaves a healthy glow. I feel like it offers some hydration to the skin. Out of the collection, the balancing skin concentrate is one of my favourites. I have noticed my skin looks brighter and clearer although I haven’t seen much of a difference in my hyperpigmented spots.

For the 5 key signs of healthy skin:

Skin texture– I did notice a good improvement in texture, not that I was suffering from texture issues from before. I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and I didn’t get much texture issues during the month. My pores remained small as well

Skin tone & radiance– I would say my skin looks radiant and healthier but in terms of hyperpigmentation evening out, I won’t say I have noticed a huge difference! I got a spot at the beginning of the month (which I should have left alone but SARAH!) so thanks to that I have a fresh dark mark on my cheeks lol.

Oiliness– this is probably the biggest difference I noticed. My skin feels more balanced. I have normal to combo skin, with an oily tzone and I feel like the serum and helped balance my skin. I am noticing my tzone isn’t as oily during the day, in fact not oily at all. At first, I thought it was due to the cooler weather but I remember my skin been slightly oiler during the day last winter.

Moisture levels- the serum itself doesn’t offer a lot of hydration but when layered with the creams you get a fair amount I would say. Again in the first two weeks of November, this was ok but in the latter part of the month, it struggled to keep up!

Refreshing Face Wash

So the face wash was the least used product but I am still super impressed with it. I love how it leaves my skin after a wash- refreshed without feeling tight or dry. It’s been made without parabens, SLS and fragrance. It also has Green Tea & Vit C and BisabololI pair the face wash with a vanity planet SPS face brush

Overall thoughts

Below is a pic of my skin on Nov 1 and Nov 30. Do you see much of a difference?

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

I think the collection is very good although I don’t think it delivers on ALL of the promises it makes (as with most products)

The SPF 30 Anti-Oxidant Day Cream is something I would repurchase only because of its good price point and the high factor SPF you get. It contains Vitamin C which helps brighten the skin (I love Vit C) and compared to the BodyShop Vitamin C daily moisturiser SPF 30, £14.99, this one is much cheaper but the BodyShop one packs more moisture. I would probably use this during the warmer months-spring/summer and layer it underneath/on top on another moisturiser for the colder months. The ProVitamin Overnight Cream was my least fav product and it’s something I would not repurchase. I love rich and thicker creams for night time but this one is very light in texture.

Balancing Skin Concentrate – I love this serum and it’s something I would repurchase but just not right now. It did brighten my skin over time and leave my skin looking healthier. Its £16.99 for a 30ml bottle and I have noticed using it twice a day will last you a little over a month. (1 or 2 days extra). Refreshing Face Wash- an easy and effective face wash and something I would buy again if it was on offer

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

I didn’t experience any irritation with any of the products and no texture issues with them. None of them clogged my pores

In conclusion, I think it’s an effective drugstore skincare collection, prices are budget friendly with the most expensive one been the Balancing Skin Concentrate. The collection boasts a lot of promises which it delivers on some and falls short on some.

The challenge was to see if my skin would look visibly healthier in just 28 days, looking at the two pictures I am not sure there is a huge physical difference. But I think it’s a nice serum.

Your Good Skin Challenge Full Review

It’s not a mind-blowing collection but it’s not disappointing either. I think for me it’s 50/50. I will carry on using the face wash, day cream topped with a balm and night cream layered underneath another. The serum I have very little left as it will probably last me two or 3 days in dec. I will use it alone in the morning but will layer it with another serum for night time.

Your Good Skin is exclusive to Boots and currently on offer- buy 1 get one-half price.

Let me know what you think of the collection. Did you try anything? Share your thoughts with me!

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