Welcome to the Beauty page!

This section of my blog is dedicated to product reviews, beauty news and essential information that I believe will help us (because I am always learning too) with taking care of what we have properly. We will discuss skincare routines, ingredients and everything else in between!

Use the above drop-down menu to navigate all the posts I have on beauty, be warned there is a lot! But before you delve into the vast world of beauty, there are some essential information you should know. I want you to understand one thing about beauty: do not buy/use things blindly in hope of achieving something or anything! Please know what exactly what you have e.g. skintype and what you want e.g. even skin tone, oil control etc

I have linked my essential posts that are worth reading below, this will be the basic information you need on how to start a routine and the right products. I have also linked my go to products if you are looking for some product recommendations!


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Essential Info

Skin Types & How to Determine Your Skin Type

How to Create A Skincare Routine

What are Face Masks?

Skincare Ingredients: Retinol Benefits in Skincare

Skincare Ingredients: Antioxidants

Skincare ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid

Skincare Ingredients: AHA’s & BHA’s

What is Hyperpigmentation and How to Deal With It

Hydrating vs Moisturising: What’s the difference?


Product recommendations

Best Highlighters for Black Women Under £10

Best Translucent/Setting Powders for Dark Skin

Best Drugstore Skincare Brands & Their Products

My current skincare routine- Combo skin with Hyperpigmentation


I hope you find some inspiration and I hope we will go on this journey together to unlock the true potential of our skin, this amazing vessel we have been given.

I also do a lot of product reviews for BrownBeautyTalk, a website/online magazine dedicated to WOC. Please check them out!