Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave in Conditioner Review

Palmer’s has been one of my favourite drugstore brands for many years. I love both the bodycare and haircare collections which are affordable and easily accessible.

Palmer’s Natural Fusion range was launched this year and is a 5 product strong collection that harnesses natural ingredients for stronger healthier hair. I was gifted the collection a few months back but I have only managed to use two of the items. This post is a full review of the Mallow Root Leave-in conditioner.

The Mallow Root leave-in conditioner promises slip for easy detangling leaving the hair shiny and moisturised. It comes in a spray bottle

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave in Conditioner


I am currently on my 2nd bottle of this leave-in with 4 more as backup: this tells you how much I love the product. The conditioner sprays in a very fine mist and has a pleasant scent. I use this conditioner on wash days, immediately after rinsing out my deep conditioner on soaking wet hair but I also use it throughout the week to hydrate and soften my hair.

I have natural 4c hair which is prone to dryness, what I really like about this leave-in is that it actually hydrates and softens the hair, I can see and feel a difference. I don’t usually use my leave-ins for detangling, I prefer to detangle with my conditioner so I can’t comment on the detangling claims of the product. This leave-in also works well for Brazilian hair as a leave-in conditioner. I also generously mist on soaking wet wigs after washing and they dry very soft with a lovely lustre.


This is one of the best spray leave-in conditioners I have used in a very long time. I am halfway through my 2nd bottle and I have been lucky to go to events and have been gifted more, I have 4 more backups. This works so well for my natural 4c hair and it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t weigh the hair down so I am confident it will work for all hair types.

I will recommend and will purchase.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner is available in Superdrug


Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Review

I have rediscovered my natural hair! I’ve been leaving my hair out a lot lately, last year from September to December then in this year, it’s been out since January to April. I got tired of wearing wigs so I just decided to let my hair be (also because I wanted to finish my hair products!). My go-to protective style has been a slick bun – something never thought I could achieve with my 4c hair but I look at me lol.

I picked up the new Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil gel for my slick buns because I had finished the Olive Oil type (I LOVE this!) the new Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil also has vitamin E, Fiber & Omega 3. It promises a max hold of 10 and a max shine and also promises hair growth, no flaking, tack or itching.


I picked up the medium size pot (473ml) of the gel because I wasn’t so sure if I would like it. I have been using it for my slick buns for protective styling. It has the normal eco styler scent and I like the fact that they have changed the tops of the gels to flip tops instead of screw tops.

For the slick bun, I use the gel on soaking wet hair (after leave in)  and apply in sections, smoothing a good amount on the top and bottom of the section and combing it through- there are lots of videos on YT on how to do these.  After working through my hair, I tie my sating scarf and by the next morning, the hair is set. I do like the gel and it does help me achieve a sleek smooth look. The gel doesn’t pile on top of the leave-in conditioner. I would probably give the hold a 7.5/10. I would give the shine a 6.5/10. It’s not an extremely hard hold so it doesn’t make the hair look hard. The hold lasts about 3 days before my scalp feels itchy and I start to see flakes. By day 4 I have to wash it out, it also washes out easily. I completely forgot I wanted to do a review & demo of the gel so this is the only picture I have with my hairstyles with the Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil.

The only issue I have with this: it has shimmer in it! It’s not chunky and it doesn’t leave the hair shimmery so I do not understand why it’s in there.


I do like the Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil however not as much as the Olive Oil type. I feel like the Olive oil has a better hold and a bit more shine to it. The gel makes the hair wavy so if you wanted something sleeker do not use gel (beeswax may be a better option). I do not mind repurchasing this but not straight away, I have repurchased the Olive oil eco styler again.

You can find Eco Styler gels in Boots and Superdrug trust me get them from the hair shops- it’s much cheaper!

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Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment Review

shea moisture 100% virgin coconut oil leave in treatment review

Shea Moisture is a popular natural hair brand with a TON of products! They have a lot of product collections, each one targeting a different hair concern. I have used a few of their products ( Superfruit collection review ) across the collections (I smell a brand review coming up!) and I am impressed! Today’s post will be a full review on the 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment, I received in my goody bag from a Natural Hair class hosted by BrownBeautyTalk. For snippets of the event, make sure you check out the website! Follow us and keep your eye peeled for our next event!

Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment promises easier manageability and softer hair whilst protecting the hair from heat. It also reduces frizz and helps to hydrate and detangle hair.


I have been using and LOVING this leave-in treatment since I got it at the end of last month from the event. It is a lightweight milk that sprays in a fine mist. The scent is heavenly! Somewhere between coconuts and the beach

I have used this on both my natural hair and my curly and wavy extensions. For natural hair, I use it as the Liquid in the L.O.C method and generally when I need extra hydration. It softens my hair and keeps it hydrated, it’s not oily and it doesn’t weigh it down. I also like it especially for use when I have protective styling, it’s a quick and easy way to add hydration.

For my deep curly extensions, the leave in treatment helps to define the curls and reduce frizz. When I don’t have time to use a curl enhancer for defining the curls on the unit, I simply use this spray and finger comb/detangle the curls. For my wavy extensions, the spray helps me detangle, add hydration without weighing it down or leaving oily residue. I also simply love the scent, I may have abused it by spraying a LOT of this onto my units- one time I was on the tube getting off and a girl must have got a whiff of it because she said to her friend, that girl’s hair smells amazing lool


I love this leave in conditioner! I am a huge fan of spray leave-in conditioners because they are so quick and easy to use! This one from Shea Moisture definitely hydrates and softens my hair (I have 4c hair) without any extra oily residue. My bottle didn’t last a month only because I am sure I abused it lol and I tend to use a lot of leave in for my hair. It imparts a lasting hydration to the hair and it also works well with curly extensions!

I definitely recommend and 100% will purchase.

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment is £10.99 FeelUnique and Boots


ORS Curls Unleashed Leave In Conditioners Review


ORS Curls Unleashed is a collection formulated with natural ingredients and suitable for natural hair textures. To find out all the products in the collection, read my previous post here

I was sent and have been using 2 of the Curls Unleashed leave in conditioners and I can finally bring you a review! At first I was confused as to why they have two different ones: won’t they work the same? But after using them for some time, I have been able to notice a difference between the two. The product’s I will be talking about are the

Curls Unleashed Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Crème

Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave In Conditioner


Curls Unleashed Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Crème


This comes in a tub and it’s described as an extra rich hair softener and moisturiser. It also claims to moisturise, define and elongate natural hair (when used in conjunction with other products from the Curls Unleashed range).


Tbh I didn’t like this leave in the 1st few times I used it and I realised it was because I was using it wrong. They recommend you use it on damp hair however I was using it on soaking wet hair. This made my hair dry the next day, almost like I didn’t apply any leave in conditioner! I completely wrote it off because of this. It wasn’t until I decided to compare it to the other leave in that I started to use it differently.

I now apply it on damp hair or towel dried hair and it works really well to moisturise my hair! I apply a good amount and it is easily absorbed into the hair and smells quite nice. The texture/consistency is thicker than the other leave in. After using it on damp hair, I really like it! My hair doesn’t feel dry the next morning but soft and well moisturised. The scent lingers after the hair is dried.

Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave In Conditioner


This one comes in a bottle and described as a hair softener and moisturiser. The texture/consistency of this is much lighter, almost like a lotion. It smells AMAZING! I use this on damp hair and it easily absorbs into the hair! My hair feels very soft and stays soft!

I loved this one from the very 1st use! The smell and how light it is.

Difference – I noticed my hair was a little bit softer after using the Shea Butter & Mango (lotion). It’s also lighter on my hair.

If you have extra dry hair, I recommend the extra rich leave in which is ‘heavier’ and would probably work better for you than the lotion leave in. Tbh honest both are great, just make sure you use it on damp hair lol.

Both products are sulfates and parabens free.

What are leave in conditioners and how are the different from other conditioners? Find out about the types of conditioners and their purposes here

For more information, please visit the Curls Unleashed website

Read my review on the Curls Unleashed Shampoo & Conditioner on  BrownBeautyTalk

Curls Unleashed Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Crème is priced at £6.99 at Paks

Curls Unleashed Shea Butter & Mango Leave In Conditioner priced at £ 6.39 at Boots


What are your favourite leave in conditioners? Xx

Love Sarah


ORS Scalp & Wellness Oils- Extra Virgin Olive Oil


ors scalp and wellness oils

ORS released the Scalp & Wellness Oils range last year which has 10 oils in total for healthy hair and scalp. I received the Extra Virgin Olive Oil last year which I have been using and I can finally bring you a full review!

The full range of oils are

  1. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Castor Oil
  2. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Argan Oil
  3. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Indian Amla Oil
  4. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Black Seed Oil
  5. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Coconut Oil
  6. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Jojoba Oil
  7. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Tea Tree Oil
  8. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Virgin Olive Oil
  9. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Saw Palmetto
  10. ORS Hair & Scalp Wellness Oils – Shea Butter Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for adding extra moisture to dry thirsty hair. They recommend you use it as a pre-poo treatment before shampooing.


In addition to Olive Oil, I noticed it also has sweet almond and corn oil, both of which have great benefits for hair. It has a lot of added parfums in the ingredients which make sense because the oil has a very strong sweet floral scent to it (it doesn’t smell like olive oil to me). It also has a few colouring dyes in it and Vitamin E.


I have been using this as a pre poo oil for a while now and I really like it. After applying it, I wrap my hair with cling film and let it sit for 15 to 20 mins before cleansing. It works really well to soften my hair prior shampooing (many times I have use it on extra dry thirsty hair). Throughout the cleansing process, my hair remains soft and I still smell the oil  afterwards (sometimes).

Verdict– it’s a great pre poo treatment and the 90ml bottle lasts a while even though it looks small! I definitely recommend it.

ORS Scalp & Wellness Olive Oil is priced at £4.99 at Boots

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner review

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil Leave In Conditioner
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor oil Leave In Conditioner

What a mouthful! I can finally bring you a review on the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner I got ages ago! Read on!

By now, every naturalista has at least one Shea Moisture product in their arsenal! If I had to guess it will either be something from their Coconut & Hibiscus line in that case it is the Curl Enhancing Smoothie or the Raw Shea Butter line then it’s their Restorative Conditioner LOL if not then I’m clearly outta luck! But now that they are available in the UK and in your local Boots we can wave good bye to international shipping costs!

I went to the Shea Moisture Launch Event, you can read my event cover here and got this product among others in my goody bag. Read my Superfruit Complex 10 in 1 Renewal System review here. I have been using this leave in for a while now and I am happy to report its no longer in rotation! And only a few products achieve that status lol. So let’s get into the nits and grits of it

First, read all about the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line and its full product collection here. The leave in conditioner is free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil and synthetic colour. Its 3 main ingredients are

Organic Shea Butter- for deep moisture while conditioning hair and scalp

Jamaican Black Castor Oil- to promote healthy hair and growth and is full of reparative omegas

Peppermint- to stimulate the scalp for an invigorating experience

It smells like vanilla ice cream to me lol and has a runny consistency, I kinda wish it was in a pump bottle instead of a tub because of the consistency. But this gives it amazing slip! Its very good for detangling!- it’s the 1st leave in conditioner that has really impressed me with this.

When I first used it, I felt a tingling sensation on my scalp which is probably due to the peppermint in it. It was nothing too overwhelming but it was a nice experience.

My hair feels extremely soft afterwards and days after. Its honestly the 1st leave in I have used where I feel I don’t have to pair with an oil to get that silky feel in my hair ( I still do because I’m extra lol, but I have used it many times without an oil and my hair felt really good too)

I noticed that as my hair was drying it looked a bit flaky which scared me a bit- I absolutely hate the look of flakes in my hair! But in the end, when it was completely dry there was no flakes.

Verdict- I love this conditioner so much its now my everyday leave in and no longer in rotation! I love that you get a lot of product- 431ml which seems to last forever, I use a lot of it and it still seems to have a lot in the tub. It’s a 8/10

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner is priced at £12.99 on Boots. Its currently on offer, you get 10% off when you spend £15 or more on selected hair products

What’s your fav SM products and leave in conditioners?



ApHogee Vs ApHogee

Curlific Moisture Rich Leave In vs ProVitamin Leave In Conditioner

ApHogee Leave in conditioners

We all know ApHogee, their famous 2 step protein treatment and their Keratin reconstructor is probably everyone’s go to product for at home protein treatments, except me because I am so late and never got round to it! Anyway

The point is they have some really good products and two in particular I have used and here to tell you the difference so you can make an informed choice if you are at the crossroads of which one to get ( do you ever get that? torn between two products? Urgh!)

The Curlific leave in is part of their Textured Hair range for textured (natural/curly) hair (Did you know you they had that?).  It’s designed to seal, protect, detangle and provide thermal protection. It works! ApHogee got it right! It smells great and softens the hair. It’s a slightly thicker liquid consistency, so when you spray it you get a lotion instead of a fine water mist. I really like this one and I just stumbled on it by accident! I didn’t know they did products for natural hair. I was just looking for a spray leave in and decided to try this one out.

The Pro Vitamin Leave in is part of their Protect and Maintain range. It’s formulated with their exclusive PropHytamine Complex (so is the Curlific) which utilizes proteins for strength, emollients for shine and humectants for softness.  It’s also supposed to add lightweight moisture, improve body and shine and protect against heat. What do I think? I don’t like this one! For me it didn’t work on my hair at all and I felt like I was just spraying water on my hair. I am also not a big fan of the smell- which is a bit medicinal. It says it’s suitable for all hair types but unfortunately it’s not suitable for mine lol. Maybe it will work differently on relaxed hair.


Curlific Moisture Rich Leave In

  • Specially formulated for textured hair
  • Provides thermal protection
  • Smells amazing
  • Softens hair
  • Contains their exclusive PropHytamine Complex
  • £3.99 on BeautybyZara


ProVitamin Leave In

  • Formulated for all hair types
  • Also provides thermal protection
  • Adds lightweight moisture
  • Not a big fan of the smell
  • Also contains their exclusive PropHytamine Complex
  • £2.99 on BeautybyZara


I will recommend the Curlific leave in for natural hair, it’s made for us and the other for relaxed hair. I actually bought the ProVitamin Leave In first because I wanted to try the brand out before buying the Two Step Protein Treatment.

I hope this helps. Leave in conditioners are an important part of a good wash day regime. Read all about it here

More to come soon. Count down to Christmas!

Shetai Natural Hair Butter

natural hair butter

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great. I am super late with this review!

This is will be short 1st impressions on the Shetai hair butter I received from Shetai Hair Care. I featured them as part of my UK brands product collections for natural hair. Please check out that post for more info on Shetai and where to purchase their products>> .


So they say you can use the butter in 3 ways
As an everyday cream
As a hair sealant
and a deep moisturiser



It’s all natural- organic shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil and peppermint oil. The peppermint oil gives it a light minty scent which I really like.

It stays fluffy and it’s easy to use and apply: the butter melts in your palms quite easily and it’s not too oily. I have used it twice as a pre poo treatment. It left my hair soft even after shampoo with a sulfate containing shampoo. I also used it as the cream in my LCO method after rinsing out my deep conditioner.


Verdict: it’s a good quality hair butter with many uses. If you are in search for an all-natural hair butter give this one a try. It comes in two sizes 100ml or 225ml.

Visit their website to purchase or for more information>>

If you want to purchase in person they will be available at the Natural Nights Show, details can be found here >> , I hope to see you guys there!


TTPR- ORS Edge Control

edge control


ORS formally known as olive oil organic root stimulator ( So no, I havenot made a mistake)

Another product that is no old news to the junkies so let’s get right to it!


Claims?- superior hold and shine

Does it work?- more or less, depending on your technique.( Sarah are you trying to tell me there is a way of applying edge control? YES. So I have natural hair so my edges are curly. For this to work on my hair I CANT just apply and bounce NO. I have to either use it on top of Eco Styler Styling Gel Krystal Clear 900 gm (click the link to check it out on Amazon) OR apply water to dampen my hair first then use. TIP_ apply hair gel with a toothbrush( but I’m sure you knew that already. NO? thank me then LOL)

Proof? – Youtube reviews, and I’m on my second container.

Safe?- first ingredient is water

Bonus?- this is difficult. hmm Can last all day depending on weather conditions. If you leave the container open for a while, the product tends to harden. I found it a bit difficult to spread.

Price?- £2.99 more or less. dependent on location. Check out Paks, Ace etc

Here it is in the glorified ORS packaging. I was right.  click on the picture to check it out on Amazon for only £1.97!

That’s all for now

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TTPR- Creme of Nature- Argan oil leave in conditioner

leave in   TTPR- To The Point Product Reviews! ( Really the P should be squared to 2 LOL, but it all works out because its supposed to be short, like right to the point) So, product junkie’s worldwide and beyond have probably heard, tried and tested the Creme of Nature Argan oil leave in conditioner by now! But if you are like regular people, and do not crave the need for new products or run to stores at the mention of a new product or check on Youtube every second for product reviews, then there is a slight chance you may have not heard of this product. or tried it. or experienced its wonders.

Anyway TTP!

Claims?- improves hair strength, protect against damage and add exotic shine and moisture.

Does it work? YES

Proof?- I’m on my 3rd bottle and currently experiencing withdrawal symptoms ( cant purchase in Spain)

Safe?- First ingredient is water therefore water based

Bonus?- AMAZEBALLS smell. Like seriously

Price?- £2.99 more or less depending on where you purchase it.

What did I use it on?- Virgin hair and natural hair

Worth the hype so should I use my hard earned money to try it?- YES

check the   product on Amazon by clicking on the picture. You can also get it in  Paks, Ace, Julia knows best or any beauty supply store in the UK. For the US maybe Sallys or Target ( I’m not sure btw its juts guess work)

How short was that? more product reviews to come in this format.

Enjoy your day loves!

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