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If you read my Protective Styling + Haircare post, I give loads of tips and product recommendations on how to care for your hair underneath that wig or in braids! Now that I currently have braids in, I thought I would share with you which products I have been using to help keep my hair and scalp fresh and clean, to maximise growth and retain moisture! If you’re ready, let’s get into it

So the above pic is a snap shot of products I currently rotate between. I don’t use them every day and some products I use more often than others. Let’s look at them individually..

Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo

I used to be an avid user of Sulphur 8 anti-dandruff spray, you know to keep your hair clean but it’s been ages since I used it!. This Zerreau Towel off Shampoo is a great alternative for that! It’s basically cleansing your hair and scalp without the need for water! Read my full review and see a demo here. I use this when I start to see product build up.


Palmers Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray Oil

I love this stuff! It smells great and gives a lovely sheen to my braids. I use this about twice a week to give my hair some shine but also condition my scalp. I spray directly onto the roots of my hair, or in my palms and rub over the braids. It’s not heavy and doesn’t stain my pillow case/ clothes!


Dark & Lovely Alma Legend Billion Hair Serum

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Billion Hair Potion

See the whole Alma Legend Collection and reviews here! I love the scent of this but for a serum its super watery! Anyway, I use this on my scalp and although I haven’t really seen much difference in the thickness/growth of my hair (that’s what it claims to do) I will give it a chance. I use this about once or twice a week.



So I have the Mielle Organics Mint Oil & Shea Butter Cottage Haitian Black Castor Oil. I have made a little concoction with these two for my edges and nape area as well as using it as a scalp massage oil. The lovely mint scent of the Mint oil really balances out the strong castor oil scent of the HBCO. And we know both castor oil and peppermint essential oil is popular for promoting growth/thickness. I use this whenever but try to use once a week


I’ve had these braids for about two weeks now and I plan on keeping them for another 2 weeks before taking them out and letting my hair breathe for a bit. And whilst we are on the topic of braids here are some quick tips on rocking the style and keeping your edges

  • Don’t braid too tightly- this can cause traction alopecia. If you have a headache right after braiding, it’s a sign of tight braids
  • Don’t pull braids into a tight high bun. Again doing this puts constant pressure on the weakest parts of your scalp e.g. temples and nape area and may lead to alopecia
  • Use oils/sprays once a week to keep your hair/scalp refreshed
  • Use an anti-dandruff spray or towel off shampoo foam to keep product build up to a minimum
  • Finally don’t keep your braids in for too long! 6 weeks is ok, 10 weeks is a stretch!

I hope this helps and gives you some tips on how to keep your hair and scalp happy when you have braids

Gosh it’s been a while since I got braids done! Eek!

Happy summer

Catch you soon!

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Simple Natural Hair Routine

Natural Hair wash days, who can honestly say they look forward to it?! I’m yet to meet a natural who LOVES wash day and can’t wait to get to detangling her beautiful curls/coils LOL. I thought I would share my simple natural hair routine to help you build your own if you are looking for one. My wash day routine is simple and sweet and only takes about 1.30 hours when I am not been lazy lol. let’s get started. I will link reviews to the products I mention as well.

Simple Natural Hair Routine

You’ve probably watched a bunch of YT videos showing a ton of different steps/ methods. The issue with that is some of those steps are unnecessary and just add time to your wash day. I learned simple is better and sticking with what works for my hair is also better.  My wash day routine is 5 simple steps

Pre-pooCoconut oil or any oil mix I have. Letting it sit for 10-15 mins

Shampoo– I rotate shampoos as I have a lot to review but I always use them long enough to get a feel of how they perform. My top recommendations for shampoos are the ORS Monoi Oil Shampoo and the ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo. Read all about shampoos here

Condition/Detangle– we all know the importance of conditioning and detangling natural hair. I love conditioners with a lot of ‘slip’ which makes it easier to comb through my 4c hair. I always detangle with a wide tooth comb but once in a while, I will also follow it with the Thick & Curly Tangle Teezer. For conditioning, it depends on what I want for my hair. For a quick & light protein treatment, I opt for the ApHogee 2 min Keratin.

Let it sit for 10 -15 mins with a hooded dryer or  a plastic cap

Moisturise– I follow the L.O.C method using water as the L and switching different oils and creams. I love leave in conditioners. SM JBCO leave in is an all time fav but I also love the Aphogee Curlific and Cantu leave in.

Styling– because of my work schedule, I opt for protective styling during the week. this means after moisturizing, I will flat twist my hair in prep for a wig. When I do have my hair out, I will use the banding method to stretch out my hair (another post on this coming soon) or do two jumbo flat twists

That’s all folks! my simple natural hair routine with no gimmicks or tricks! Be sure to check out the reviews I have for the mentions I have mentioned! I am working on some more hair posts for my blog- it seems like I have totally abandoned the hair section of this blog lol.

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5 Things I Stopped Doing To My Natural Hair

Since the Natural Hair Movement began some 5 or 6 years ago, countless of hacks and techniques have come about too, from the downright silly to the oo that’s interesting. There are now countless of hair blogs and YouTube gurus and between them different hair textures, styles and techniques to help everyone with their journey. But with a lot of information, it is very easy to be swept away by the latest trend that promises better and healthier hair but is all that really necessary?

When I first started blogging I tried almost everything, inversion method? Yes, praying hand method?  of course, I pray anyway lol but as time when on, I realised these things were just extras and didn’t really add any more to my hair. Nowadays, time is of the essence and I have stripped my routine down to the basics and things that work for my hair period. Whilst thinking about this post, I thought I would share some of the hyped up things I stopped doing or don’t do as often anymore, just to show how some things are not really necessary. This post isn’t to say you should stop doing them especially, if they work for you, or these things are bad but it’s just to inform you that, it isn’t really a requirement and you may not be missing out on it either!

ACV rinses

So I started doing ACV rinses because everyone and their sister were talking about how beneficial they were! Almost every hair routine vid I watched incorporated this and testified on how it closes the cuticle, stopped shedding etc. so I thought I HAVE do this. I have 4c hair which is prone to shedding so anything that promises to stop/reduce it I’m up for. Now, I HATE the smell of ACV but if it helps I was willing to give it ago. But after doing them for almost 2 months and not seeing any benefits I simply just stopped! After learning more about my hair and what affects its shedding, I learnt to control that instead of subjecting myself to that horrid smell! LOL


My DNA Hydrating Cowash Review

I wasn’t really a fan of Co-washing to begin with. I understood the point of it and can see its benefits but I love a good shampoo and enjoy the suds it creates. I haven’t used a lot of cowashes and only 2 or 3 have really impressed me. I co-wash once in a blue moon when I’m super lazy and really pressed for time but it’s something I do not do often at all! Speaking of, check out my latest review on a co-wash I have had for almost two years! MyDNA Cowash Review


Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments have many benefits and are excellent for pre-shampoo treatments but if you don’t do them it’s really not a big deal, normal temp oil is great too. I stopped doing these due to pure laziness lol and went back to my basic pre-poo method with oil, a plastic bag and 10 mins and my hair felt no different.

Cold water rinses

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, cold water closes the cuticle or adds shine etc. I stopped doing this after 3 washes lol because 1. It’s always cold in the UK and I don’t like running cold water on my hair lol 2. Normal temp/slightly warm water was working fine for me in the first place.

Using a shampoo without sulfates

5 Things I Stopped Doing To My Natural Hair

Shampoo with sulfates? Gurl, what you thinking? It’s almost like sulfates is the dreaded word in the natural hair community. It dries out your hair etc etc etc and I’m probably sure you have seen all the shampoos and products that proudly display the ‘no sulfates label’. I would even be the first to recommend shampoo without sulfates if you can but a little sulphate don’t hurt. I have used shampoos with sulfates that have left my hair cleaner and softer than shampoos without sulfates that are supposed to be better (#noshade).

The key here is balance: of course, shampooing your hair every day with a shampoo with sulfates will do some damage than using it as a clarifying shampoo once every 3 months. Plus if you are following up with a deep conditioner then your hair should be fine. One of my fav shampoos, the ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo contains sulfates but leaves my hair so soft and so clean and I prefer it over some of the non sulfate shampoos I have tried.  I still recommend and use no sulfate shampoos and I have tons but I am also not afraid to use a sulfate containing shampoo


That’s all folks. I hope you found this post useful. Remember, you don’t have to try every single method or technique out there especially if you already know what works for your hair or if you have doubts on how it will benefit your hair.  Basics are always good.

Again I am not saying these don’t work or don’t have any benefits, I just found myself doing them less and less and realised no difference in the health of my hair so simply stopped doing them all together. If any of these methods work for you, by all means go ahead with them.

Wishing you happy hair days


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Top 5 Natural Hair Deep Conditioners

It’s a deep conditioning party and there’s no such thing as having too many deep conditioners! Let no one tell you that, you don’t need such negativity in your life! As I keep searching for the best deep conditioners on the market, I will keep bringing you guys updates on the latest and best products out there for us. In today’s post, I will update the previous Best Deep Conditioners list with my new Top 5 Natural Hair Deep Conditioners!

Why Deep Condition?

It’s simple. You need to replace the moisture in your hair, rebuild and repair your fro. Natural hair tends to be drier in the winter (which is why we love protective styling) and deep conditioning offers far more and longer lasting benefits than conditioning alone! Plus you need a deep conditioner that will make you go like this



Top 5 Natural Hair Conditioners

These are my new fav 5 deep conditioners suitable for natural hair. Between these bad boys they repair, soften and rebuild your hair. Plus they have some amazing slip to help you detangle with ease!

Andre Walker TKO Ultimate Moisture Conditioner


ORS Curls Unleashed Intensive Hair Conditioner




Vatika Naturals Wild Cactus Hair Mask


Aunt Jackie’s In Control Anti Poof Moisturising and Softening Conditioner



Elasta QP DPR11 Deep Penetrating Re moisturising Conditioner


Let me know if you will be trying these out! Check out my previous posts for more product recommendations if you have already picked these up and looking to try something new!

Shampoo recommendations

Leave-In conditioners recommendations

If you are struggling to stick to a natural hair routine or want some inspiration on how to get one going, see my Winter Natural Hair Routine to help you out.

Are you Protective Styling this season? See how to do it right in the Protective Styling & Winter Hair Care post. Protective styling is great but without proper care it can all go horribly wrong.

A girl can relax now, knowing that everyone’s natural hair will be soft as soft can be lol. I’m off to work on some more posts with some new and exciting products.

Catch you soon








How to use Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential Oils have been used for many years for its cosmetic benefits and it’s very easy to see why. They are highly concentrated liquids that have the odour of the plant it’s been extracted from. It’s pure, organic, better still it’s great for skincare!

Which Essential Oils?

There are loads and loads of essential oils for skincare out there, the trick is just finding the right one for you. With little bit of help and research, you can choose which oils to get to suit your skin concerns. In this post, I am sharing the essential oils I use for skincare and how I use them, hopefully giving you an idea of which ones to get and what to use them for.


How to use Essential Oils for Skincare


Here’s my essential oil collection! I chose these ones based on their many benefits for the skin. I also use all of them differently for different reasons.

Tea Tree Essential Oil– known for its purifying and soothing skincare benefits and it has high anti septic and antifungal properties. I use mine neat on spots/pimples to help prevent/reduce them.

Lemon Essential Oil– natural skin toner and brightener. This is probably my favourite essential oil because of the clean fresh scent it has. I add a few drops (I really mean loads!) to my black soap shower gels/liquids

Peppermint Essential Oil– stimulating and helps to control itchy scalp and dandruff. I add a few drops to my scalp oil mixes for scalp massages and my water spray bottle. (I have carrier oils in there as well)

Sweet Orange Essential Oil– brightens dull complexions and treats oily skin. I also love the scent of this oil! I use them in my mango shea butter mix for my body butter

Geranium Essential Oil– uplifting and helps regulate oil production, improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. I must admit I bought it for its scent as it’s supposed to be sweet/floral however I am not a great fan of it lol. This is the newest addition to my collection and I use it in my body butter mixes. I wanted to try different scents for my body butter. This one is expensive too

Spearmint Essential Oil– for acne and congested skin. This is the very first essential oil I bought as I couldn’t find peppermint essential oil at the time. I use it in my water mix for my hair or add a few drops to my steam treatment for my face

Ylang Ylang– for acne and irritated or oily skin. I add this to my body butter for a different scent

Please note- I have only listed the cosmetic benefits of the essential oils. They have other great benefits like aromatherapy etc

I want to try more essential oils as I want to experiment with different scents for my mango shea body butter (recipe post will come soon!), let me know your fav ones and I will be sure to check them out!

I purchased most of these from Naissance which is a website I discovered that stocks all natural and organic ingredients like oils, soaps and butters! Check them out.

These are also available from Holland and Barrett

Crawl till you can walk again

The Best Shampoos For Natural Hair

The co-washing crazy seems to be dying down now. Whilst I never believed the hype, I did try them out.  It took me a while to actually get a co-wash. I only got one last year which was the Cantu Cowash which I wasn’t so fussed about! After trying a few more last year, for me it’s just hype and never replaced my traditional shampoo.

Which Shampoo Should I Use?

There’s a lot of different shampoos for diff hair concerns e.g. moisturising shampoos for dry hair, clarifying shampoos for excessive build up. I try not to be too particular with these and almost always get moisturising ones. For my texture (4c) which tends to be dry, I always need all the moisture I can get.

What About Sulfates? Should I Get A Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Basically sulfates are responsible for the lather in shampoos and have been known to dry out hair too, try to go for a sulfate free shampoo if you can (a lot of the newer shampoos still sud up quite well without sulfates) however don’t beat yourself up because you found out your fav shampoo has sulfates. It won’t hurt because you’re going to follow up with a conditioner! P.s some shampoos that has left my hair really soft has had sulfates in it compared to the ones that didn’t. No shade though lol

What Are The Best Shampoos For Natural Hair?!

It’s safe to say by now, I love shampooing my hair and I have put a lot of shampoos to the test! Here are my best picks that cleanse your tresses without leaving it in a dry mess.

ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Shampoo

ORS Curls Unleashed Shampoo

Shea Moisture Super Fruits 10 In 1 Shampoo

Mizani True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo

ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo


Remember to shampoo at least once a week to remove excess build up and follow with a deep conditioner. You can also do a pre-shampoo treatment with an oil too.

That’s all folks! The best shampoos for natural hair that will help cleanse the scalp and hair. A clean scalp and hair are essential for healthy hair so do make sure you are cleansing properly and frequently!

If you are Christmas shopping, I hope you took my inspiration from my gift guides! I am spilling the beans on the best gifts and where to get them! I have guides for skincare, Customised Gifts and Black British brands. What’s that I hear? You want to get me something as well, aww how sweet! My Christmas wish list is here

Countdown to Christmas!

Winter Natural Hair Routine

Winter for me means protective styling and serious haircare. My hair 4c coarse texture tends to shed more during this season so it’s all about more moisture and all the treatments I can get.  I am sharing my current natural hair routine with you guys hopefully it helps!

Winter And Hair

It’s no surprise that the winter takes a toll on our hair and skin. In my Protective Styling and Haircare post, I spoke in depth on how you can combat the effects of winter and how to keep your fro in check all season long! Check it out after you read this post!

My Routine 

I am not going to lie and say I do a whole bunch of things! Like everyone else I have to balance work and free time. Weekends are my free time and I usually have a bunch of things to do so I don’t really want to spend it on my hair (I love my hair but….)! I tried and tested a few techniques and I think I finally for the right formula.

I shampoo my hair every 2 weeks now followed up by deep conditioning. This is key for retaining moisture and repair my hair. I use different shampoos as I do a lot of reviews but some of my all-time favourites are Mizani True Textures Moisture Replenish Shampoo & ORS Curls Unleashed Shampoo! I’m currently testing the very new Dermalogica Hair Shampoo

In between shampoos, I swear by Zerreau Shampoo Foam to gently cleanse my hair and scalp! I have a full review and demo here! I realised my hair and scalp loves to be clean and missing a wash day for my hair means extra tangles etc but the foam tackles product build up! After this I usually follow with my scalp oils (my DIY mix- castor & almond oil with peppermint essential oil) and a leave in conditioner- I choose this depending on what I am feeling like lol but I have been reaching for my Cantu Natural Hair Leave In these days.

During the week I like to go in with oils and dampen my hair when am in the shower. It’s literally the quickest way to add moisture to my hair. I also use my DIY water spray bottle which is water, my oil mix and some more peppermint essential oil.

I always sleep with a satin bonnet- no questions asked.

Important Things To Note!

  • I always add heat to my deep conditioners by using a hood dryer attachment to my blow-dryer. This has made such a difference to my hair and it leaves lets you get the best of your deep conditioning sessions
  • I always finger detangle when I am shampooing my hair. I like shampoos that are quite slippery so it makes finger detangling a bit easier.
  • I then detangle with my wide tooth comb when I add my deep conditioner. It’s quicker and easier because of previous finger detangling. ( I don’t trust finger detangling ALONE for my hair texture)
  • I do protein treatments every 8- 10 weeks to strengthen my hair
  • I also take multi vitamins for all round health

That’s all folks! I don’t really use a whole bunch of products or do a lot to my hair although it doesn’t seem like it. This works for my hair and my whole wash day is literally 1 hr 30mins! If you find which techniques work for you just stick with them and don’t let the trends fool you. I like to try trends once in a while because I’m a blogger but once I realise it’s just hype I’m like meh lol.

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The Best Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair

It’s no lie that when we naturals deep condition our hair, we feel a certain type of way! It’s like God himself blessed our hair and anointed it with his (olive) oil



If your deep conditioner is not giving you this much life, gurl you deserve so much better! That’s why I wrote this post because every fro should be as soft as soft can be. Let’s get a bit technical first


Conditioning vs Deep Conditioning


Conditioners work on the surface of the hair to close the cuticle and puts moisture back  in the hair after shampooing. Conditioners for this are also called rinse out conditioners and usually come with a matching shampoo. It’s left on for 3 to 5 mins then washed out.

Deep conditioners targets specific hair concerns e.g. excessive breaking etc and penetrates deeper into the hair shaft to repair, rebuild and restore. Deep conditioners are also called hair masks, masque, hair treatments etc and are left on longer. Heat will activate the active ingredients and allow it to penetrate quicker.

Technically you can turn your rinse out conditioner to a deep conditioner with added heat but it’s always best to actually get a deep conditioner has it will have more benefits for your hair

How Often Should I Deep Condition?

The answer isn’t set in stone but recommended at least once a week or every wash day for coarser/dryer hair textures. I have 4c natural hair so I deep condition every wash day.

Why Deep Condition

Besides the softness you get, deep conditioners actually target specific hair concerns. They are also packed with nutrients and benefits that regular rinse our conditioners don’t have.

The Best Deep Conditioners For Soft Natural Hair

more recommendations are in the info graphic above!

Are you ready?! Do you really want to be about that life?


Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment 

Dark & Lovely Alma Legend Replenishing Hair Mask

Mizani True Textures Intensive Moisture Replenish Treatment

Paul Mitchel Supercharged Moisturiser

ApHogee 2 Min Keratin Reconstructor

I hope you found this useful. Let me know if you picked any of these up!


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The Best Leave In Conditioners for Dry Natural Hair

In my protective styling and winter care post, I spoke about how the winter takes a toll on our fro. The elements play a huge part on the moisture levels in our hair so it is essential you do everything you can to maintain it. Why? Dry hair leads to shedding/ breakage which isn’t a sign of healthy hair.

LOC, LCO or LOCO?-Liquid Oil Cream

Whether you rock your braid outs or a wig this season, proper moisturising will ensure your hair is as soft as it can be. Following the LOC method or any of its variations (depending on your hair texture) will lock in optimum moisture and ensure its looking its best.

The LOC method allows you to layer different types of products for max moisture. It’s good to experiment with the order in which you layer your products to know which works best for your hair. For instance, for my 4c hair, I do LCO because I found that order works best for my hair.

What’s the Best Leave In To Banish Dry Natural Hair?!

These leave in conditioners will give your natural hair some serious moisture and softness. Ask yourself, are you ready to let dryness go? Lol

ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave In

Are you ready for softness? Like really ready because this leave in conditioner will do just that! it smells BOMB too, just read my full review of it here



Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Leave In Conditioner

I know. I know you think SM products are super hyped up products but it’s for a good reason. The SM jbco leave in conditioner leaves your hair silky and soft and it’s actually one of the leave-ins I use without following it up with an oil. My full review is here



Cantu Natural Hair Leave In Conditioning Cream


Cantu leave in cream is probably the most affordable and popular leave in conditioner in the natural community! I was a huge fan of the leave in until the released a version for natural hair then I became a super fan LOL. This one is great because it has all the goodness of the leave in and no nasties! Guess what?  I have  review for the naturals range here



ORS Curls Unleashed Shea butter & Mango Leave -in Conditioner 
I tend to reach for creams for my hair but this leave in lotion is super! Pleasant smell and makes your fro so soft! The Curls Unleashed range from ORS is a win win for us! Check out my review here



Ask yourself again, are you really ready to let the dryness go? Lol. I hope you find this post helpful! There are a ton of products out there so I hope this helps you to choose the right ones. Let me know which leave ins are your favourite!

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Introducing Afrocks



Hands up if you have ever had a hair stylist come to your house because salon waiting times (even though you swore you booked your appointment!) were stressful and long?! Or been stopped in front of Paks Cosmetics Peckham and been asked ‘you want do your hair?’ by some auntie you never once laid eyes on! Lol

Afrocks is a new platform that plans to take the hassle out of booking your next hair appointment by connecting you with natural hair stylists. The idea is both simple and genius: users can find a fully vetted stylist on the website and book an appointment up to a month in advance for an in house service. Natural hair services will include locs maintenance, box braids, corn rows etc!  Freelance hairdressers can also benefit from a free account which will allow them to increase their bookings.

I was really excited about this idea when Herve (one of the founders) contacted me and explained the idea to me! I can see how successful it will be already: the website is very easy to navigate and more importantly you can pay for your service online! And finally the stylist comes to you! No aunties doing your hair etc lol! A professional stylist in your own home! Many of us have to go to the braiders/stylists ( aka in most cases church auntie) house to get our hair done but never a professional coming to your house!

The website is currently serving London alone but they plan to expand this soon to major UK and Ireland cities. The website is live but you can’t book stylists/services just yet. But all the information and more can be seen on there!  I can’t wait for it to go live so I can use the platform.

For more information on the platform or any hairdressers/stylists wanting to sign up, please visit the Afrocks website Make sure you sign up to get notified when they fully launch!