MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation Review

MAC is the OG brand for black girls! For the longest of time, it was the only brand to really cater for us (even though the artists always tried to sell one shade NW45 to every black girl LOL), my very first foundation and makeup products were from MAC!

Last year I got into Powder foundation for real as I was looking for something quick and easy for everyday casual wear to work. I got the Studio Fix Powder Foundation and I have been using it ever since. I have hit pan and almost finished it. I’m literally scraping the last bits of it. I have purchased a backup so I thought it’s the perfect time to bring a full review


I’ve had this powder since last year and literally, I’m on the last bits of it. The powder comes in 53 shades. They describe this as a one-step powder and foundation that gives skin an ultra-matte finish with medium-to-full buildable coverage that lasts for 24 hours while controlling shine.

I have been using this as an everyday foundation for work and sometimes for occasions. I have the shade NW48 which has a golden undertone.

Honestly, I LOVE this foundation. It’s quite easy to buff into the skin and it gives a skin-like finish that is not too matte and not dewy. I don’t find it cakey which is really good for a powder foundation. It is has medium coverage and very easy to build up.  I love this because it’s quick and easy to use. I use this every morning before work and it only takes me about 5 to 10 mins to buff it into my skin. It works really well with a lot of primers. It also works well with or without a setting spray but I prefer to use a setting spray just for extra luminosity. It wears well throughout the day and doesn’t fade. In terms of oil control, I’m not the oiliest but I still find that by midday I would need to blot my t-zone.

Does it oxidise? Sometimes. For some reason, on some days this oxidises and looks slight grey towards the end of the day. Sometimes it looks worn by the 5th or 6th however but most days it’s fine. This foundation is not transfer-proof.

Does it work for dressed-up events? YES! When I have little time to get ready, I use this as a foundation over my concealer and add blush and highlighter. Because I can build coverage with it, it’s quite easy to use for dressed-up events too.

A lot of brushes work well with this foundation but the ones that I love are Elf Powder Brush and the Powder Blurring Brush. These brushes give an airbrush finish.


I have recommended the Studio Fix Plus Powder to almost everyone who tells me they want something quick and easy to use. The powder can also be used to set makeup, I use lightly if I want to set my foundation in place. It’s great to use as a foundation alone too. It’s easy to blend and has great coverage and you can set it with a setting spray or not. It comes in a lot of shades! The foundation lasts a while because I have been using it every day for at least a year and I am just about to finish it. As with all my foundations, this separates around my laugh lines.

I love it so much I bought a backup already even though I got the Bare Mineral Powder Foundation as a gift.

So is this worth the hype? YES.

I have a full review on the Studio Fix Liquid Foundation here

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation is £27 on LookFanastic

Do you have this? Do you love it? MAC is still one of my favourite brands, I have a few of their items… maybe I will do a brand review.

I always recommend getting stuff on Look Fantastic because they always have a discount code available and most of the items including the high-end brands are included! The delivery is quite fast and I haven’t had any issues with them

Stay safe, catch you later

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Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review


I must admit I am a high-end foundations girl. I love a good complexion product and an excellent base to makeup is definitely worth an investment. The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has been very hyped since its launch and promises a myriad of benefits. It’s won awards, it promises to correct the skin, be weightless and provide luminosity to the skin. I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for a very long time but the price has had me hesitant. For Christmas last year, I was lucky enough to receive this as a gift and the rest is history

The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation comes in 24 shades.


So for me, this is a bittersweet better experience.  This is a nice beautiful foundation but I do not think it is worth the hype and price tag. This was my foundation for the month of March. I have the shade 13.

This is described as a luminous foundation however for me I find the finish more satiny. I still have to use an illuminator underneath to give it the luminosity I thought it would have. It’s not a matte foundation, maybe it’s the fact that its luminous silk instead of just a luminous finish makes me not enjoy the finish as much. I have certainly used more luminous foundations than this.

In terms of application, I have noticed the Armani Luminous silk applies better stippled & pat on instead of buffed into the skin. I prefer to buff my foundation into my skin because that way it gives me more of a natural skin finish however buffing this foundation moves it around a lot and I do not get medium coverage. The coverage is better when it has been stippled and pat onto the skin. In terms of coverage, it’s definitely low to medium. I don’t mind my hyperpigmentation showing through my makeup but for this foundation, I have to use about 3 pumps patted on in order to get coverage. I normally use 1 to 2 pumps buffed in with all my other foundations. It doesn’t look cakey when built up and it still feels very lightweight on the skin.

The foundation wears very well throughout the day, it doesn’t oxidise and it doesn’t fade. I do get separation around my laugh lines after many hours of wear but this happens with almost all my other foundations.


This foundation has been on my list for a very long time and I received it for Christmas last year. It’s a nice foundation but I do not think it’s worth the hype and the price tag. Its 42 pounds! It didn’t make it into my top foundations but it’s not in my worst foundations as well. It’s an in-between. I would have liked it to be more luminous but I don’t mind the finish.

I’m not sure if I would recommend it, if you would like to try this, perhaps definitely get a sample and decide for yourself. In these times, £42 for only 24 shades is very poor. I have the shade 13 which is just a tad bit light but it looked like 13.5 would have been too red. Armani has the capacity to extend the shade range and add more undertones. Can you imagine the current 24 shades is actually an extended range? I think they first released 20 shades. I honestly do not think it’s worth the price tag. You can get better foundations slightly cheaper with a much bigger shade range!


Catch you later


Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Foundation Review

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24H wear foundation is one of Lancôme’s bestselling foundation. The 40 shades strong range promises a perfected complexion with all day wear comfort. It offers full coverage without the cakey feeling, resistance to transferring and smudging.  It is also retouch free.

I have had this foundation for a while but I don’t wear it often because I have my ‘winter shade’ so it’s really limited to fall/ winter wear. I could probably get another shade however I really like the undertone of the shade I have (shade 12) which is very golden and yellow and it looks amazing on my skin.

The Teint Idole is a medium thick foundation in terms of consistency but it feels very lightweight on the skin. It blends very well with a dense buffing brush ( think Real techniques buffing brush) but I prefer to use my Kiko stippling brush which gives it an airbrush finish. The finish of the foundation is a satin: it’s not too matte and it’s not dewy. I think it’s a medium to full coverage foundation and it’s easily built to full coverage. Shade 12 has the perfect golden/yellow undertone which is my undertone so this looks really good on my skin. I can say it’s probably the best undertone matching foundation I have even though the shade is not quite right. The foundation wears extremely well through the day and it doesn’t oxidise which is a huge advantage! It stays true to colour all day, it doesn’t dry down to a different colour.

When I am asked to recommend a foundation it’s always between this and a NARS foundation. Lancôme Teint Idole is worth the money and worth the hype! It does sometimes separate around my smile lines but this is when I haven’t set that area properly with powder and this happens after hours of wear and talking/eating/laughing etc. I have not had issues with it separating around my noses and chin area. I have normal to combination oily skin and this foundation works well for my oily skin. Yes, I need to powder tzone after some hours but this is the same for any foundation I wear. In terms of being transfer resistant, I don’t think it is and its the same with any other foundation ( I don’t know why brands keep making this claim), it is resistant( a bit) to smudging because it doesn’t move around on the face.

An absolute beautiful medium coverage foundation and there are enough shades and undertones to go round! I have been wearing this foundation all month and I honestly forgot how much I loved it! I reviewed the ‘sister’ foundation, Lancôme Teint Miracle last month! Make sure you check out that post and the difference between the two foundations. I have the foundation on in the picture below. BTW I was totally in love with the Seraiah dress from AnkaraHouse (ad) see my collab with the designer in a previous post here

Lancôme Teint Idole Foundation is £32 available from Boots*

PS my Foundation of the month series is back for 2019! This time I won’t be reviewing foundations every month as I have already reviewed all my foundations lol but I will review any new foundations I get, so far there are two foundations I am planning on getting! To read all my foundation reviews, check under the Beauty Menu and choose Foundation reviews

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Foundation of the month December- Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation

Lancôme’s Teint Miracle Foundation is a bare skin foundation that creates a natural radiance to the skin. It gives a dewy look and radiant finish whilst hydrating skin for up to 18 hrs. My brother actually got me this foundation as a surprise through his ‘contact’ at where he used to work lol, so I actually have the big size of this (110ml) but the shade is a tad bit lighter than my skin tone so I have to add a drop of another foundation.


I absolutely love dewy/radiant foundations so it’s no surprise I love this foundation. It is sheer to medium foundation but you have to build it up for medium coverage. It leaves the skin very dewy, smooth and healthy looking.

The Teint Miracle is extremely lightweight on the skin and looks like skin! It doesn’t oxidise and I don’t experience it settling into lines or separating. This is definitely for the natural makeup looks or no makeup looks!

Teint Miracle is very different to Teint Idole (which I also have and love). Idole is medium to full coverage and matte whilst Miracle is sheer and luminous. You can have both foundations because they are completely different but depending on what type of finish/coverage you prefer you may choose one over the one.


An absolutely stunning foundation and one of my favourites. I have the shade 12 which is just a little light, shade 13 would have been perfect. The shade is still very workable, I can get away with it with good blending and bronzing but I prefer to add a drop of a darker foundation. If you don’t mind the coverage and you love a good luminous foundation Teint Miracle is definitely one to get. It really leaves the skin looking radiant and healthy and wears very well during the day.

I have oily to combo skin and I think the foundation wears very well on my skin type. Dry skin will love this foundation too.

Lancôme Teint Miracle comes in 18 shades and is £32 on Boots* It’s not the biggest shade range, Idole comes in 40 shades with a range of undertones so I’m not sure why Miracle has only 18 shades! I’m not sure why companies do this, they have a foundation with many shades and one with less ( Estee Lauder is guilty of this too).

So that’s it, folks, that’s 12 months’ worth of foundation reviews! This series has allowed me to fall in love all over again with my foundations and allowed me to use some foundations I wouldn’t normally use so I will definitely be doing this from now onwards( I always say I would use a different foundation but always end up rotating between the same 3 smh).  For 2019, I will be doing foundation of the month but I will only blog/review about new foundations I get.

Foundation of the month reviews

January- Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation

February- NARS Sheer Glow

March – NARS Naturally Radiant Foundation

April- NARS All Day Weightless Luminous Foundation

May- The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation

June- Fenty Pro Filt’r

July- Makeup Forever HD Foundation

August- MAC Studio Fix

September- Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

October- Colourpop No Filter Foundation

November- The Ordinary Serum Foundation

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Foundation of the month November- The Ordinary Serum Foundation


Everyone knows how I feel about the Ordinary and their products! For November I decided to try the Serum foundation as I wanted something dewy and lightweight for the colder season. I fell in love with the High Coverage foundation which I wore in May (full review here) so I also had really high hopes for the Serum foundation

The serum foundation is described as a lightweight medium foundation that offer a natural finish to the skin and a very lightweight serum feel. It’s available in 21 shades


This is a beautiful extremely lightweight foundation that is very easy to blend. I bought the shade 3.2R, the same shade I have in the High Coverage foundation. The shade is a good match but the undertone is very red. Although I have yellow/golden undertones (and even more so in the colder months) 3.2R in the high coverage foundation worked well with my skin (I realise in the summer my undertone is more reddish) so I thought the same shade in the serum foundation would be ok. To be honest its fine and a lighter concealer shade balances it out well. In terms of finish, it has a natural dewy finish.

The Serum foundation is extremely lightweight, it feels as if I have nothing on my face! It’s also extremely easy to blend and its perfect for the natural/ no makeup makeup looks. In terms of coverage, it is very light coverage although buildable without looking cakey or feeling heavy. I can still see some dark marks through the foundation but it makes the skin look smoother and even overall. The foundation doesn’t oxidise, wears extremely well through the day, doesn’t melt and no flashback. This foundation must be the easiest foundation I have to date to blend! Its so quick and easy and literally melts into the skin!

The only difference in my opinion between the Serum and High coverage foundation is the coverage. Serum foundation is very light to medium coverage and the High Coverage foundation is medium to full coverage. They both wear extremely well and lightweight on the skin


I absolutely love this foundation! I have to say I don’t think it is for everyone in terms of coverage. If you love your full coverage/ beat foundations then this isn’t the foundation for you. Even with building the coverage up, I found it is still not as full coverage as other foundations. I prefer medium coverage foundations but I am not fussed if some dark marks show through the foundation which is why I love the Serum foundation. Even with the light coverage, I have still worn it to events because I love how it makes my skin looks!

I can work with the reddish undertone of the foundation so I don’t mind keeping it and not buying another shade. I usually mix with a light illuminator which tones it down and a light concealer to balance my face.

I can see they have more foundations coming out and I can’t wait for them to be launched. It’s not the biggest shade range but with the way, the shades have been formulated 1 shade can suit most skin tones well. For instance, when I was buying the high coverage foundation, after watching a few videos and settling on my chosen shade, I realised most of the people I watched had different shades in other foundations, both darker and lighter, however, we were both still able to wear the same shade. The total shades across both foundations are 42! But I can understand if you wanted to try the High coverage foundation but your perfect match was in the Serum foundation, you could be disappointed.

I love this foundation, I will be rocking it and I definitely recommend it! If you like light to medium coverage foundations then this would be a good match for you! For my medium to full coverage girls, you may want to try the High Coverage foundation!

The Ordinary Serum foundation is £5.70 on



Foundation of the Month October- ColourPop No Filter Foundation

I love ColourPop Cosmetics! Their Ultra Matte Lipsticks are amazing and the price, the price is the cherry on top! I did a ColourPop haul last month and I was waiting till October to test the foundation! So let’s get right into it

ColourPop’s No Filter Foundation is a natural matte buildable full coverage foundation that is oil-free and promises flawless skin day to night.


So this foundation for me is okay, I find nothing special about it. I have the shade 185 which is light so I have to mix it with another foundation. I used their shade finder which matched me to 185 if you have 430 in Fenty (my shade) so I was disappointed to discover it was light. I experienced no irritation with the foundation. The undertone of this foundation is described as golden yellow undertones which I think but there is some neutral as well

With that aside, the foundation is more medium coverage than full coverage but you can build it without looking cakey. It leaves the skin looking smooth in some areas and it doesn’t oxidise during wear. It blends easily into the skin and pairs well with the different primers I have used it with. It’s a lightweight foundation with a natural matte finish. I like that it is not too matte and doesn’t look dry on the skin. Longevity wise – It holds well but does start to separate around the nose area and around my smile lines after a short time even after setting (and I tend to use a lot of powder). I won’t say it highlights texture but it doesn’t necessarily cover it.


I am not a huge fan of this foundation and I am not excited enough about it to find my correct shade. I don’t like mixing foundations but I don’t mind doing it if it’s an amazing one which honestly this isn’t. I think it’s a good foundation for the price you pay and it something more suitable for everyday casual wear. I purchased mine in a site-wide sale and I think I only paid 6 dollars (£5is) for it but still, I have a £5ish foundation that is amazing.

I will be giving this away mainly because I don’t want to keep mixing foundations.

I mostly used the foundation in conjunction with their No filter concealers so I will also have a review on that soon.

ColourPop No Filter Foundation is 12 dollars on ColourPop. UK buyers: it’s free shipping over 50 dollars but you will have to pay a custom fee


Foundation of the Month September- Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème


For the 9th instalment in the Foundation of the month series, I am talking about my first ever complexion product from the popular brand, Becca. I love Becca highlighters but I have never tried their foundation products. I bought this foundation in August because it was 50% off, they have recently relaunched and reformulated (I think) this foundation which is why there was the huge discount. Anyway, let’s get into the specs of this foundation

Becca’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème is a full coverage foundation with 21% pigment and 22% water which gives it its full coverage. They promise 24hr wear, a breathable and weightless formula whilst blurring imperfections and giving an airbrushed effect


This foundation is a hit on YT but I have stayed away from it because as you may know, I am for medium coverage and dewy finishes. As I mentioned earlier, there was a 50% discount on it so I decided to purchase, I have also bought a few liquid illuminators which I have been pairing with all my other foundations so my idea was to keep doing so with this Becca foundation. I bought the shade Sienna after many videos trying to match myself. It’s a good shade, the undertone is slightly off but it’s ok. The foundation is extremely thick, it’s the thickest formula I own, but somehow it’s very lightweight on the skin. I use half to 1 full pump mixed with 1-2 drops of liquid illuminator. It blends extremely well and doesn’t emphasise texture on the skin. For a thick foundation, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t look cakey or feel drying on the skin.

Let’s talk coverage. Becca describes this as a full coverage foundation with 21% pigment. Do I agree? I think it’s a little more than medium coverage but it’s not extremely full coverage. Why do I think that? Because it doesn’t necessarily cover a dark scar I have on my jawline but I am in no way disappointed with this. It may be the amount I use or the fact that I mix with something else. I actually like this because I was worried it would be too ‘full coverage’ for me and that I would look completely different with this on.

The foundation does hold up very well during the day and in heat. I find it resistant to sweat, i.e. it doesn’t melt at the first sight of sweat. It doesn’t separate as quickly as other foundations around my laugh lines. It is not transfer proof but it doesn’t do so easily. It still has the just applied look at the end of the day and photographs beautifully (I used it for a photoshoot this month)


I can understand why this foundation is a hit and it’s definitely worth the hype. This one is definitely for the special occasions when you want more coverage and something that lasts and photographs well. I got so many compliments with this foundation on. Be prepared though it’s very thick and I don’t think you necessarily need a full pump to get the job done. It’s a satin/natural matte finish and feels lightweight on. It works really well with a buffing brush and mixes well with liquid highlighters. It doesn’t oxidise.

The old version is still available but I am not sure for how long. I haven’t tried the new 24hr wear foundation but I don’t think I will get that as I already have this one. My only con is the bottle. I am so used to having a glass transparent bottle which helps you know the amount of product you have left. Not a huge con as foundations last a very long time anyway but it would be nice to see what you are using. I have noticed the new foundation come in a glass bottle.

I love this foundation and I highly recommend it.

Becca’s Ultimate Coverage is £17 on SpaceNK (there only seems to be a few shades left on Space NK, the others are sold out). It’s £34 everywhere else

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Foundation of the Month September- Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème

Foundation of the Month August- MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation


Hey guys and a happy new month of September and welcome back to my foundation of the month series! For August I wore the ever so popular Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I’m sure you have heard all about this foundation as its one of MAC’s popular items and OG of foundations when it comes to dark skin. I actually only bought this foundation last year when I was going to Rome but didn’t take my foundation. I wanted to buy a new foundation I had tested and approved lol (Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation, review here) at duty-free. However, they didn’t have the dark shades in that foundation available (another thing I have noticed, brands will have the dark shades available but go to duty-free at the airport and it’s nowhere to be found!). The only dark shades of a foundation they had were the Studio Fix Fluid so I decided to get it then ( I remember I ended up not even wearing it lol)

The Mac Studio Fix Fluid is a medium to full coverage, oil-free foundation with a natural matte finish. It is now available in 53 shades! I have the shade NW50


I used the Studio Fix Fluid during the heatwave we had in the UK and it was the perfect foundation for it! I still paired with an illuminating primer and liquid highlighter and layered both matte and hydrating setting sprays afterwards (it doesn’t make sense I know). The foundation holds well in the heat and doesn’t melt at the first ‘sight’ of sweat. My tzone did get oily after many hours of wear but it was something I could get away with without blotting.

I’m really not the one for matte full coverage foundations which is why I stayed away from this for the longest time. But I have learnt over time, you have to build to full coverage plus the tools you use ( sponge/brush) also has an impact. With most full coverage foundations, you won’t necessarily get full coverage from 1 pump of straight away! Since then I have been more open to trying out these types of foundations although it won’t always be my first pick. I also now pair all my matte foundations with an illuminating primer and a liquid highlighter to give me a ‘matte glow’

I really can understand the hype of this OG foundation, MAC was one of the brands back in the day to provide dark shades for this and I clearly remember everyone using this foundation when I started uni and first got into makeup! Even though my first ‘highend’ foundation was MAC I went for the Match Master foundation instead of the Studio Fix Fluid because I didn’t want that matte dry face every one had.


It is one of the oldie but goodie foundations and I can see why. I am finally part of #studiofixfam. If you’re like me and you’re not really here for matte foundations you can always mix in an oil or liquid highlighter and use a sponge for less coverage. I love the Estee Lauder Perfecting Illuminating Primer and the Makeup Forever Radiant Caramel Primer ( also doubles as a colour corrector) it’s what  I have been using with all my matte foundations. All this though can seem like extra work when there are perfectly perfect illuminating/dewy foundations on the market.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid is £26 at MAC

DO you have this foundation? Let me know your thoughts!



Foundation of the Month July- Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation


Hey guys, welcome back to my foundation of the month series! In this series, I am testing out foundations by wearing them for the whole month and letting you know my thoughts on it. The point of this series is to help dark-skinned women find foundations and hopefully introduce you to some good products! So far I have 6 months’ worth of foundation reviews from the very popular Fenty Foundation to the very cheap but extremely good The Ordinary High Coverage foundation!

This month I wore my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation. I have had this foundation for a very long time but it’s one of those products that sit in my collection and I hardly ever use it. Mainly because it’s a darker shade( I got matched to this in the summer now that I remember) so I can only use it in summer or when I go on holiday. I decided to use it this summer because I’m slightly darker than my usual shade thanks to the amazing weather we have had in the UK.

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation offers a natural invisible finish with medium buildable coverage. I have the shade 180= R530. I bought the foundation at the time they were switching from their HD formula to their Ultra HD Formula hence the two shade names. The foundation feels extremely lightweight on the skin, like a second skin and blends seamlessly. It works well for my normal to combo skin type and holds well throughout the day. The shade I have of this foundation is too dark and red for me which is why I hardly use this foundation. I use it in the summer when I am tanned and when my undertone is neutral and slightly red or when I am away on a really sunny holiday. I love the formula of this foundation so I tried getting the stick formula hoping to get a better match to my usual skin tone/undertone, unfortunately, I got matched again to the wrong shade, this time a really neutral shade that looks grey!  At the time I didn’t know much about foundations and undertones, I trusted the MUFE lady and the foundation did match my jawline which is darker than the centre of my face. Sighs, my liquid formula is at least workable but the stick formula is rubbish, it’s not even good for me as a contour.

The MUFE Ultra HD foundation oxidises. My shade has a red undertone but at the end of the day looks redder than when I first applied it (I learnt this the hard way when I tried to apply this foundation in the winter with a bandeau style top. My face looked extremely red and dark compared to my chest, I had to wipe my face and start all over!). To counteract this, I apply a lighter than usual concealer with this foundation so my face doesn’t end up 2-3 shades darker than my body.


I have mixed feelings for this foundation. It’s a beautiful foundation which feels like nothing on the skin and offers medium coverage that doesn’t look cakey however it oxidises and I can only wear it during the summer time. I would like to have my correct shade but I also don’t want to have a 3rd bottle of this foundation in my collection. I want to give away my stick foundation as I have actually never used it but I really don’t know anyone with a neutral/grey undertone and I don’t want to throw it away either. Sighs.

Will I recommend it? Hmm, if you can get your exact shade (they have 40 shades) but you run the risk of oxidation. I think there are other options out there which offer the same amount of coverage and finish without the oxidation.

MUFE Ultra HD Foundation is £31 at Debenhams (wow I bought mine 3 years ago for £29)

Foundation Of the Month June- Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation



If you are looking for a new foundation, I got you covered. I decided to start a foundation series over on my Insta page because I realised I have a few foundations and its only best to share which ones work well and have enough shades for dark skin tones! So the challenge I set myself is this, every month (I made a rota guys smh), I stick to using 1 foundation and report back to you guys. I am loving the challenge so far because I am enjoying rediscovering some foundations I had in my collection! Doing this has also shown me how far I have come in selecting better foundation shades & undertones for my skin tone. I am also learning how to work with the shades that aren’t quite a good match but not bad enough to sell or throw away

Anyway, let’s get into it!

For June, I decided to go with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr Soft Matte Foundation. I have had this foundation sitting in my collection since I got it last October, patiently waiting for the summer to wear it.

I’m sure by now, you have seen and read all the reviews of this foundation, all the specs and swatches so I will just go right into my thoughts on it. I have the shade 430.

This is a beautiful lightweight matte foundation with medium to full coverage. It’s a very liquid (fluid) foundation. I love how lightweight it feels on the skin and how easy it is to blend. The Pro Filtr Foundation dries quickly and almost sets itself.

I have oily combo skin so I decided to wait till summer to wear this. It wears very well and remains matte too. I also took this foundation on holiday to Santorini ( post coming) and again in the Greek sun it wore very well. It’s not transfer resistant but Fenty doesn’t claim that anyway. It’s long wearing and doesn’t oxidise.

I chose 430 because it was the best shade match and undertone at the time (October) however after wearing it now it comes off as slightly lighter, probably because its summer and I have tanned a bit. In Greece, it definitely wasn’t a match as I was probably 3 shades darker lol. but it still works and surprisingly doesn’t look ashy


The best thing for me about this foundation is the extremely lightweight feel and skin like finish. It claims a soft matte finish but for someone like me who prefers a satin/luminous finish, I think this is very matte so I pair with dewy primers often( Am I the only one who layers a matte primer on top of a dewy/illuminating primer. It makes no sense but I want a matte glow LOL). It works well with all of the primers I have paired it with. Obviously, if you love matte finishes and prefer that this would be a perfect finish for you. It’s not extremely matte but for me, because I am used to the opposite I find this quite mattifying.

I was also expecting this foundation to be pricer but its £26 for 32ml which is less money for more product compared to the current luxury foundations on the market. Subsequent Fenty releases have been pricer though which I found surprising…… anyway

You can find this foundation in the UK on Harvey Nichols

For swatches and shade comparisons, see my previous post here