Cantu GrapeSeed Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Cantu brand has a special place in every black girl’s hair product collection. I’ve known of Cantu even from my relaxed days and I have used many of their products.

The new Grapeseed collection features 7 products in total and I received 5. For this wash day, I decided to add the new shampoo and conditioner to my routine.


My hair has been in braids for 4 weeks prior so I wanted to start with detangling first. The conditioner is light and runny and has enough slip. I used a good amount on each section of my hair, using a wide tooth comb from the ends to the roots of hair. The conditioner smells great and does a good job of detangling. Since I was using this just for detangling, I didn’t leave it on my hair too long but after I washed it out, my hair felt softer


The shampoo lathers up well and felt gentle on the scalp.  It’s formulated with shea butter and grapeseed oil. I loved it. It rinses out easily too. I always go in with 2 washes and it didn’t dry out my hair. The lather is produces was ok for finger detangling.


This collection is for curly, coily and wavy hair and it worked really well for my 4c hair. It’s a good shampoo and conditioner if you are looking to try some new ones. I’ve had no issues with it. I love the scent and the performance did not disappoint me

Cantu GrapeSeed Shampoo is £7.99 on lookfantastic

Cantu GrapeSeed Conditioner is £7.99 on lookfantastic

Mielle Organics Detangling Cowash review

Finding a good cowash is great: one that gently cleanses the hair has enough slip and conditions the hair is the dream. I have tried a few co-washes and I love only 3!

Today’s post will be a full review on the Mielle Organics Detangling Cowash. I was gifted this at a BrownBeauty event some time ago.

What the brand says:

A natural co-wash that detangles and nourishes your hair all in one treatment.

  • Controls frizz and makes detangling easy
  • Lightweight formula
  • Safe for daily use

Mielle’s Detangling Co-Wash is one of the best products we have to offer for beautiful hair. Not only does this natural co-wash remove impurities without stripping your hair of its natural oils, but it also encourages longer, stronger, healthier hair. Use our organic formula to gently cleanse and condition your hair between shampoos, and over time, you can experience less breakage, shedding, and fewer knots. Whether you have thin, thick, or curly hair, you can enjoy easy detangling and better length retention.


So I normally co-wash when my hair is dry and somewhat detangled or when I have a slick bun and I quickly want to get rid of the gel but I don’t want to commit to a full shampoo and condition. Co washes for me are ‘one step’- cleanse, detangle and condition in one quick go!

With that in mind, I am disappointed with the Mielle Detangling Co-wash. For a detangling co-wash, I didn’t get enough slip from it, I had to use a lot of product in order to get some slip for detangling. I have 4c natural hair but I have found co-washes that gave enough slip to detangle. In terms of cleansing power, the co-wash doesn’t lather which I don’t mind and it does gently cleanse hair. As for conditioning the hair, I don’t find it leaves my hair as soft as I thought it would be. I have used shampoos that left my hair softer.


I have only used one other product from the brand which was the Mint Oil which I absolutely loved. I was really looking forward to this cowash but unfortunately, I didn’t get on with it. For my 4c natural hair, I didn’t think it provided enough detangling and conditioning. This is a shame because they specifically market it as a detangling cowash for dry hair. Perhaps a loser curl pattern may gain more from this.


Crème of Nature Pure Honey Conditioner and Edge Control Review

Crème of Nature have a lot of products on the market, my favourite one being the Argan Oil Spray leave-in conditioner. Their Pure Honey collection is a full collection featuring both hair care & styling products. I was gifted the collection back in 2018, and whilst I have only gotten round to using the conditioners, I have been using the edge control for a while. Today’s post will be a full review of the conditioner and edge control.

Pure Honey Moisturising Dry Defense Conditioner

What the brand says

SEAL IN MOISTURE FOR SMOOTH & SOFT HAIR: Lock in moisture and control frizz with our Moisturizing Dry Defense Conditioner infused with Pure Honey, Certified Natural Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Locks In Moisture, Smoothes & Softens, Controls Frizz & Untangles

NO Sulfates*, NO Mineral Oil*


I have used the conditioner a few times in my wash day routine. Its 355ml and I have been able to get 4 uses out of it. This conditioner smells amazing and the packaging is quite cute( reminds me of milkshakes from Asda lol).

It’s a thick and creamy conditioner which has a good amount of slip for detangling. After shampooing, I divide my hair into 4 parts, then work the conditioner into each section separately, taking my time to detangle and comb through, from ends to the root of the hair. The conditioner provides slip for the comb to glide through my hair easily without tugging and breaking. I leave this on for about 5 mins when I don’t want to deep condition and it rinses away easily. My hair is left softer and conditioned.

Moisture Infusion Edge Control

What the brand says

SLEEK EDGES WITH 24-HOUR HOLD & CONTROL: Infused with Pure Honey, Certified Natural Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, Moisture Infusion Edge Control provides the perfect hold and control for sleek hairstyles.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: 24-Hour Hold & Control, Brilliant & Healthy Shine, Anti-Frizz, Non-Flaking, Non-Sticky, Non-Greasy

NO Sulfates*, NO Mineral Oil*


Here’s the tea, everyone talks about the Argan oil edge control from Crème of nature and I’ve heard of how amazing it is (I’m yet to use it). I was pretty excited then to try this one because it should be good as the Argan oil one right? This edge control is the classic ‘I will hold you down for 10 mins tops’ lol. The hold isn’t great and doesn’t last. The edge control doesn’t leave white flakes and doesn’t leave your edges looking shiny lol but the ‘perfect hold’ they promise isn’t there, at least not for my 4c hair


For my dry 4c natural hair, I love the rinse out conditioner! The main things I look for in a conditioner are slip and softness and the conditioner delivers on those. As for the edge control, I’m not surprised because a lot of edge controls don’t work for my edges. If you have finer or relaxed hair it may work but for my 4c hair, the hold lasts about 10 mins before it curls up and goes back to normal.

These products are available from Superdrug.


6 Months’ Worth of Empties!

It’s officially half way through 2020, the year with the most surprises, twists and turns! What will the series finale be like?

Anyway, I’ve been keeping all my empties so far and here they are! 6 months worth of empties. I’ve divided them into different categories and I will also link my reviews and where to buy. I will also be doing some mini-reviews and mentioning my fav items!


I finished a few cleansers so far! My favourite ones were First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, Olay Foaming Cleansing Jelly and Farmacy Clean Bee. My reviews here and here.

Dermalogica Special Cleansing gel will also have a special place in my heart. Omorovicza Cleansing Foam was also great- I have actually repurchased this already. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Cleanser is also a repurchase. I also have to give a shout out to Caudalie Purifying Gel Cleanser

Definitely the most disappointing cleanser in this category was the Nivea MicellAIR.


Ok so lots of toners I loved this year Beauty Pie Jeju Daily Mist, Dermalogica Multi Active Toner, Barry M serum mists and Indie Lee Q10.

A huge surprise was the Superdrug Energising Mist– this is formulated with Vitamin C so helps to brighten the skin. The spritzer is great too and I really loved using it twice a day to hydrated and soften my skin. I would repurchase.

The biggest disappointment was the Inkey List PHA toner. Review here

Serums & oils-18

My favourite type of skincare product! Serums! Shout out to Peter Thomas Roth Potent C, Dermatica and Beauty Pie Vitamin C capsules. I also love the Inkey List’s Vitamin C and Q10– lost count of the amount of repurchases.

Superdrug’s Simply Pure Hydrating serum is cheap and very effective and Dermalogica C12 Pure Bright serum was very nice.

What I didn’t like? Surprisingly the Murad Rapid Age Spot serum and the First Aid beauty hydrating serum didn’t make a difference.

Moisturisers& SPF-17

My second favourite category of skincare! I’ve tried a few SPFs so far this year. my favourites are Nivea Moisture Lock SPF 50, Murad Essential C SPF30 and the La Roche Posay Fresh Mist( full review coming soon). I do like the Estee Lauder Aqua UV Gel and Nivea Shine Control SPF50 as well. My full reviews for all these SPFs and more are under Dark Skin Sunscreens.

I LOVED Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Moisturiser, Dermalogica Pure Light and Dermalogica Active Moist.

I was most disappointed by CosRX Aloe SPF50. I heard so much of this but when I finally tried it I didn’t like it. Full review under Dark skin SPFs!

Face mask-6

I’m surprised I didn’t finish a lot of masks! The most impressive one is the Clinique Overnight Surge. This mask saved my skin earlier this year, so much so that I purchased the full size! It’s soothing, calming and hydrating. I use it as the last step just before sleeping and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It doesn’t pill when layered onto the other products I use as well. I love the whole Moisture Surge collection and this product in addition to the mist are my favs.

Beauty Pie fruitzyme mask is a great one for exfoliation. Check out my full review here. Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask was great at balancing oily skin without stripping the skin. its also hydrating. I got this mask in their mini mask set and is one of my fav ones.

The Oh K 3 step mask was great


Again not much in this category but I finished some really old items. ORS Curls Unleashed Leave in and Garnier Maple Healer has been in my collection for a while. The latter is an amazing conditioner, the former is not so great as a leave in

Palmers Mallows Root Spray leave in is my current favourite conditioner, I have 4 backups.

Mielle Organics cowash was disappointing to use


Its so difficult to finish a makeup product so when I do I get really excited!

I really like the Mac Studio Fix Powder foundation, I have 2 backups of this. my full review is here. The Emani Perfect 10 serum primer is also great.

GlamGlow Nude Moisturiser– technically a moisturiser but it’s so heavily scented and slightly silvery so I used it as an illuminator

The least fav item here is the Tarte Mascara, it dried out so quickly and it didn’t make a huge difference.


This year I’ve been focusing on trying active on my body. I started with Nivea Q10 plus Vitamin C. this lotion has a Vitamin C derivative and helps to firm and brighten the skin. I have the version for dry skin. It’s a light lotion and it leaves the skin hydrated without any oily residue. I have noticed my complexion looks healthier and more even. It hasn’t completely gotten rid of dark spots but the appearance of them is improving. I really like this lotion, I’m currently on my 3rd bottle of this and I plan to repurchase soon. As for firmer skin in 10 days, my skin looks better but I don’t have ‘loose’ skin so I don’t know lol. My skin appears better.

Soap & Glory Flakeaway and righteous butter are repurchases! Nivea Mousse was definitely interesting to use but I feel they should change the packaging.

Disappointing product? Clarins Lip oil– it started so well and in the end it was all pretty but no substance.


Finally some random but essential items, hand gels, hand wipes etc


I wanted to do 150 empties but I missed my mark! unto the next 6 months

Are you picking up anything new based on my empties, let me know!

More reviews under the Review tab!

Stay safe!

3 months Beauty Empties

This year, I decided to do 3 monthly empties, just to see how many empties I could accumulate over a 3 month time period! I can finally share my empties with you! I’ve divided them into categories to make it easier to navigate! I will be sharing mini-reviews (for full reviews check out my review tab!) and the big hits and misses!

Be warned its a long post!


  1. Nivea MicellAir Micellar water– I found this to be disappointing. I love micellar water and I have made my way through most drugstore ones. This one left my skin dry and tight afterwards. I found I have to use a few large cotton pads for cleansing even when I am only wearing powder foundation! I got this in a buy one get one free offer and I’m more than halfway through my 2nd I won’t repurchase. There are more effective micellar waters available that don’t dry the skin
  2. Superdrug Natural Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser- this is a cream cleanser that feels butter smooth on the skin. I’m actually surprised at how effective it was. Honestly, I was expecting much lol. It doesn’t dry out the skin or leave a residue.
  3. Clean Creamy Foam Hydrating Cleanser- my fav drugstore cleanser. Check out the full review here
  4. 2x Murad Essential C Cleanser– check my Instagram for a review
  5. L’Oréal Fine Flowers Gel Cream wash– full review here. Another great drugstore face wash
  6. Elemis Super Food Facial wash- I actually really liked this cleanser and I wouldn’t mind the full size. Gentle lather and leaves the skin clean without drying it out
  7. Beauty Pie Plantastic Apricot cleansing butter– I have a full review here
  8. Good Molecules Instant Cleansing Balm

Serums & oils

  1. Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting serum- full review coming soon.
  2. Elizabeth Arden Superstart skin booster- I have another bottle of this and I will do a review soon
  3. Inkey List Hyaluronic acid serum- I LOVE this. Non-tacky, hydrates and leaves the skin plump and hydrated. Can’t wait to repurchase! The review is on my insta
  4. Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating serum– for a £3 serum this serum packs a BIG punch. I have repurchased so many times and it hasn’t failed me!
  5. The Ordinary MAP– repurchased several times and will keep doing so!
  6. Drunk Elephant B Hydra- just check out my review here
  7. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair– full review here
  8. Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules- I have another travel size of this to finish so I can form my full opinion on it


Face creams

  1. Beauty Pie Super Retinol Moisturiser– I have a full review here
  2. Beauty Pie Daily Moisture Lotion– full review here
  3. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 hr hydrator- this is beautiful. Beautiful texture and leaves the skin plump and hydrated
  4. Farmacy Honey Drop– another amazing moisturiser! I have a full review coming soon!
  5. Nivea Q10 plus Vit C sleep cream– full review here
  6. Kiehl’s SPF30- full review here


Face masks & sheet masks

  1. 7x sheet masks: Oh K! Brightening Gemstone mini masks– got this in the Debenhams advent calendar, I don’t see the point of these lol. They are mini face masks (why?) and com sin 8 mini pieces, I guess it’s good for targeted application but I prefer a full mask. Soap & Glory Radiance Booting Mask– this has vit c in it and promises to give glowy skin. It works and I really liked it! Forec Natural skin plan sheet masks- 5 pack- Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Blueberry, Honey and Pomegranate- I really liked these, I found them super hydrating and easy to use. I got these as a secret Santa present and I would love to repurchase them.
  2. GlamGlow Thirst Mud– one of my fav GlamGlow masks! This is a leave-on mask but I wash it off after 20 mins, leaves the skin so hydrated, glowing and smoother!
  3. Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack eye patches
  4. Skin Sense Face mask- this mask was rubbish, it didn’t do much
  5. Superdrug Optimum Midnight Moisture Mask- this is a leave-on mask but I rinsed it off. It leaves the skin soft and moisturised and doesn’t leave residue on
  6. Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask– this luxury mask promises to lift and firm the skin. I found it hydrating, easy to wash off and leaves the skin glowing. It doesn’t leave shimmer or a yellow tint on the skin but leaves it more radiant

Toners & face mists

  1. First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads- full review here
  2. Nip Fab Extreme pads
  3. Murad Rapid Resurfacing peel- I have another pad and will review once I used it as well. I have a good feeling though
  4. Garnier Rose Soothing Glow Mist- hmm, I do like the rose collection from Garnier because it’s a dupe of Pixi’s but this mist was subpar. It doesn’t spray in a fine mist which didn’t make it pleasant to use and it was ok.
  5. Kose Clear turn lotion in cotton pads
  6. Garnier Rose Soothing Toner- exact dupe of Pixi Rose Tonic. I really like this toner for hydrating and AM use.

Shampoos & cleansers

  1. KeraCare Care Honey Shea Co-wash- this smells amazing! I love co-washes and this one has quickly become a favourite. It has a lot of slip which makes detangling easier and also gently cleanses the hair. it also leaves my hair really soft

Hair conditioners

  1. Garnier Ultimate Blends Maple Healer Intense Repairer balm- I love this! and it smells great!
  2. 2x Cantu Cleanser & Care hair and scalp masque– full review here
  3. Vitale Hair Mayo
  4. Organix Coconut Curls Conditioner– full review here
  5. Philp Kingsley- I will do a full review when I finish my 2nd tube of this.
  6. Schwarzkopf conditioner


Hair styling & oils

  1. Got2b blast freezing spray- I mean you know what we use this for
  2. As I am Scalp serum- this promises to strengthen the hair but I honestly didn’t use it consistently enough to notice results. it smells great and hydrated the hair is all I can say
  3. Gorilla Snort Gel


  1. Clinique deep comfort body wash- this was a gift with purchase. I really liked this. Leaves the skin clean and comfortable with drying it out. it lathers and feels so creamy and velvety on the skin
  2. 3x Mitchum deodorant
  3. Soap & Glory hand food
  4. 2x Soap & Glory Righteous butter
  5. Sol de Janeiro Lip butter
  6. Nivea stick roll on
  7. Nivea Cherry Blossom body wash- this has an amazing scent and I lingers for a while. Leaves the skin clean and smooth without feeling tight


  1. GlamGlow Glowsetter setting spray– full review here
  2. The Ordinary High Adherence primer- full review here
  3. Makeup forever radiant primer


  1. Rihanna Rouge
  2. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
  3. Beauty Pie Love perfume- I loved this so much I got the full size
  4. Beauty Pie Petals, Heliotrope & ambrette perfume


  1. 3x Primark makeup remover cloths
  2. Wet Ones hand wipes
  3. Boots Refreshing hand wipes
  4. Superdrug artificial nail remover
  5. 2x cotton pad packs
  6. 1x cotton buds pack
  7. Feather & Down pillow spray- this smells great and so relaxing! It actually works! It helps me relax and helps me fall asleep! I was gifted this ages ago but I will definitely buy this soon

Total 79

Some products were gifted, some links are affiliate links

This was an exciting project for me and I can see a reduction in my collection! Join me for the next round of empties from April to June!

Catch you later

Garnier Ultimate Blends Maple Healer Conditioner Review

Garnier is one of my favourite drugstore brands, the skincare range is affordable and has many effective products, I have also used their some items from their body care range and I liked that too. Their haircare range however I approach with caution because I have natural afro hair and most likely some of the items may not be geared towards my hair texture and type.

To date, I have only used the Garnier Mystic Olive Oil collection which was gifted to me and I really like it. You can find my reviews here. A few years ago, I went to a Garnier event and I was gifted some more hair products, because of my good previous experience with them, I was actually looking forward to the products.

The Maple Healer collection is made for very damaged hair and has castor oil and maple sap to revitalise and intensely repair the hair. The Intense Repairer conditioner has no parabens and promises to leave the hair feeling stronger.


I was given the shampoo, conditioner and balm which I have been using slowly. The conditioner comes in a huge 400ml tube and has a creamy texture. It smells great lingers for a while but isn’t overpowering.

I find that the conditioner has enough slip for me to detangle with. I have natural 4c hair which is thick, shrinks and gets tangled quite easily. This conditioner helps me smooth my hair and run my comb through it. I leave it on for 5 – 10 mins before rinsing. It really makes a difference! My hair is left soft and feels conditioned


I have to admit I have been quite lazy with my hair and washing it every 2 weeks instead of weekly. This means going into wash days, my hair is usually quite dry (I do slick buns), so I can really tell a difference in the feel of my hair. I really like this conditioner. If this is the only conditioner left in stores and wondering how it will work for our hair, get it, it works. I also really liked the intense balm (review on my Instagram). I’m yet to try the shampoo.

Garnier Maple Healer Conditioner is £3.99

We are leaving in a time where things aren’t normal and won’t be for a while, but we will get through this!

Cantu Cleanse and Care Hair & Scalp Masque Review

The Cantu Cleanse and Care hair and scalp masque is made wit bentonite clay and proms to cleanse and care for the hair and scalp with stripping natural oils. I’m not sure when these were released but I got this very late year after I attended an event.


I was confused as to where to add this product in my wash day routine because it says cleanse on the packet it sounds as if it has some cleansing properties however the directions state to apply to clean damp hair. I applied the product after water rinsing my hair (my hair was just in a slick bun for a few days so I didn’t have a lot of product build-up).

The product has the same scent as other cantu products, the added bentonite clay didn’t make a difference to the scent. The product was creamy and felt more like a deep conditioner. It didn’t have any slip so I did not detangle with it. It promises nourished strands and a revitalized scalp but honestly I don’t know if it made a difference or not


I have used bentonite clay before so I was looking forward to using this product. I was a little confused as to where this would fit in in my wash day routine but I used it after rinsing hair with water. I didn’t experience much benefits, maybe some softness but nothing to write home about. There is no slip for detangling. My hair or scalp didn’t feel cleaner. I’m not sure if this product also comes in a bigger size but for me, I had 2 packs and used both in one wash day so I don’t know if the benefits come from continued use.

Do you need this product? Probably not.

Cantu Cleans & Care hair & scalp masque is £2.99 at Boots

Organix Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Let’s take break from skincare reviews and focus on hair care. Today’s post will be a full review on the Organix Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo & conditioner. I was gifted this product a very long time ago and I have only gotten round to using it.

Organix Quenching Coconut Curls has coconut and citrus oil as well as sweet honey to help enhance natural curls and boost shine. It promises to soften hair whilst gently cleansing and conditioning it



The shampoo has a very thick consistency and smells great (tropical coconut obviously), it produces a lot of lather even with a fair amount and surprisingly I can finger detangle, even comb through (slowly, gently and in smaller sections) with the foam.  I always do a double rinse and this shampoo leaves my hair and scalp well cleansed but not stripped.  The shampoo rinses clean and easily


Following with the Quenching conditioner, this product has the same pleasant scent as the shampoo and a thick creamy consistency. Again the conditioner offers a good amount of slip for detangling using a good amount. Whilst I like the shape of the bottle, because of the thick consistency of the conditioner, the shape made it slightly difficult to squeeze out especial when I was trying to get the last bits of it lol.  I usually leave it on for 10-15 mins, and it rinses well and leaves my hair soft.

Did it enhance my curls? No, but most shampoos that claim to do this never do on my kinky hair anyway. Did I see some kinky curl definition? In some parts yes (a few strands clumped together) which just means my hair is well hydrated and moisturised but it wasn’t a wash and go defined curls. I wasn’t expecting curl definition anyway.


It’s worth using definitely, it leaves my hair which tends to be dry well conditioned and moisturised. I like the slip from both the shampoo and conditioner so it means I can detangle as I go along. The shampoo does well to cleanse excess product build up and dirt and the conditioner provides enough slip to detangle and helps to soften the hair. They both smell great but don’t linger too much. Will you get curl definition no, at least not for 4c hair anyway.

These are available on Boots for £6.99 each


Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave in Conditioner Review

Palmer’s has been one of my favourite drugstore brands for many years. I love both the bodycare and haircare collections which are affordable and easily accessible.

Palmer’s Natural Fusion range was launched this year and is a 5 product strong collection that harnesses natural ingredients for stronger healthier hair. I was gifted the collection a few months back but I have only managed to use two of the items. This post is a full review of the Mallow Root Leave-in conditioner.

The Mallow Root leave-in conditioner promises slip for easy detangling leaving the hair shiny and moisturised. It comes in a spray bottle

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave in Conditioner


I am currently on my 2nd bottle of this leave-in with 4 more as backup: this tells you how much I love the product. The conditioner sprays in a very fine mist and has a pleasant scent. I use this conditioner on wash days, immediately after rinsing out my deep conditioner on soaking wet hair but I also use it throughout the week to hydrate and soften my hair.

I have natural 4c hair which is prone to dryness, what I really like about this leave-in is that it actually hydrates and softens the hair, I can see and feel a difference. I don’t usually use my leave-ins for detangling, I prefer to detangle with my conditioner so I can’t comment on the detangling claims of the product. This leave-in also works well for Brazilian hair as a leave-in conditioner. I also generously mist on soaking wet wigs after washing and they dry very soft with a lovely lustre.


This is one of the best spray leave-in conditioners I have used in a very long time. I am halfway through my 2nd bottle and I have been lucky to go to events and have been gifted more, I have 4 more backups. This works so well for my natural 4c hair and it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t weigh the hair down so I am confident it will work for all hair types.

I will recommend and will purchase.

Palmer’s Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-in Conditioner is available in Superdrug


November Empties and Reviews

Revolution Hyaluronic fix setting spray– this promises to hydrate and plump the skin whilst setting makeup. This setting spray helps to melt powder into the skin and provides some hydration. I use this as a first mist after powdering. Won’t repurchase because it doesn’t provide long lasting hydration and it doesn’t provide a luminous/dewy finish. It’s ok for what it is but Revolution have a lot of fixing sprays to choose from. Lixir Skin AHA/PHA Night Serum– I have a full review of this here. Sunday Riley Blue Moon– I love SR but this was a let-down, find out my thoughts here.

Atlantis skincare glowing skin serum– I was gifted this following a masterclass event. This is a new brand to me and whilst I haven’t seen a lot of reviews on the brand I was curious to try it. The serum is has a gel-like texture and feels slightly hydrating on the skin. I had to stop using this after a couple of days because it broke me out. I used as a body serum and it was ok. Primark Face wipesx3. Inkey List Q10 serum- I love this! This lightweight serum is very hydrating and doesn’t pill with other products. Q10 is antioxidant which have amazing benefits for the skin. I am definitely picking up another one. BeautyPie Micro peeling drops- I will have a full review on this soon. Good Molecules Daily Brightening Serum- a full review will be up later this week. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox bouncy hydrating gel- I love this! This gel textured moisturiser feels so nice and soothing on the skin. It pairs very well with all serums and does pill. It hydrates the skin and leaves it softer and healthier looking and it’s also packed full of Vitamin A, C and E plus hyaluronic acid. I’m not sure why it’s called ‘detox’ but it’s a really good moisturiser. I used it as an evening moisturiser.

Burt’s Bees Chai lip balm- Burt’s bees lipbalm are quite good, I like that they don’t just stay on top of the lip but penetrate to soften and heal cracked lips. Too Faced Hangover Setting Spray– I have to admit, this setting spray is hyped but I think it’s just mediocre. It’s a nice setting spray, it melts powder into the skin and helps the skin to looker smoother but I really don’t think it’s worth the hype. Estee Lauder Micro Cleansing Foam- I have a full review here. Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask- this mask is from an advent calendar last year. This is a lovely cream mask that leaves the skin looking more luminous and hydrated. I really love the texture and how my skin looks after its rinsing. Definitely, something I will try again.


Mitchum Stick roll on– I didn’t like this lemon scented version. It felt as if it wasn’t as effective as the unscented ones. Naissance Sweet Almond oil– I use these in my body butter and hair cream mixes. Sunny Isle Black Castor Oil– another oil I use for my hair/body mixes. Welda Skin Food– this is a very popular cream for dry skin and recently I have been suffering from such however I do not like the texture or scent of it. Its thick and I find it slightly difficult to spread. Texture my way shampoo– one of the best shampoos I have used in a while for natural hair. It softens, cleanses and hydrates the hair. I really feel like I do not have to condition after using this. It has a lot of slip which makes it great for finger detangling. Ahava hand cream. Ecostyler gel– I have started going through the other version of this again, I have rediscover the clear gel which I feel has a much better hold on the olive oil gel. Shea & coconut hair oil– I have had this forever and have struggled to get through it because I find it just sits on top of the hair. I mostly used it for pre poo treatments.  Soap & Glory shower gel– I go this very recently in a gift set. 3x vanilla essence oil– I use this in my body butter mixes.

Total- 28, grand total- 357/400

Final month of 2019! Let’s gooo