Budapest Baths: Rudas Thermal Bath

On the penultimate day, we went to the final bathhouse, Rudas Thermal Bath in the Buda area. This place is actually not too far from Gellert Thermal Bath. We went here because we found a good offer: they have a brunch and wellness combo ticket. The deal allows you entry into the wellness area of the bath plus a 3-course meal.

The wellness area had indoor pools, a steam room and saunas. They also had an ice bath which Yas loved. I loved this bath the most, the wellness area felt more like a leisure centre but it was extremely clean. They don’t have a separate changing room here as well.

We got the tickets online and you redeem them at the bistro which is next door to the bathhouse. You have to book a table for brunch which we did but it wasn’t too busy after we finished with the spa portion so we ate a bit earlier. The bistro has an outdoor area which overlooks the Danube river.

I loved how clean and calm this place was and I thought the offer was really good. The menu was limited but still had enough choice for and we had no issues with the service or bill afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this bath and the offer

That’s all folks. The 3 bath houses we visited in Budapest. To summarise

Szenchynhi Bath- cheapest and biggest outdoor pool, indoor pools not as clean

Gellert Thermal Bath- posher vibes and better indoor pools, outdoor pool quite small

Rudas Thermal Bath- we didn’t go into the traditional bath area but the wellness area was well kept and very clean. Loved the indoor pools and steam room. Beautiful views and panoramic pool upstairs as well. Bonus- you can also purchase a combo ticket for wellness area and lunch.

I hope you found these posts helpful.

Catch you soon


Budapest Baths: Gellert Thermal Bath

Hey guys, I hope all is well. The second bath we visited was Gellert Thermal Bath in the Buda side of Budapest. This bath is very different from the Szechenyi Bath we visited the day before.

Gellert Thermal Bath is part of the Gellert Hotel and features an art décor style interior. This bath is also more expensive than Szechenyi, costing 6100F for access and a locker. I found this bath more organised and cleaner however it was a slight walk to get to the changing rooms. Also, the changing rooms here are not separated so the female and male changing areas were together. I didn’t have my phone on me this time so I couldn’t take a lot of pictures of the place. 

I loved the indoor thermal pools here better, they were much cleaner. The outdoor ‘adventure’ pool we saw was very small and it was also crowded when we arrived. They had a few indoor pools so we mostly stayed indoors. They tell you the temperature of the water here as well.

Gellert Thermal Bath has a steam room as well as a sauna which I loved! We went to the steam room and although it wasn’t as hot as I would have liked it was still good enough.

I love the indoor pools here and the fact that it had a steam room. This place felt posher than Szechenyi however I liked the outdoor pools in Szechenyi better. Again don’t bother with fast track tickets, we got there at midday and there wasn’t much of a queue. You can also rent towels and swimming costumes here.

We had lunch at the adjacent Gellert Bistro and it was amazing! Definitely, recommend after a relaxing visit to the spa.

Budapest Baths: Szechenyi Baths

Budapest bath times! No visit to Budapest isn’t complete if you don’t visit a bath! The first one we went to is the very poplar Szechenyi Baths. This is located outside the city centre but it was actually quite close to our hotel to walk it.

Szechenyi Baths are one of the most popular public bathhouses for both male and females and open till late. This is everything you need to know before you arrive.

Don’t bother with online booking or fast track tickets. We arrived at midday on a very warm Friday and there were no queues, it went very fast. It is the cheapest of the 3 baths we visited, it costs 5100F(£14) for a locker ( a bit more for a cabin which I say don’t bother). You get a wristband which will give you access to your chosen locker( you pick an empty one) and the bath areas. The changing areas are separated by male/female, both located downstairs

Szechenyi Baths have two massive outdoor thermal pools and a swimming pool and also indoor pools and saunas. I preferred the outdoor pools in Szechenyi Baths to the others. I can’t remember if this place tells you the temperature of the water but the others do. The indoor pools here didn’t look clean so I stayed away from them.


You can rent towels and swimwear but we just borrowed towels from the hotels and brought our own bikinis. Bring flip flops or any shoes you down mind getting wet!

I loved the outdoor pools and how big this place was compared to the other baths. This place also seemed to attract a younger crowd and had better vibes than the other places. This would be a good bath to start with.

There are a cafe and bar on site for drinks and foods but we had lunch somewhere else.



The best things to do in Budapest

Hey guys, I hope all is well! I have just returned from a super relaxing getaway in Budapest and whilst it’s still fresh in my memory I thought I would work on my Budapest travel guide! I will split these into 4 parts so that each post isn’t extremely long.

This part will focus on most of the things we did and how to get around in Budapest. The next 3 post will deal with the baths: because it isn’t a trip to Budapest if you dont visit at least one bath right? We went to 3! For variety and so I hope those will help you choose a bath to go to.

The best things to do in Budapest

My trips are usually jam-packed with activities and day trips where possible but going to Budapest was different. I was feeling ill when I left so I had to do less and chill as much as possible. We stayed in the Six Inn Hotel, it’s a little outside the city center but it’s well connected with trams, buses and metro. It’s also walking distance to most places. It’s your standard hotel, our room was super clean and cleaned daily and bathroom was spotless. The customer service we had was top notch! Front desk staff were lovely and helpful and always smiling and ready to help. I would recommend this place. The only issue we encountered was the air con working intermittently but we did have a fan as well so it didn’t get too warm during the night.

You have to do a free walking tour and the company we used was Free walking tours. We did two tours with them, the Original walking tour and the Jewish Quarter walking tour. The guides were knowledgeable and enthusiastic but walk a little too quickly. The original tour takes you to most places in the city and ends with beautiful views. The Jewish Quarter walk is definitely rich with history and if you are interested in Jewish history I would definitely recommend this. Both walks were quite long actually, I would say the longest I have been on but they were interesting nonetheless.


We also walked a lot around the Danube River. I would definitely recommend a cruise but 2 days before we arrived there was a tragic boat crash which meant our cruise was cancelled and most cruises were suspended. But it was still nice to be around the area and walk across the bridge. We also visited West end shopping center, probably the biggest mall I have ever visited

Food & restaurants

Been ill with zero appetite kinda sucked on this trip (I couldn’t finish a meal smh) but we did go to some nice places. Hard rock café (I’m making this a challenge any country that has a hardrock café will be eaten in), Ruin bars in Jewish Quarter, Street food market in Jewish Quarter and a few others I can’t remember.

A few notes

There is no Uber in Budapest, their equivalent is called Bolt, and the cars that come will have taxify written on them. If you want to order a takeaway, download Wolt which will give you the menu in English as well. Their metro ticket is probably the cheapest I have ever paid in Europe. Its 350F roughly 94p! You have to validate each ticket which lasts about an hour and get a new ticket each time you change mode of transportation. Its 450F on the bus. A lot of places may accept Euro. In Budapest, pink caps on the water bottles are still, blue caps are sparkling- no matter the brand!

That’s all for part 1. We had amazing weather (I run out of SPF on the penultimate day). The next 3 posts will deal with the 3 baths we visited, each bath had a different feel and look so hopefully those posts help you decide which ones to go to.

If you prefer a book guide, I found this Budapest+Hungary guide on the Lonely Planet*

See you soon!

*affiliate link used.

A weekend in Bath

Hey guys, I hope all is well. I went to Bath last month so this post will be about the beautiful town and things to do whilst there! If you haven’t been to Bath already, please plan a visit!

Bath itinerary- 2 days 1 night.

StayDreamstays, Kingsmead Street– excellent location, right in the city centre with bars and restaurants around. You also have Sainsbury’s and Tesco right on your door step. About 10 mins walk from the coach station. The apartment was spotless and perfect for 3 people sharing. The only issue we had was the hot water running out and taking a while to heat up (that’s been happening to me a lot lately) and there are no full-length mirrors.

Best for food/drinks– Gong Fu Noodle Bar, Sotto Sotto, Giggling Squid, Vino Vino Bar, Real Italian Ice-cream parlour


We arrived quite early on the Saturday and after dropping our bags at the apparent, we did the ‘Walk to the View walk’ which took us about 2 hours. P.S- don’t bother printing the map from the Visit Bath website, you can simply google Bath Skyline and follow the directions. I would definitely recommend this walk (there is also a longer 3-4hr walk available), the views are beautiful and it takes you through the city centre, points of interest and a garden.

Afterwards, we grabbed a quick lunch at Gong Fu Thai Noodle Bar which was right opposite our apartment. The food was tasty and a good portion. It’s a small take away place. P.S- most of the restaurants closed at 2pm for lunch to reopen at 5/6, this place was one of the few that was open.

After lunch we were exhausted and chilled indoors till we left for dinner in the evening. We went to Vino Vino for drinks before dinner and I had the best Strawberry lychee martini I have ever had. The service was a bit slow but once we ordered the drinks were made quickly. I would recommend. Across the road was Giggling Squid and we had some amazing Thai food! I have been to Giggling Squid before in Bristol and loved it so I wasn’t surprised but the girls had never been so they were very impressed! The service was top notch, Deborah our waiter took care of us and made sure we had everything we needed.


After dropping our bags at the sister hotel (also located in the city centre) we went to Sotto Sotto for lunch. We heard it was one of the best restaurants in Bath and we wanted to have dinner there on Saturday but it was fully booked. Sotto Sotto is a very small Italian basement restaurant, we thought it could probably sit 40 people all together but isn’t doesn’t feel crowded. Booking is essential (people were turned away) and we took the first seating at 12.15 for their lunch service (it was fully booked). I understand why it’s so popular, the food is amazing, service was attentive and it’s not overpriced. It takes a minute to get through to them because the line is always busy but definitely recommended!

After lunch, we chilled in Paradise Gardens (£2 entry) which is a beautiful park right in the centre. Lucky for us there was a procession coming through and a performance so we got to enjoy that before it was time to leave.

Bath was so pretty and the town is small so we could easily walk everywhere. We loved our apartment and how central it was to everything! A weekend is perfect and gives enough time to have a feel for the city, definitely a place to check out

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Lulworth Cove


Croatia Travel: Zagreb

My full Itinerary

28th April- Arrived in the morning. Split- Palace, Viewpoint, Riva

29th April- Trogir & Krka National Park morning- late afternoon. Evening- Split

30th April-  Plitvice Lakes morning-late afternoon. Onward travel to Zagreb, arrived at night

1st May- Full day Zagreb

2nd May- travel back to Split and departure

Zagreb was the final part of my Croatia adventure and I was looking forward to it. We arrived in Zagreb by 10pm so we didn’t do much that evening (after hiking in Plitvice lakes we were tired). We stayed in Apartment Simple Teslina which I highly recommend. The only issue is the hot water runs out quickly and takes a while to heat up (seems like a Croatian problem? We had the same issue in Split). The studio apartment was spotless though.  It’s a 5 min walk form the main square and there are lots of restaurants around.

We did a free walking tour with Free Spirit Tours which I highly recommend. Zagreb is soaked in history and not at all what I expected. The walking tour allowed us to visit most of Zagreb and if you have one day only it’s worth doing.

After the tour, we spent more time walking around and looking for a traditional Croatia dish. We went to Batak Grill to have the Cevapcici, a typical Croatian dish.

There wasn’t much we did in Zagreb so we spent the rest of the day shopping and chilling, preparing for an early start the next day. It was also in Zagreb we had our second request for a picture lol, again from another tourist and much older. We also had an incident in a restaurant where this man would not stop staring at us! He was Croatian and came with his partner and it was slightly uncomfortable after a while, they were sitting close to us. Lucky for us we done with our meal so this encounter didn’t last long.  I swear I heard him mutter black girls under his breath when we walked past but my friend said she didn’t hear anything. I was have been pissed if I was the girl he was with! But then again they both could be of the same mindset.

I prefer Split to Zagreb, I liked the vibes there much better than Zagreb.

So that’s all folks! I hope you have found these posts helpful and you are inspired to visit Croatia!

PS we found an African restaurant in Zagreb– I would have never expected that! We didn’t go to it though lol


Catch you later




Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

Plitvice lakes were what sparked my interest in Croatia over a year ago! A friend had just come back from there and told me about it and recommended I visit as I like hikes and the outdoors. A visit to this national park was really why I was in Croatia and I chose Split as a base because it was much cheaper to fly to from London

Travel from Split to Plitvice Lakes

There are a lot of tour companies offering trips to Plitvice but I decided to go via Public transport because I had onward travel plans and going by a tours company would have taken the whole day. I used Get by Bus to book this trip and the others I booked.

Plitvice is about 2.30hrs away from Split with the bus however I didn’t realise break times were not added to the estimated time of arrival on the bus ticket. We were supposed to arrive by 12.50pm however we arrived by 13.30pm. There are 2 entrances to Plitvice and the bus dropped us off at entrance 2. From this bus stop, it’s not clear where to go for tickets but if you climb up the stairs and turn left, walk down those stairs and you will get to the ‘main entrance 2’ where you can get a ticket, map and store your luggage(free).

Plitvice lakes

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

We only had about 2-3.30 hrs in Plitvice so the staff recommended a walking trail( Trail E) that would allow us to make the most of the park and still be back in time for our bus. The Plitvice tickets include a boat & panoramic ride so they recommended a walk up then panoramic ride down. After alighting the boat ride climb up the stairs and turn left once you get to the top for trail E. The rest of the trail is clearly signposted. Trail E took us just under 2.30 hrs stopping very frequently for pictures. It’s a one-way narrow wooden path. This path does the upper lakes and 12(or 14 I can’t remember) of the 44 lakes in Plitvice.

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

Plitvice lakes is beautiful and I definitely recommend you visit here if you are in Croatia. It’s fairly easy to get to from Zagreb as well and a lot of the tour companies there also organise day trips there.

I would go back and do the lower lakes and a different trail. This place is absolutely stunning and I am so happy I have finally experienced it.

Croatia Travel: Hiking in Plitvice National Park

We made it back in time to grab a snack before our bus to Zagreb at 17.50. If you get off at Entrance 2 bus stop s and you are going to Zagreb it’s the same bus stop. Make sure you double check which bus company you have booked with as it was slightly confusing at first to see other buses at our scheduled departure time arrive but we could not get on. The bus companies are not always obvious in front of the bus but most of the drivers did mention the company when they were picking passengers. Also, bare in time of the breaks/stops they buses take. Our bus was meant to arrive at 17.50 but came at 18.30.

I will definitely recommend Get By bus for booking tickets! I used it for the other trips I booked plus they also sell tickets for buses in other countries. It’s a legit website and it was very easy to navigate, I had no issues with payment or getting my tickets.

My next post is the final post of my Croatian travel adventure and I will tell you what happened in Zagreb and the other ‘travelling while black’ incidents. Lol

Catch you soon!

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Croatia Travel: Hiking in Krka National Park

Carrying on with my Croatian travels, I went hiking in Krka National Park located in the South. Hiking was the reason for my travels and I heard Croatia has some of the most beautiful parks and it’s the truth!

Getting to Krka National Park was a bit cumbersome from Split with public transport (two different entrances and no direct buses) so I decided to go with a touring company to cover the seamless transfer. I went with Sugaman tours, because they had the most reviews, it also came recommended from a friend and their Krka tour included a stop in Trogir, a small town about 30 mins from Split.

My experience with Sugaman tours was awesome! I made a mistake booking 4 tickets instead of two and after I emailed them they quickly replied and refunded the difference! The tour itself was excellent value for money. It started on time and our driver & guide Dom told us some of the histories of Split. Once we got to Trogir, he took us around the old city, shared some historical facts and we were given 1hr free time. It was pretty early once we got there so it was very quiet however it was a nice day was a walk around the old city.

After Trogir, it took us about an hour to get to Krka National Park. The entry fee once converted to pounds is about £10. Dom took us to the various exhibitions and told us the history behind them then we got free time for exploring

Krka National park has 17 waterfalls with the biggest one Skradinski Buk. From the main entrance, it’s about a 30-45 min walk through the park. The scenery is beautiful and you go past many waterfalls on the way. Skradinski Buk is not as big as you would think but it’s beautiful nonetheless. It’s the only national park in Croatia you can swim in too.

The entrance ticket includes a boat river on the Krka River to the Skradin (this is one of the entrances to the park. The bus to Split stops here and you get the boat to the park). After the walk, we got the boat back to town and Dom picked us up back to Split! There are other activities to do in Krka Park if you have the time it’s worth checking out!

I would definitely recommend Sugaman Tours for this trip as well as the many others they offer! When I go back to Split, I will definitely book one of their island tours! If you want to check them out, here’s a link> Sugaman Tours

It was in Krka Park I first had another tourist ask me for a picture lol. This old lady came up to me with her phone (couldn’t speak English) so I thought she meant she wanted me to take a picture of her. She kept pointing to the both of us and her phone so I said and gestured do you want a picture of me and you to which she nodded yes so I politely said no and she walked back to her group. I thought she looked eastern Asian but my friend thought Eastern European. She looked quite old so in hindsight, I could understand if she had never seen a black person before. I was careful in my response to her, if indeed I am the first black person she has ever seen then I didn’t want her to have a negative stereotype of us so it was a polite rejection instead of been aggressive and angry. In all my travels I had never had that before so it was a weird feeling but I wasn’t offended. In the whole time we were in the park we didn’t see ANY other black people. I’ve been to many places and in many of those places I have been the only black there: it saddens me because why shouldn’t we enjoy that too: is it because we don’t know or because we are afraid? Anyway, that’s a different post for another day!

Next up: we will be talking about another hike we did in a different park!

If you haven’t already, check out the first part of my Croatian adventure in Split.

Catch you later


Croatia Travel: Split

It’s my first official trip of 2019! I say official because my day trip to Brussels doesn’t count lol. I am on a strict financial diet this year but I had to slot in a birthday getaway so when EasyJet had their New Year’s sale I took advantage and got really cheap tickets. I will be sharing my Croatia itinerary and some of the resources I used to plan everything. I have divided this into 4 posts so I can add as much detail without the post been too long



Split is a small town in the south of Croatia and it’s mostly known for its beaches and historic sites. I chose this as a base for the two national parks I went hiking in (more in coming posts). It is also a good base for day trips to the islands and Dubrovnik (GOT fans you should check this out!). Split is about 30 mins drive from the airport and you can easily get there via the airport shuttle bus (from arrivals turn left). The bus station is a 5 mins walk to the Riva!

Firstly I should mention the strong sulphur scent which will hit you once you get to the Riva. This is the main street where all the restaurants are located. A walk on the promenade obviously recommended and on a nice day (we had amazing weather!) it’s nice to sit and watch boats roll in and out of the port. We walked to the viewpoint (belvedere) which is an easy 10 min walk from the Riva, it’s not high but the views are beautiful. Diocletian’s Palace and the cathedral are hot spots to visit.


We had amazing drinks & food at Terminal F at the end of the Riva, I definitely recommend. We also had dinner at one of the restaurants on the Riva (I can’t remember the name!) Fabrique bar also have great drinks. The best steak & biggest ever I have ever had abroad was from Chops Grill. It’s a really nice restaurant, with amazing steaks, drinks and efficient service (I would like to thank my waiter for cheering me on to finish my meal lol). The best ice cream and cheesecake is Luka ice-cream & cakes which is about 10 mins from Riva or 2 mins from Captain’s Guest House.

We stayed in Captain’s Guest House which is 5 mins from the Riva. Check in was a breeze and the room was spacious and clean! No issues with the room. The bathroom was spotless and toiletries were provided. The only thing is the hot water tends to run out quickly but it does heat up again quickly! There were convenient stores very close by and a beauty parlour downstairs. There is no lift so that’ something to consider if you are travelling with heavy luggage.


Split is a beautiful town and I am definitely going back next summer. It is a good base for exploring Croatia’s beautiful islands and that’s what I plan on doing next time. We didn’t stay long ( I had a jam-packed itinerary) so we didn’t have a lot of time to do much but once you hit the palace and Riva you’re good to go!


We did get a few stares from the locals as two black girls in Split but nothing that was too obvious or threatening and I didn’t feel uncomfortable( that would come later) but I am pretty used to this from travelling so I paid it no attention. It still wouldn’t stop me from visiting again.


In my next posts, I will be talking about how I planned travel from Split to the National parks and Zagreb! Stay tuned!



Have cash handy- airport shuttle is cash only

There are lots and lots of cash machines in Split

Tips are not included in the bills

Check network coverage before you go. I’m on 02 and had no issues but my friend was on EE and could not connect to a network

I used my Revolt card and I wasn’t charged for withdrawals or using it abroad. I will do an in-depth post on Revolt soon.


Catch you soon.

PS- travel & lifestyle posts are back! I’m frugal but creative and I will be doing a tour of London’s activities soon!

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Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Hey hey family, 2nd part of 2018 is officially underway! In my bid to start saving more money this year, I decided to travel more locally i.e around the UK. This is much cheaper than abroad and I am still discovering new places. Last week I went to Dorset in particular to visit Lulworth Cove & Durdle door! This post is all about my time there and why you should visit!


Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door is in West Lulworth which is a small village so I decided to stay in Bournemouth which is about 40 mins away. I didn’t mind this as there are lots more to do in Bournemouth than Lulworth. I stayed in the Montague Hotel, which is a small budget friendly hotel. It’s nothing too fancy but ok to get the job done. There is a small free car park for guests but this is strictly first come first serve but we were lucky to get parking. The ensuite room was clean but HOT, there was no air con and we are currently experiencing this heatwave in the UK.

How to get to Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door

Using the postcode on the Lulworth cove website, it took us 40 mins more o. We decided to leave early to avoid peak time but also so that it won’t be too busy when we got there. We arrived at 10.30am and it was already very busy (there was a charity event taking place but I didn’t know anything of this). There is a huge car park and you will be directed to park on the grass by stewards. The costs are expensive £4 for 2hrs however the ticket is accepted at the Durdle Door car park too if you didn’t want to stay at the Lulworth cove car park ( it’s probably a 10 min or less drive from each other). The postcode will bring you to the Lulworth cove car park which is in the middle of Lulworth cove and Durdle door. They also have a check in/check out option. This doesn’t restrict your time limit so you pay when you leave. We stayed till 2.45pm I think and paid £8ish for parking.


There are a few cafes to grab a bite before your walk. We had breakfast at Finley’s in the car park. Well sandwiches as they stopped doing breakfast because it was really busy slightly frustrating as I was hungryyyyyy!  There are places for coffee and of course ice cream!


Durdle door

Both walks are clearly signposted and we decided to do Durdle Door first as it’s the more difficult of the two and the longest. It took about 45 mins for us to get down. The walk begins from the car park, up steep (ish) stony stairs for the first 15-20 mins before a plateau, more stony paths then a steep (and slippery ish) descent. It was really hot so the walk was somewhat uncomfortable. Be sure to wear comfy shoes e.g. trainers although I did see a lot of people do it in flip flops but go with whatever you are comfortable with. To get down to Durdle door beach you go down the stairs, you will see this on your right. Be careful as they are narrow and most likely be busy (depending on the time of year). Durdle door itself is a beauty and the beach is clean, water is clear and cool ( it was so nice to dip my feet in cool water in that heat!). We stayed there for a while on the beach. It’s a pebble beach so no actual sand. You can swim out to the Durdle door and climb it for diving. If only I could swim! After about 20 mins there went began our ascent


Lulworth cove

Back at the car park we stopped for ice cream and a cold drink before starting the walk to Lulworth cove. It’s a much easier almost level walk straight to it and about 10- 15mins walk. You will walk past the stair hole on the way to the cove. You can either walk down to the Lulworth cove beach or walk ‘up’ so that you get a ‘bird’s eye view’ (it’s not that high) of it. We walked up as I wanted to see the natural semi-circle of the cove. It was beautiful! You can go right to the edge for pictures (through a busted fence lol) but too many people and too long meant I couldn’t be bothered lol.

After that, we went back to the car park for more ice cream & fudge and headed back to Bournemouth for the remainder of our weekend

Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door is certainly worth a visit! I’m so happy I went- it looks unreal in pictures and it’s something you don’t think would be in the UK lol. Another option is to stay in Poole instead of Bournemouth and I think is closer to Lulworth. We were short on time so we didn’t do the Jurassic Coast walk but to do this after you climb up from Durdle Door follow the signpost to carry on walking instead of turning back to the Lulworth car park

Check out the website for more information. I have visited a few UK places this year, check out my previous posts for more inspiration




Dover – post on this on my Instagram page

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Here’s to a successful 2nd half of 2018!