Budapest Baths: Gellert Thermal Bath

Hey guys, I hope all is well. The second bath we visited was Gellert Thermal Bath in the Buda side of Budapest. This bath is very different from the Szechenyi Bath we visited the day before.

Gellert Thermal Bath is part of the Gellert Hotel and features an art décor style interior. This bath is also more expensive than Szechenyi, costing 6100F for access and a locker. I found this bath more organised and cleaner however it was a slight walk to get to the changing rooms. Also, the changing rooms here are not separated so the female and male changing areas were together. I didn’t have my phone on me this time so I couldn’t take a lot of pictures of the place. 

I loved the indoor thermal pools here better, they were much cleaner. The outdoor ‘adventure’ pool we saw was very small and it was also crowded when we arrived. They had a few indoor pools so we mostly stayed indoors. They tell you the temperature of the water here as well.

Gellert Thermal Bath has a steam room as well as a sauna which I loved! We went to the steam room and although it wasn’t as hot as I would have liked it was still good enough.

I love the indoor pools here and the fact that it had a steam room. This place felt posher than Szechenyi however I liked the outdoor pools in Szechenyi better. Again don’t bother with fast track tickets, we got there at midday and there wasn’t much of a queue. You can also rent towels and swimming costumes here.

We had lunch at the adjacent Gellert Bistro and it was amazing! Definitely, recommend after a relaxing visit to the spa.

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