Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Peel Review

Algenist is the luxury skincare brand who makes the very popular Genius Liquid Collagen.

The Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Peel is one of their latest products and promises to ‘correct the appearance of unwanted pigmentation for a smoother-looking rejuvenated end result’  I was very interested in this product because hyperpigmentation is one of my main skin issues.


I was drawn to the product because of its claims and ingredients. Its formulated with ingredients known to help fight pigmentation and texture like acids( AHA/BHA/PHA) and Vitamin C. I got the deluxe 12ml size in a gift set from cult beauty as it was perfect for testing before the full (and expensive) product. The 12ml size actually lasted longer than I expected. I didn’t use it every week but when I did it was at least twice a week as directed and left on for 20 mins.

There’s no stinging or irritation for me. The peel is a lightweight gel with a scent but it’s not lingering or that noticeable. It spreads and washes off easily. Immediately my skin feels smoother. I haven’t seen any long term benefits. My pigmented spots don’t look improved.


For me it’s an ok product, not that impressionable.  I wouldn’t spend on £80 on the full size but don’t mind getting the gift sets to have the smaller version. I recommend getting the gift set for half the cost plus other samples to test out first before deciding if you want the full size.

The full size (45ml) is sold on Lookfantastic for £80

Fresh Vitamin C Nectar Glow Face Mask Review

I have been eyeing Fresh face masks for a long time, in particular, the Vitamin C Nectar Glow Face Mask so when my birthday came around and they had just realised the mini masking set, my brother got me the set for my birthday! So far I have used 3 of the 6 mini masks and finished one- Vitamin C Nectar Glow Face Mask.

What the brand says

A brightening and exfoliating face mask powered by natural AHAs in crushed citrus fruits; vitamins C, E, and B5; and revitalising minerals. This skin nutrition mask is jam-packed with fruit—50% orange, lemon, and clementine paste—to refine skin for a healthy, glow-from-within look. Fueled by fresh’s vitamin fruit complex, it does double exfoliating duty: a soft scrub from the citrus paste and a gentle chemical peel from the natural AHAs.


My mini 15ml mask lasted about 4 applications over my face and neck. I mostly used the mask in my evening routine about once a week.

What I liked: the formula is quite impressive with a combo of Vitamin C E B5 and AHAs to help exfoliate and brighten the skin. it smells of oranges. It rinses away easily and clean

What I didn’t like: so the texture of this face mask is like orange marmalade. I am not the biggest fan of the application method: you have to massage this on and leave on for about 10 mins. This was the mask I really wanted but I am not that impressed with it. it didn’t leave my skin any much smoother or brighter after use. It wasn’t a big difference.


I’m a bit disappointed with the mask. This feels like putting orange marmalade on my skin and the results are underwhelming. Its an impressive formula but for me it didn’t do much for my skin.

Fresh Vitamin C Nectar Glow Face Mask is £21 for 30ml on Fresh

The mini set is still available on Cultbeauty or Space NK




Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial Review

It’s officially a year I finished my Beauty Pie challenge and was introduced to a lot of their products, a lot have been hits while some have been ok. Today’s post is a long-overdue review on their very popular Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial. I’ve had this since I started my challenge and been using it intermittently.

This mask is made with AHAs and pomegranate enzymes to leave the skin feeling super smooth and soft. It helps to prevent and reduce clogged pores leaving the skin clean and smooth.

Beauty Pie Plantastic Micro peeling Super Drops Review


It seems like BP have updated the formula of this mask to now include salicylic acids (BHA). The version I have doesn’t say it has BHA (on the tube) but the current version has BHAs written on it.

I’ve been using this mask very intermittently, not because it’s not effective but because it’s an acid mask which you use once a week or when needed. The mask has a gel texture which is easy to smooth on the skin. It also has some grit, very fine granules that don’t feel harsh on the skin when rinsing off (it’s quite easy to wash off too). The mask offers two types of exfoliation: chemical exfoliation from the acids and physical exfoliation from the grit. The mask doesn’t sting or ‘burn’ and I haven’t experienced any irritation.

I usually use this in prep for an event or when my skin needs a little boost. Before rinsing, I focus scrubbing (with gentle pressure) on my tzone and chin areas – it’s usually where I get clogged pores. My skin is left smooth and soft.


This is a gentle acid-based mask in comparison to a few that I have tried. BP doesn’t state the acid content on the product or online but I really wish they would. It’s a nice to use acid mask, which is effective and doesn’t sting the skin plus you get quick results in a short time.

This reminds me of the Pixi Peel n Polish Mask although that is more gritter and a thicker consistency. If you a member of BP then this would be a dupe in terms of price, if you are not a member, Pixi’s mask works out much cheaper.

In short this is a nice mask and I like it but it’s not a Holy Grail game changing product for me, probably because I have used a lot of similar products which I like better. I don’t think it’s worth the £60 for non-members though but at its member price, it’s a good product.

Beauty Pie Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial is £10 for members on BeautyPie

Pixi Vitamin C Review

Pixi has been popular because of their Glow Tonic AHA toner. Whilst the makeup range isn’t the most diverse, I do like their skincare range and used a few of their products. This year, they expanded their skincare collection by adding new ranges including the Vitamin C range. The 6 product strong collection features a vitamin C toner, cleanser, serum, leave-on mask and lotion.  I bought the travel size kit featuring the tonic, caviar balm and lotion. This post will be a full review of the latter two products.

The Vitamin C range has Vitamin C and promises to effortlessly brighten the complexion. The Vitamin C lotion is a lightweight daily moisturiser that can be used daily as part of a routine. The Caviar balm promises to leave the skin hydrated and brighter with encapsulated vitamin c in the form of a leave-on mask.

Pixi vitamin c review


Both products smell great, the scent reminds me of a sweet orange essence scent. Both products have Ascorbic acid however in a medium length ingredient list, ascorbic acid is somewhere in the middle for the Caviar Balm and in the 6th ingredient in the Vitamin C lotion. Both products have Ferulic acid and lactic acid. I experienced no irritation from both products.

Vitamin C lotion- I used this in my PM routine as my moisturiser. The lotion is lightweight and layers well over serums without pilling. It absorbs into the skin easily.  Whilst I like that it was very easy to use in a routine, I do not think I experienced a lot of benefits from this. It did provide some hydration but it wasn’t long-lasting. In terms of brightening my skin, I can’t honestly say I saw a huge difference.

Caviar Balm- the caviar balm took me a little longer to add to my routine, I used this as a rinse-off mask. I do not like leave-on masks because I prefer to use serums and a moisturiser. The mask has the same sweet orange scent and almost the same texture as the lotion. The encapsulated vitamin looks and feels like slightly gritty but they easily melt into the skin whilst the mask I on. I leave this on for 10 mins before rinsing away. I do see a slightly brighter complexion but it’s not enough to blow me away.


Out of the two, the only one I would think of repurchasing is the lotion only because of the added Ferulic acid which makes gives this added antioxidant benefits. It’s not super hydrating but it’s lightweight so it would be nice to use in the spring/summer. The caviar balm didn’t make much of a difference. whilst the collection has ascorbic acid, their position in the inkey list makes me question how effective they would be, however, they also have additional beneficial ingredients like vitamin e, Ferulic acid and lactic acid.

I think I would rather recommend something with pure vitamin c without a lot of fillers in it.

Pixi Vitamin C Lotion and Caviar Balm is available from Boots

Farmacy Honey Potion Antioxidant Face Mask Review

Farmacy is the skincare brand that’s been bussing in the Instagram skincare community for a while. I have always wanted to try the brand so when the Mighties giftset appeared on Beautylish, it was the perfect opportunity to try some of the brand’s best seller’s for a decent price.

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration face mask is a warming mask treatment that transforms from a syrup into a cream when massaged. The mask promises protection from environmental stressors, hydration and soothing. It also suitable for all skin types especially dry & dehydrated skin and packed full of antioxidants


My experience with Honey Potion has been great. The 15g size has lasted me a few masking sessions and long enough for me to see benefits. The scent slightly reminds me of ginger but it isn’t a strong lingering scent. It is a thick textured syrupy consistency but it’s easy to scoop out and spread on the skin. It does warm up on the skin whilst massaging and goes from yellow to white. I did not experience any irritation from it.

I leave Honey Potion on for approx. 15- 20 mins and I really love how my skin looks afterwards. Btw this is one of the easiest masks to rinse off: it rinses off easily, quickly and clean. My skin is left smoother and hydrated plus it has a radiant glow. I definitely loved using this in the morning or every night as it was so easy to use.


Honey Potion is a great all-rounder mask for hydration, soothing and radiance boost. Its packed full or honey and antioxidants so you are also getting protection from pollutants. I am in loved with the mask and it’s something I am looking to purchase soon. The travel size I have was a perfect taster and I am hooked!

The Mighties Gift set is a perfect gift to get for a skincare lover or for yourself to try the brand before buying a full sized product.

The Mighties Gift set is $45 on Beautylish

Farmacy Honey Potion is £36 on Cult Beauty

Lixir Skin Vitamin C Paste Review

I came across Lixir Skin’s Vitamin C paste on Beautylish when I was randomly browsing facial treatments. I love Vitamin C and the wonders it can do for the skin so this unique product definitely caught my eye.

Lixir Skin Vitamin C Paste is 10% L Ascorbic Acid and promises to neutralise oxidised sebum and proteins to revive the skin. it provides a natural sunscreen against UVA/UVB rays and helps collagen protection. It promises vibrant luminous smoothed complexion from day 1. And brighter more even-toned and lifted skin for continued use.


I was really excited to try this but after using this intermittently for 3 months I am not convinced it’s worth it.

Vitamin C paste makes it sound like the texture would be similar to a ‘paste’ (the packaging also reminds me of toothpaste). The texture of my product is very runny, very similar to a lotion and when I first received it has separated so only the oil dispensed first. After shaking it the product was still very runny and similar to a lotion. This picture is from when I first opened it! There was oil everywhere and made a slight mess.


I am not a huge fan of the scent, it’s not horrid but I don’t find it particularly pleasant. I thought the ‘paste’ felt slightly oily going onto the skin and on the skin but it doesn’t feel heavy. I experienced no irritation from it. This mask is designed as a quick morning mask which is exactly what I used it for. The Vitamin C paste feels warming on the skin and it’s very easy to rinse off. It washes clean without any greasy residue

Is it effective? The product promises ‘natural UVB /UVA protection’. Whilst there is no SPF’s in the ingredients, some studies have shown L Ascorbic Acid does offer some protection against UV exposure. ( this paper references some of those studies but also mentions a 5% and 10% conc that were used in those studies, Vitamin C paste has 10%) we know Vitamin C has amazing antioxidant properties but I did not rely on the natural UVB/UVA protection this offered and still used my daily SPF50. I got this mainly to target hyperpigmentation and a way of adding extra Vitamin C. in hindsight I realise what is the point of having vitamin C in a wash-off product to target pigmentation issues? I personally have not experienced any long term benefits, I do get instant healthier-looking skin after its been washed off but nothing concrete in the long term.

I am also very disappointed in the texture of the product. I was expecting a thicker creamy mask that stays put during showering but I got a runny mess that drips down.

My final verdict– I was really excited at the thought of using this unique vitamin C mask. I haven’t seen anything like it on the market and I tried to recreate this by adding vitamin C booster powders to my masks before I purchased the paste. I finally decided to get it because I thought it would be easier to just use this than mixing masks in the morning lol. I am quite disappointed with the texture but more so that I haven’t really experienced any long term benefits. If the product is indeed supposed to be runny then calling it a mask is quite misleading.

Whether this provides SPF protection or not, I would recommend you still go ahead and use an SPF in the mornings.

I won’t repurchase after I finish the tube.

Lixir Skin Vitamin C paste is £32 on Cult Beauty


Pixi Peel and Polish Review

Pixi Peel and Polish is one of their best selling products. I have wanted to try this for a long time but I just didn’t want to spend on the full price. I got the travel size in a set I purchased a few months ago.

Pixi Peel and Polish is resurfacing concentrate which they describe as a salon radiance revealing enzyme peel. It has natural fruit enzymes exfoliate & polish to reveal a more smooth, radiant and healthy complexion.


I use this probably once a week or when I am experiencing texture. It has a gritty texture and feels like a scrub. It doesn’t sting my skin. I leave this on for 10 mins before washing off.

This mask leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth and definitely makes a good prep for makeup application. I really like this mask and I would say it’s worth the hype. I haven’t experienced any issues or irritation from this


This isn’t a long review, this mask is a very good mild chemical peel which I find pleasant to use. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight even using it twice a week. You can also use this as a scrub if you’re in a hurry. I would recommend SPF use because this is a chemical peel so will leave your skin more vulnerable to the skin. If you think Glamglow Youth Mud & The Ordinary AH BHA mask are too harsh for you then this will be a good alternative. They are not dupes of each other but they leave the skin very smooth and soft with reduced texture.

Peel & Polish is £26 at Boots*

*affiliate link used.

Kose Clear Turn Vitamin C Sheet Masks review

YesStyle Korean Beauty Haul

You guys know how much I fell in love with Yes Style after discovering it! Check out my Asian Beauty haul here (mind this was the 1st out of 3 smh) I have started posting reviews to the products.

I love sheet masks so when I discovered they sell them in bulk I was really happy to try them! I got the Kose Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C sheet masks. These come in a variety of ingredients but I decided to get the Vitamin C for its brightening properties.

Kose promises a formula with highly concentrated Vitamin C, a perfectly fitting mask that allows the serum to quickly penetrate. It controls melanin protection. Prevents freckles and spots and provides highly translucent lush skin. It comes in a pack of 30.


The sheets masks come in a hard shell contain and they are neatly folded individually inside. Unfortunately, mine was damaged in transit when it arrived: there was a small crack at the back which caused most of the serum to leak out. it was still useable so I started using it straight away storing it upside down but that also caused the rest of the serum to leak out. I emailed Yes Style about this, not asking for a replacement but to just let them know. They replied within 24 hours and offered to send me a replacement for free! Within a week I had my new mask!

Even though most of the serum had leaked out the masks were still soaked enough for me to use. I have to use my face mist to re ‘wet’ them a bit for it to stick to my face. According to the instruction, the mask can be removed after 5 mins or left up to 10 mins and its more effective when used every day. I have been using this in place of my morning toner almost every day.

This is a cotton material sheet mask however I find the mask slightly ‘hard’ compared to other sheet masks I have used. The fit is ok, it’s just a little bit on the smaller side but after a bit of stretch, they are a perfect fit. The mask feels comfortable on and stays on. I take this off after 5 mins and massage the leftover serum into my skin. Frequent use had really left my skin brighter and this pairs well with my serums and creams in the morning. I have experienced no pilling layering other products on. Using the masks every day I feel has also reduced my need for a mask during the week. I feel like my skin is in much better condition.


I am in love with this sheet mask and I am so happy I have a backup. Buying the mask in bulk is allowing me to use it more frequently and it’s so quick & convenient to use. You would think using these as a toner in the morning will slow down my AM routine but honestly, it hasn’t. I put on the mask first and it stays on as I sort out my clothes. Kose masks also come in Hyaluronic acid, placenta, Collagen, Q10 and Tranexamin acid and I really want to try all of them! Kose is a well-known J beauty brand and Yes Style have a ton of their products! I also have to mention the masks haven’t dried out on me!

I definitely recommend! If you love sheet masking, you have to check out this and the other bulk sheet masks they stock- it will save you money

Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask is £15.65 on Yes Style*

You can read about my experience with Yes style in my haul post. I have paid no customs charges till date and shipping is usually about a week.

More K beauty reviews: Missha SPF, Some By Mi AHA toner

I’m onto my second tub now!

Catch you later!

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask review

Hey guys, I hope all is well, I have a full review of the 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask got in my ASOS face and Body Advent Calendar. I love sheet masks so I was very happy to get this in my calendar.

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask was founded by Dr Alexandrides of Harley Street London. The mask promises to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reinforce skin’s barrier function. It also nourishes the skin and the 24K Gold in the formula helps to brighten the skin


This is a gel textured sheet mask and I don’t remember ever using something similar. I am used to ‘cloth’ sheet masks. The mask feels cooling on the skin however compared to ‘traditional’ sheet masks,  it feels slippery so I had some difficulties putting it on. I left it on for about 10- 15 mins. it’s been formulated without silicones, parabens and paraffin.

Afterwards, my skin felt nice but not as hydrating as I thought it would be or would like. The mask doesn’t leave my skin sticky but there is a slight film it leaves on the skin. There is also a very subtle shimmer the mask leaves on the skin. The eye & lip patches I used didn’t make a difference. My skin had a subtle glow to it. I thought my subsequent serums would ‘pil’ because of the ‘shiny’ film this leaves but that didn’t happen. My skin also felt slightly itchy.

What I find quite unique about the mask is that they have the cut out parts as well i.e. eye area and lip area so I also used these( I’m not sure if you are supposed it but why not?) the mouth cut out area is also quite large which prevents the mask from sticking down around the chin area. I also had some difficulties with the mask staying in place around the jawline on the right side of my face.


This mask retails for £20 and I honestly think it’s not worth that much. I find it difficult to believe any single-use product when they claim they reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. They probably mean this along the lines of plumping the skin so that the wrinkles and fine lines appear reduced however this didn’t even do that much hydration and plumping anyway. I wasn’t hoping for that result anyway as I don’t have any wrinkles but for those that may get the sheet mask for this purpose, you may feel slightly cheated. My skin also felt slight itchy afterwards, I’m not sure what that is due to

This came in my advent calendar but it’s not something I would go out to purchase.

111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment mask is £20 and available on Net-a-porter

The sheet masks I recommend are here

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution Review

The 30% AHA and 2% BHA peeling solution from the Ordinary offers a mild chemical peel at home. The combined acids is 32% and offer exfoliation for brighter, smoother and even more appearance to the skin. BHA offers deeper exfoliation and fights blemishes and reduced pores. I love the salicylic 2% solution and I have reviewed that here. I also love their glycolic toning solution which I have reviewed here.

Unlike the other acids, this is a wash off mask which you are only directed to use 2-3 times a week and leave on for only 10 mins. The bloody appearance of the mask is thanks to the Tasmanian pepperberry derivative that they have added to help reduce irritation.


I have had this mask for a while because I use it very rarely. This would be the highest acid concentration I have used. It does sting so I only use it after a hydrating or gel textured face wash. I would not recommend a scrub. I also only leave this on for 10 mins or less, and recommend you do the same. The mask is very fluid but applies well with a foundation brush.

This mask does exactly what it says, it offers exfoliation and leaves my skin very smooth.  It does sting as I mentioned earlier and I use it no more than 2 a week if needed but with days apart. I also like to follow this mask with a hydrating soothing mask.


I really loved using this mask. People have hailed this as a dupe to the Drunk Elephant Baby facial. They are almost the same thing. It can leave my skin a bit sensitive to touch which is why I like to follow with a hydrating and soothing mask.  I also avoid other acids when I use this mask i.e I swap my usual acid toner in the evenings for my morning toner which is more hydrating. I will also add more hydration in the form of an essence or mist then a light serum.

I have finished my bottle and I will repurchase.  This is a mild at home ‘chemical peel’ which makes the skin very smooth.

Caution- this is a high acid content product. Please use with caution. If you have very sensitive skin please do not buy this. Please use SPF during the day even in the winter when you use it (you should use SPF all year). Please do not buy this just for the ‘hype’ or because it’s cheap. If you do not need this then give it a pass. I see so many people buy things for hype even though it is clear you do not need it or it is not for your skintype.

Finally always follow the instructions!

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution is £6.30 on BeautyBay*

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same