Farmacy Honey Potion Antioxidant Face Mask Review

Farmacy is the skincare brand that’s been bussing in the Instagram skincare community for a while. I have always wanted to try the brand so when the Mighties giftset appeared on Beautylish, it was the perfect opportunity to try some of the brand’s best seller’s for a decent price.

Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration face mask is a warming mask treatment that transforms from a syrup into a cream when massaged. The mask promises protection from environmental stressors, hydration and soothing. It also suitable for all skin types especially dry & dehydrated skin and packed full of antioxidants


My experience with Honey Potion has been great. The 15g size has lasted me a few masking sessions and long enough for me to see benefits. The scent slightly reminds me of ginger but it isn’t a strong lingering scent. It is a thick textured syrupy consistency but it’s easy to scoop out and spread on the skin. It does warm up on the skin whilst massaging and goes from yellow to white. I did not experience any irritation from it.

I leave Honey Potion on for approx. 15- 20 mins and I really love how my skin looks afterwards. Btw this is one of the easiest masks to rinse off: it rinses off easily, quickly and clean. My skin is left smoother and hydrated plus it has a radiant glow. I definitely loved using this in the morning or every night as it was so easy to use.


Honey Potion is a great all-rounder mask for hydration, soothing and radiance boost. Its packed full or honey and antioxidants so you are also getting protection from pollutants. I am in loved with the mask and it’s something I am looking to purchase soon. The travel size I have was a perfect taster and I am hooked!

The Mighties Gift set is a perfect gift to get for a skincare lover or for yourself to try the brand before buying a full sized product.

The Mighties Gift set is $45 on Beautylish

Farmacy Honey Potion is £36 on Cult Beauty

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