Sunu Skincare Review

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Today’s I’m talking about my bodycare routine featuring products I received from Sunu Skincare. This is a UK based natural skincare brand that reached out to me on Instagram. I received their Ylang Ylang Body Butter and the Evening Primrose Oil Scrub.

Evening Primrose Oil Scrub

I love a good bodyscrub and I have tried quite a few from Boots. This is a coffee based scrub (the scent is amazing!) that is very gritty. I have used this alone and mixed in with shower gel, both ways leave my skin very soft. It simply works. It’s a bit messy (no surprise) but it rinses off very easily and leaves no oily mess! You can use this for the face and body but I prefer to use gritty scrubs like this on my body only.

Ylang Ylang Body Butter

The Ylang Ylang Body Butter is shea butter based but also has mango butter as well as some nourishing oils like avocado and coconut oil. What I like about this? It’s not super greasy and easily spreads on the skin once I’ve warmed it up in my hands. The butter has also been whipped well because it has stayed soft ( if you have ever made shea butter body butter you would know that if it’s not whipped properly, it will harden over a few days!). Since its getting colder, I actually like using this on top of my body lotion to seal in moisture and it works really well. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin even when used on top of the lotion. The only con I have and its personal- I’m not a huge fan of ylang ylang scent but of course if this is your fav essential oil then you will love this. The scent lingers for a while but it won’t last the all day. I don’t hate the scent I just prefer other scents. Luckily they also have this butter in lemongrass and sandalwood( I know I would love this scent)


These are very easy products to add to any bodycare routine. If you love natural bodycare/skincare then Sunu skincare is worth checking out.

Sunu skincare

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My favourite makeup palettes!

Its 2020 and I am still yet to find a palette in which every single shade works for me and I love. My favourite palettes definitely come close but there is always one shade I never reach for lol. I’m talking about face palettes which I prefer when travelling especially for a quick getaway. I find these easier to pack than individual contour, blush and highlighters. I love face palettes because its multi-use, they can be used as blush, eyeshadows even and bronzing if the shades are suitable

With that been said, I recently fell in love with the CoverFx Perfector Face Palette. After watching tons of videos and swatches, I just had to get it. This palette actually inspired this post to share my favourite face palettes (and swatches) to help if you are in the market for one

CoverFx Perfector Face Palette– Medium Deep

This palette is just beautiful! And a one-stop for everything: it has a contour shade, blush, highlighters and a finishing powder. I will probably use that finishing powder as a highlighter and blush as I don’t like to set my face with shimmering powder, its no showing the shimmer in the picture, but there is a slight shimmer in it. The contour shade is dark enough for my skin tone for a subtle contour or bronzer. That blush shade is lovely and I also like you have two options for highlighter: a subtle shade ( heavenly and a popping shade(Twilight) the brightener, of course, can also be used as a highlighter as well as an inner corner brightener.

The palette also comes in Light to Medium for light to medium skin tones


Juvia’s Place – The Saharan Blush Vol.1

This is probably the most pigmented shades I have ever used and it’s also a favourite of mine for travelling. Featuring 2 highlighters and 4 blush shades that can also double up as eye shadows. Aby is dark and warm enough for me to bronze with as well. The only downside to this palette is the lack of a mirror.

The Saharan Blush Vol. 2 is more suitable for light to medium skin tones

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette – Medium to Dark

I loved this palette so much I asked a friend to get it for me in the States because as always this is not available in the UK. I actually wanted the Dark to Deep shades but this palette works out well.  I LOVE the highlighter shade in this palette it is the perfect gold for my skin tone. The contour shade is cool enough without been grey on my skin. That sculpt shade doesn’t do anything for me though so I usually use it to set concealer on my eyes or use as a transition eyeshadow. Again it lacks a mirror but that also makes it super light to travel with

Anastasia Blush Kit– Gradient

This blush palette is different from the others as its only matte shades and it’s technically a quad. I wanted this as soon as it came out years ago and it’s still is one of my fav blush kits to travel with. I am a huge fan of warm brown blushes and the two brown shades Vegas and Chocolate look so good on my skin tone! Dusk is too grey for me honestly I don’t think I have used that shade. Blackberry is also super pigmented. These shades also double as eyeshadows and it also comes with a mirror!

That’s all loves! I have other palettes but I find myself reaching out for these ones anytime I am packing for a trip! What are your fav palettes to travel with?

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Things to do in Bristol

In addition to the many challenges I set for myself, travelling around the UK is among them. This challenge is particularly important to me this year as I am trying to save more but I don’t want to give up my love for travelling. Another challenge of mine is to visit 3 new places each year so I have simply substituted travelling aboard to travelling local and I am happy because the UK really does have some amazing spots! So with that in mind, I visited Bristol over the bank holiday weekend and this post is all about it and why you should plan a trip there!

Yass & I left a bit later than planned and with heavy traffic, so it took us just under 3 hours to get there! Luckily we had warm weather so we decided to park in the city centre and walk around the city. We headed first to Castle Park right by the Galleries shopping centre. It was a small castle but still quite pretty and a good place it looks like to have lunch. We then walked down to the harbourside which slightly reminded me of Nyhavn in Copenhagen!

We went to M Shed, a museum with the history of Bristol and it was also free entry. We went up to the roof of M Shed and we got nice views of the area. After this, we walked around and discovered centre promenade, a popular area for food drink and play. It was sunny and it was quite busy around. We went on the funfair ride (with a lot of coxing from Yass, girl I wasn’t about to lose Ashleigh ( it’s the name of my wig lol) with a lot of bars and 2 for 1 offers on cocktails, we had a drink at Pitcher & Piano. If you love your sweet drinks, you have to taste the Almonds & Cream cocktail!

It’s not a visit to Bristol without walking across the Clifton Suspension Bridge! Clifton is about 15 mins drive away from the city center. The area has more greenery compared to the city centre and it’s just as beautiful. The bridge as a toll charge of £1 (we didn’t know) but it was ok because we actually wanted to walk it which I would recommend! It takes approximately 7-10 mins but rewards you with the most beautiful views! On one side you will see the high rocks and the river Avon and on the other side, you get views of the city. Tip, walk towards the observatory after the bridge and you also get amazing views of the bridge. We decided to go and have dinner and come back later when it was darker to see the lights!

Clifton has a lot of restaurants but we decided on the Giggling Squid, a quint Thai restaurant that has a lot of good views. It was super busy so we couldn’t book a table but they managed to fit us in. Amazing service plus good food! The Thai chicken wings looked interesting so I went with that for a starter and of course, Yass went for the squid (cant go Thai without having squid). The chicken falls off the bone, the squid wasn’t too salty either! For mains, I have the Beef with chilli and basil Gra Pao and Yass went for Duck.  After dinner, we went back for the bridge lights and it didn’t disappoint!

Bristol is a great city and I am so glad to have visited and crossed off the list! I’m sure there’s plenty more to do but half the day was good enough for us and I honestly think you can do this in a day. Definately visit, now that I think of it we should have stayed overnight and went to Bath which is not to far off, hmmm

Le Noir Virgin Hair Extensions

Hey guys, today’s post is pretty exciting! I love discovering new brands to try and I recently came across Le Noir Hair extensions at Afro Hair & Beauty Hair Live.  Le Noir is established in South Africa, expanded to Nigeria and now here in the UK. They specialise in 100% Remy Brazilian Hair in a range of textures: Jerry Curl, Body Wave, Medium Wave, Ombre, Straight and Loose Wave in lengths 18 to 26 inches.

LE Noir

After a bad experience with Queen Love Hair Extensions from Aliexpress, I decided to stick to UK companies that have a reputation and can easily be contacted if anything. I have a range of textures from different companies which have been good but I am always looking for something new.

I met Marina who represents the brand who talked me through all the textures and the process the hair goes through. It’s a very hands on process and the hair undergoes testing (e.g. the burning test) to ensure its quality. I also played around a lot with the hair, running my hands through it etc and was very impressed with the quality.

I chose the ombre extensions to review because I really want some colour for summer (it’s supposed to be summer!) and I have a lot of events coming up. She sent me 3 bundles, 2×22 and 1×20 inches which I will pair with a closure from Del’s Touch. They currently don’t have closures but are working on that and other products to bring to the market



Initial Thoughts

For ombre hair, the hair feels so soft and looks gorgeous! No weird chemical smell, little shedding and no tangles so far from playing around with it. The wefting is really neat and bundle sizes are good. The ends are in excellent condition, the hair is just beautiful and bouncy. The curl pattern is nice, like a body wave. Fingers easily run through. Quick demo below

I then washed and conditioned the hair with the Shea Moisture 10 in 1 Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner (chose this because it has colour protect properties). The hair still feels soft, I can’t find fault with this hair so far.

lenoir wet

Looking forward to making my wig now and I can’t wait to come back with an update! Follow me on social media as I will be posting a lot of pictures of this.

Website- Lenoircheveux

Facebook- Le Noir Cheveux Ltd

Until next time


Rant Lustre Cosmetics



Hey guys I hope everyone is doing great. This post will be a bit different than usual. I just need to rant lol and I hardly ever need to do these. Anyway quick disclaimer- this is my experience with the website no way affecting the product quality of the stuff I bought.

So lustre cosmetics, I heard of them on Twitter and they are a UK company that sells Colour Pop! Now I really wanted to try Colour Pop but the process of getting it to the UK is kinda long and the shipping would be long too so I have held off until I heard of them. So of course I was excited to finally get something from Colour Pop. I made a whole post of beauty websites where you can get hard to get US brands click here to read and included them (tbh the whole reason for that post was to include them, I know I lot of people want to try Colour Pop but don’t necessarily want to go through that shipping process and that post is NOT based on customer service just where to get certain brands. If I knew this beforehand I probably would not have included that in the post)

Anyway, they had a massive restock on the 30th of January and I was on there like glue to order something lol. Of course there was a few issues with the site I experienced like stuff not showing in my basket and showing more items than I selected. Finally the site crashed which I understood anyway, there were a lot of people wanting to order plus they did some really good management of keeping people up to date on Twitter. Finally I got 2 of 6 of the things I wanted because of the issues I had and I couldn’t be bothered lol. So ordered on the 30th. Got the email saying order is complete on 3rd February (Wednesday). Good. I’m thinking UK based so weekend tops I will get my package. Nope! So I’m like Monday 8th February tops! Nope! Started to check their Twitter and saw a few people started complaining about not receiving their order. So I’m like Wednesday, 10th February tops I will get it definitely. Nope! I tweeted them for updates no response. What piss me off and led me to do this rant is what happened on Instagram

Thursday (11th Feb) I went on their Instagram and someone had commented about not receiving their package. I replied to that comment and said same here too. They replied to her and ignored mine, I’m like erm ok so I commented separately for a response. Checked back later, no response but they had responded to everyone else. I found that very rude.  Finally I responded to someone else’s commented (she said they had deleted one of her comments) about how the customer service is not acceptable!  Finally they commented DM us your email!?! To the both of us! No apologies or explanation! What the hell. Proof in the pictures below


Customer service is basic. All this could have been solved literally through the communication! I finally received my order on Friday the 12th of February! I won’t be purchasing from them again, this is my 1st and last time. I didn’t appreciate having to chase them up and them ignoring me after I gave you my money! With no apologies or whatsoever as to why you didn’t reply to my messages. I would rather go through the long process of getting them shipped here. Needless to say the shades I got where beautiful lol. I really hope they can up their customer service game. I understand it may be a small business or something they are doing ‘on the side’ but when it comes to taking people’s money or selling you have to make sure you communicate! Especially when they contact you first. Most people will only complain in two situations: either a service is really good or bad. And if you want to grow and potentially make more money, customer service is something you seriously have to look into.

RANT over lol. Does any one else like listening to people experiences with companies? I watched this one with Wayne Goss last week


Have you had any bad customer service?? Rant below!

P.S- you can get 10% off Curl Harmony products using my code SARAH at checkout!


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