My favourite makeup palettes!

Its 2020 and I am still yet to find a palette in which every single shade works for me and I love. My favourite palettes definitely come close but there is always one shade I never reach for lol. I’m talking about face palettes which I prefer when travelling especially for a quick getaway. I find these easier to pack than individual contour, blush and highlighters. I love face palettes because its multi-use, they can be used as blush, eyeshadows even and bronzing if the shades are suitable

With that been said, I recently fell in love with the CoverFx Perfector Face Palette. After watching tons of videos and swatches, I just had to get it. This palette actually inspired this post to share my favourite face palettes (and swatches) to help if you are in the market for one

CoverFx Perfector Face Palette– Medium Deep

This palette is just beautiful! And a one-stop for everything: it has a contour shade, blush, highlighters and a finishing powder. I will probably use that finishing powder as a highlighter and blush as I don’t like to set my face with shimmering powder, its no showing the shimmer in the picture, but there is a slight shimmer in it. The contour shade is dark enough for my skin tone for a subtle contour or bronzer. That blush shade is lovely and I also like you have two options for highlighter: a subtle shade ( heavenly and a popping shade(Twilight) the brightener, of course, can also be used as a highlighter as well as an inner corner brightener.

The palette also comes in Light to Medium for light to medium skin tones


Juvia’s Place – The Saharan Blush Vol.1

This is probably the most pigmented shades I have ever used and it’s also a favourite of mine for travelling. Featuring 2 highlighters and 4 blush shades that can also double up as eye shadows. Aby is dark and warm enough for me to bronze with as well. The only downside to this palette is the lack of a mirror.

The Saharan Blush Vol. 2 is more suitable for light to medium skin tones

Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette – Medium to Dark

I loved this palette so much I asked a friend to get it for me in the States because as always this is not available in the UK. I actually wanted the Dark to Deep shades but this palette works out well.  I LOVE the highlighter shade in this palette it is the perfect gold for my skin tone. The contour shade is cool enough without been grey on my skin. That sculpt shade doesn’t do anything for me though so I usually use it to set concealer on my eyes or use as a transition eyeshadow. Again it lacks a mirror but that also makes it super light to travel with

Anastasia Blush Kit– Gradient

This blush palette is different from the others as its only matte shades and it’s technically a quad. I wanted this as soon as it came out years ago and it’s still is one of my fav blush kits to travel with. I am a huge fan of warm brown blushes and the two brown shades Vegas and Chocolate look so good on my skin tone! Dusk is too grey for me honestly I don’t think I have used that shade. Blackberry is also super pigmented. These shades also double as eyeshadows and it also comes with a mirror!

That’s all loves! I have other palettes but I find myself reaching out for these ones anytime I am packing for a trip! What are your fav palettes to travel with?

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