Budapest Baths: Rudas Thermal Bath

On the penultimate day, we went to the final bathhouse, Rudas Thermal Bath in the Buda area. This place is actually not too far from Gellert Thermal Bath. We went here because we found a good offer: they have a brunch and wellness combo ticket. The deal allows you entry into the wellness area of the bath plus a 3-course meal.

The wellness area had indoor pools, a steam room and saunas. They also had an ice bath which Yas loved. I loved this bath the most, the wellness area felt more like a leisure centre but it was extremely clean. They don’t have a separate changing room here as well.

We got the tickets online and you redeem them at the bistro which is next door to the bathhouse. You have to book a table for brunch which we did but it wasn’t too busy after we finished with the spa portion so we ate a bit earlier. The bistro has an outdoor area which overlooks the Danube river.

I loved how clean and calm this place was and I thought the offer was really good. The menu was limited but still had enough choice for and we had no issues with the service or bill afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this bath and the offer

That’s all folks. The 3 bath houses we visited in Budapest. To summarise

Szenchynhi Bath- cheapest and biggest outdoor pool, indoor pools not as clean

Gellert Thermal Bath- posher vibes and better indoor pools, outdoor pool quite small

Rudas Thermal Bath- we didn’t go into the traditional bath area but the wellness area was well kept and very clean. Loved the indoor pools and steam room. Beautiful views and panoramic pool upstairs as well. Bonus- you can also purchase a combo ticket for wellness area and lunch.

I hope you found these posts helpful.

Catch you soon


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