Zerreau Shampoo Foam Review


Hey guys, I hope all is well. I am super late with this review but on the plus side, it means the product has been through rigid testing! This post will be a full review on the Zerreau Shampoo Foam I was sent some months back. The Shampoo Foam promises quick and easy hair cleansing in one quick step! The shampoo foam cleanses and lifts dirt and excess oils without the need for water! It’s suitable for all hair types including natural hair so this review will be geared towards natural hair and how effective it is on it as I am natural (type 4c)


I have been testing out the Shampoo Foam and using it to stretch my wash days. The foam has a lovely scent and the dispenser dispenses a good amount of it. It’s very straightforward to use: simply pump and apply directly to the roots and scalp and massage!

I have a quick demo below to show you how EASY it is to use!

I love using it when I have my cornrows for my wigs because it means I don’t even have to re do my cornrows (flat twists) and I still have clean fresh hair! It actually leaves my hair soft! I don’t experience any stickiness or dryness after the foam has completely dried and this doesn’t take long! I also haven’t had any irritation from it.


In terms of how clean my scalp is afterwards, I would say it’s pretty good. I use a lot of oils during the week if I have my wigs on and after using the foam my hair/scalp doesn’t feel oily.


The Shampoo Foam is a winner in my books! I totally love how easy and effective it is! It’s definitely 4c natural hair approved too! I can also see this as a replacement for co-washing if that’s not your thing or perfect for travelling!

If you have protective styling esp. braids the Shampoo Foam is perfect for keeping your hair and scalp clean and fresh! You guys should definitely check this out!

Zerreau Shampoo Foam is £7.95 and available from Superdrug


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