Unplugged and Appreciated

dont actually turn it off, lol, but hey what ever works for you.



On a recent flight home to London, I was inspired by an article I read. Having related so much to the topic, I decided to take a spin on it.

Picture this: you havenot seen your friend for a very long time.  After months of talking online you finally decide to meet for lunch. You get there and after the exchange of the ‘hellos’ ‘hi’ and ‘oo I like *insert item of clothing here*, you sit down and put your phone on the table. Face up.  On silent (how wonderful).  (But the phone is only there because I might want to take a ‘selfie’ with the girl I haven’t seen for ages and instagram the amazing arrangement of food in front of us #foodporn! And anyway it’s on SILENT)

So the conversation is in full swing whilst waiting for your appetisers. It’s a busy night so you would probably wait a while. You sneak looks at your phone whilst she’s telling you about her next big career move but all of a sudden you are been seduced by flashing lights. (Now almost every phone now has some sort of notification light right? Which can be colour coded.  So if you’re like me white is for whats app.  Blue for emails. Green for twitter and purple for Facebook)

White and blue lights flash across your eyes and just like that you’re thinking who it might be. And as quickly as you take your phone, unlock the screen and just to read that 75% off asos newsletter (as good as that sounds and yes please count me in. Payday next wweeekkk….) . She awaits your reply. So the standard smile and ‘oh right’ comes in, which is just as bad as asking her to repeat herself.

We crave social gatherings, outings etc. The whole process of putting together an outfit to planning where to meet adds to the anticipation.  We love to show off the friendships we have with different people and showing off where and ‘how’ to have a good time. Yet when we actually get there, face to face and find ourselves in the very situation we were waiting for, we plug ourselves in our online worlds, a virtual world that seems all too good to be true when in actual fact: reality is failing and may not be as fun as you think as others stare at it. (Yet as seen online right?)

I am too a culprit and a victim. Many times I have gone for dinner or lunch, having planning my outfit and makeup from days before, only to get there and plug into my social media. I am not a hypocrite. However I did set myself a challenge and I urge you to do the same.

Challenge this: so for two weeks, my friend and I decided the no phone rule any time we sat down for a meal. And for two weeks straight we had almost 3 or 4 meals together a day. The challenge was very simple- we sit down and talk with no phones on the table or checking phones or whatever. (Easy right?)

So, the first couple of days I kept on forgetting and found myself reaching for my phone a few times. (I wanted to find out what was happening on twitter or what pictures have been recently uploaded on instagram. I follow a lot of funny accounts so who doesn’t want a good laugh?) Towards the end of the 1st week, I made sure my phone was in a different place/room than where I was, just so it will be easier not to reach for it.

And by week 2, things were fine. We spoke a lot. About different things. I was able to have my phone back in the same room as me whilst having dinner/lunch with my friend. Both of us did. And not a single time did I reach to check my phone.

I am not saying if you have your phone with you in these situations you won’t be able to talk with the person you’re with etc. No it’s just a sign of respect and what is putting your phone away for about 1 hour going to change?

Until next time guys, have a great day. (Watch out for my next article- plugged and unappreciated where I talk about the amazing development of technology in the recent years and the simultaneous rapid decline in our appreciation for them. Also inspired by an article I read on the same flight.

If you didn’t watch the video look up on Facebook, it’s a great video that relates to this topic. You can check it out by clicking on the link- http://youtu.be/Z7dLU6fk9QY

What do you guys think of the whole situation? Is it been over or under estimated? Drop a comment below with your thoughts. I would love to hear your views.


somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!
somewhat unrelated and ironic. however if this has ever happened to you hit like!

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