B makeup setting spray

B Cosmetics from Superdrug is one of the good ones! I have tried a few items from them and so far I loved them. Today’s review will be on their Makeup setting spray.

What the brand says:

B. Makeup Setting Spray is that “last but definitely not least” element of your makeup regime, helping give your look staying power and minimising shine. The fine texture of this setting spray helps to empower your look and to give it a just-applied look and feel all day or night. The mist feels almost weightless and prevents shine. Whatever the day throws at you, your makeup will look as fresh as when you applied it.



The spray is housed in a matte black bottle and sprays in a fine mist. It doesn’t have any particular scent. I was gifted this product a while back.

What I liked: I really liked how fine the mist is from this setting spray. After shaking, I do a few spritz over my face and neck. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave any marks or patches on the skin. This setting spray doesn’t add a dewy/luminous finish but it doesn’t promise that anyway. It’s not an extreme matte finish either. What I noticed was it really helps to help and lock in makeup and keep shine at bay for longer.

I wear powder foundation daily to work and using this to set my foundation (currently the Bare Minerals Pro Powder) I noticed my makeup looked fresher for longer and my tzone which usually gets oily/shiny after 4-5 hours didn’t get oily/shiny as quickly. The thing is I didn’t even notice the benefits that much until I decided to test the powder foundation without the setting spray.


I really like the setting spray. I love it for summer/spring when my skin is more oily and I prefer a semi-matte finish. As you know I always prefer dewy/luminous makeup setting sprays all year round even in the summer however I also like layering a semi-matte/matte setting spray over a dewy one to reduce shine.

I would buy this and would recommend.

B. Pro Makeup Setting Spray is £6.99

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