Brand Review: MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is THE OG brand for a lot of people and one of the first brands that actually catered to dark skin girls( remember in 2011 when everyone’s fav MAC concealer was NW45?). My very first high-end makeup products were also from MAC.

MAC has a lot of products and it’s the one brand I frequently recommend to people especially when they want a brand they are familiar with (everyone knows about MAC). I have a few of their products, ok I have a lot so I am doing a brand review with swatches.

Back 2 MAC is their recycling scheme. Bring back 6 empty full-size products and you will receive a full-size lipstick for FREE!

Here are the top products I recommend:


I have 4 of their foundations: MAC Mineralise Skin Finish, MAC Studio Fix Liquid, MAC Match Master Foundation and MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus. My 1st ever high-end foundation was the Match Master foundation. I only got the Studio Fix out of necessity at duty-free because I didn’t pack foundation and it was the only one available. Full review here. The powder foundation has quickly became a favourite for everyday wear. Full review here


I have 3 concealers: MAC Studio Fix Cream, MAC Studio Fix liquid and the ProLongwear concealer. Again the cream concealer was the first high-end concealer I purchased in the OG shade NW45 lol. I like all the concealers.


I have 2 other face powders MAC Blot Powder and the Mineralize Skin Finish. I can’t remember why I got the Blot powder this but it’s such a good powder, I’m not sure why it’s not as popular. It’s great for blotting during the day but it doesn’t add colour or disturb makeup. Everyone knows about the Mineralized skin finish powder. I use this to set my foundation

Setting sprays

One of the top-rated items from MAC is the MAC Fix Plus. This OG HG setting spray melts powder into the skin, sets makeup and gives a natural glow to the skin. I have a lot of setting sprays and I have tried a lot, however, Fix plus is one I keep repurchasing. I have watched it go from £12 (yes £12) to the now £21! I also love they have extended the scents with lots of new scents and different finishes


I clearly love MAC lipsticks because I own 11 of them! These are the first high-end lipsticks I ever owned. Since I started getting them I wanted them all hence 11 lol. I also recently discovered these clear caps on Amazon and they make such a difference. I hated all red lipstick until I met Ruby Woo



I only have 1 highlighter from them and it’s from their collab with Taraji. I got this for free because of a labelling issue at the time. MAC blushes are amazing, I have 3 shades: Sweet as Cocoa, Diva don’t care (limited edition), Raisin (the black girl favourite)


MAC is an excellent brand and it’s worth picking up a few of their products. They are competitively priced, easy to find and inclusive with their shades. I love their back 2 MAC recycling scheme which rewards you with a free lipstick. MAC cosmetics is so easy to find, they have standalone and they are also located in department stores

If you could pick

1 item only- Studio Fix Liquid or Powder foundation

3 items only- foundation, blush, lipstick



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