Foundation of the Month August- MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation


Hey guys and a happy new month of September and welcome back to my foundation of the month series! For August I wore the ever so popular Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

I’m sure you have heard all about this foundation as its one of MAC’s popular items and OG of foundations when it comes to dark skin. I actually only bought this foundation last year when I was going to Rome but didn’t take my foundation. I wanted to buy a new foundation I had tested and approved lol (Mac Mineralise Moisture Foundation, review here) at duty-free. However, they didn’t have the dark shades in that foundation available (another thing I have noticed, brands will have the dark shades available but go to duty-free at the airport and it’s nowhere to be found!). The only dark shades of a foundation they had were the Studio Fix Fluid so I decided to get it then ( I remember I ended up not even wearing it lol)

The Mac Studio Fix Fluid is a medium to full coverage, oil-free foundation with a natural matte finish. It is now available in 53 shades! I have the shade NW50


I used the Studio Fix Fluid during the heatwave we had in the UK and it was the perfect foundation for it! I still paired with an illuminating primer and liquid highlighter and layered both matte and hydrating setting sprays afterwards (it doesn’t make sense I know). The foundation holds well in the heat and doesn’t melt at the first ‘sight’ of sweat. My tzone did get oily after many hours of wear but it was something I could get away with without blotting.

I’m really not the one for matte full coverage foundations which is why I stayed away from this for the longest time. But I have learnt over time, you have to build to full coverage plus the tools you use ( sponge/brush) also has an impact. With most full coverage foundations, you won’t necessarily get full coverage from 1 pump of straight away! Since then I have been more open to trying out these types of foundations although it won’t always be my first pick. I also now pair all my matte foundations with an illuminating primer and a liquid highlighter to give me a ‘matte glow’

I really can understand the hype of this OG foundation, MAC was one of the brands back in the day to provide dark shades for this and I clearly remember everyone using this foundation when I started uni and first got into makeup! Even though my first ‘highend’ foundation was MAC I went for the Match Master foundation instead of the Studio Fix Fluid because I didn’t want that matte dry face every one had.


It is one of the oldie but goodie foundations and I can see why. I am finally part of #studiofixfam. If you’re like me and you’re not really here for matte foundations you can always mix in an oil or liquid highlighter and use a sponge for less coverage. I love the Estee Lauder Perfecting Illuminating Primer and the Makeup Forever Radiant Caramel Primer ( also doubles as a colour corrector) it’s what  I have been using with all my matte foundations. All this though can seem like extra work when there are perfectly perfect illuminating/dewy foundations on the market.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid is £26 at MAC

DO you have this foundation? Let me know your thoughts!



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