The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 Review


The growing portfolio of The Ordinary means one thing: new products for us to try! The Ordinary  Amino Acid and B5 is one of their latest serums and I bought this as soon as I saw it ( they hadn’t even put on the product information lol) I bought this because at the time I was researching amino acids as a skincare ingredient and The ordinary is the perfect brand to start experimenting with. Check out my Summer to Fall routine here

The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is for hydration support which means to maintain healthy skin function. It is a mixture of amino acids and amino acid derivatives


The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is a watery serum which feels light on the skin. The Ordinary say you may feel a tingling sensation upon application but I have NOT experienced this.  I use my serum in the morning after my essence or facial mist and it works well layered underneath those products and my moisturiser. I have not experienced any irritation with this and it doesn’t clog pores

The serum is easily absorbed into the skin after pressing it in. it feels great and adds hydration to my skin whilst adding a healthy glow. I really love this serum because it provides all-day hydration. I use about 2-3 drops over my face and neck. It does feel somewhat tacky when dried but I have experienced no pilling with it. It can tend to have a very shiny look and form a shiny ‘film’ on the skin if you use too much (like I have done so many times lol) but after adding moisturiser this breaks the ‘film’ and reduces shine.


I prefer this serum for hydration to the Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid serum (I have reviewed that here). This watery serum is very lightweight and very hydrating and it’s been the perfect addition to my routine this winter. I am halfway through the bottle and I will definitely repurchase. It has been a good addition in terms of helping my skin maintain its health. I have been using this for a while and I haven’t experienced any tingling upon application but always patch test before trying this.

I will definitely recommend this serum if you are looking for a budget-friendly hydrating serum. Amino acids have a range of benefits in skincare like antioxidant protection and hydration. The amino acids in this serum are a mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids and also have hydration, skin smoothing and anti-aging benefits.

The Ordinary Amino Acid and B5 is £5.90 on BeautyBay*

It’s Christmas EVE!

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same

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