Glossy Box X Sunday Riley Limited Edition Review


I took the plunge and finally decided to try Sunday Riley, the cult US brand famed for their Good Genes serum! It is a luxury brand (aka high prices) so I have been hesitant until I saw the Flash kit on Beautylish which I wasted no time to purchase. For $28 (£21) you get 8ml of Good Genes and the Ceramic Slip Cleanser 30ml ( another popular product). I fell in love with Good Genes and around the same time Glossy Box announced their Sunday Riley limited box so guess what Sarah did?! I purchased a subscription box to get a £5 discount and priority access! Read my thoughts on their September box here


Long story short, I got my hands on the box and it’s here! The box was £30 for non-subscribers and £25 for subscribers.



Blue Moon Cleansing Balm full size, worth £46

CEO Protect + Repair Moisturiser deluxe mini size 8ml, £12

CEO Brightening Serum deluxe mini size 15ml, £12

Luna Sleeping Oil deluxe mini size 4ml, worth £15

Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water cream deluxe mini size 8ml, £20

Total- £105


I think the box gives you a good introduction to Sunday Riley, it has everything for a full day & night routine. Blue Moon, Tidal and Luna are some of her most popular items so again you are getting some of her cult products.

I must admit I am slightly disappointed with the number of minis in the box. With only 1 full-size product and 4 minis, it was a bit of an anti-climax. I know both Tidal and the CEO moisturiser come in 14 ml sizes, it would have been nicer to receive one of these plus 3 minis instead of 1 full size and 4 minis.

On the other hand, you can’t get these mini sizes here in the UK (you can get the 14ml TIDAL here but the 14ml CEO moisturiser is available only on Beautylish (I haven’t seen it here yet)


In addition to my Flash Kit, I now have a good range of Sunday Riley products, enough for a brand review? I love the full-size cleansing balm, I haven’t used it yet but I am loving cleansing balms this year so I am really looking forward to using it. I have a few trips this month so the mini sizes will definitely come in handy and they will be a very good addition to my travel skincare collection.

The box is absolutely worth it! I was slightly disappointed with only 1 full-size product but it’s still a very good box in my opinion and good value for money.

Did you get the box?!

Get ready: Beauty Advent Calendars are COMING!

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