Introducing Lewa Cosmetics Crystal Dusts plus Swatches!

Introducing Lewa Cosmetics Crystal Dusts plus Swatches!

Hey hey, people, I hope all is well albeit this miserable weather! No fear though, I have something to cheer u up! Last month, I discovered Lewa Cosmetics and their beautiful Crystal dust on Instagram and immediately fell in love! As if I needed more convincing, they were having a 20% off sale for Valentine Day so I picked up one of the Crystal dust. Before we get into swatches, let me tell you about Lewa Cosmetics and what they are about, then we will get into swatches and my experience with them

Introducing Lewa Cosmetics Crystal Dusts & Swatches

So Lewa Cosmetics is a Nigerian made brand. Their popular product, the Crystal Dusts are essentially a multi-use loose highlighter. Their products are mineral based, cruelty-free and safe for Vegans. In addition to their Crystal Dusts, they also sell lashes and glitter gloss. So not a huge portfolio but for a new brand ( at least new to me but I think they are fairly new) but the portfolio is respectable. My interest in Lewa Cosmetics peaked when I saw swatches of their Crystal dusts on insta PLUS for this year I am making more of an effort to research and buy from Black businesses.

Crystal Dusts

The crystal dusts are multi-use so can be used as a highlighter and eyeshadow or mixed in with oils for body oils or lip glosses. I have never tried a loose highlighter before so I decided to try one and went for the Glowdess shade. The Crystal Dusts come in 5 shades.

Glowdess is described as a beautiful golden honey bronze.


I had no issues when placing my order and it came fairly quick too. I have to give them props for packaging. Well packaged with a handwritten card. I also got some sweets and TWO samples of some of the other shades! I totally wasn’t expecting that. The sample sizes actually have a lot of product in them too! I am also impressed with the full-sized product, you get 20 g for just £11.50! That’s a lot of shimmer!

I have used this and it looks so pretty on! For me, I found it easier to apply to a tapered highlighter brush instead of my usual fan brush. I still have to get used to loose highlighters but I like this one a lot. A little goes a long way with this. Glowdess also looks great in the inner corner and Cupid ’s bow. So my trick lately( well, my makeup daddy Wayne Goss told me) using the same highlighter on the cheeks, inner corner of the eyes and cupid bow pulls the whole look together and I must agree! I used Glowdess to test that theory and my overall look was so nice. Of course been Sarah I didn’t take a picture smh

At the moment, all Crystal Dusts are sold out! But make sure you follow them on Instagram as they announce restocks on there! I hope you guys give this a try! I can’t wait till I am going out more, to mix this in with oils for my legs *swooooon*

Have a lovely day!

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