Sake No Hana Restaurant Review

I can’t believe 2017 is over! This year has gone by so quickly but I am thankful for all the lessons I have learnt and I am really happy for 2018! So my girls and I decided to head out to celebrate the end of year and we decided to go to Sake No Hana in Mayfair

We started the night at Mahiki in Mayfair as we have always wanted to go there. They don’t allow bookings for smaller tables so we got there early, 8.00pm to get a table. We have heard a lot of Mahiki so we were super excited to finally go in (we tried once before but there was no available table that night). We just got drinks, they have a huge range and actually cheaper than what we thought, £8.50 for a cocktail. We got the Mahiki and Pina Colada (served in a pineapple) cocktails, we stayed here for a bit then headed to Sake No Hana which was 5 mins away.

Sake No Hana

Our table wasn’t ready when we arrived so we were told to wait by the bar as they get it ready. The bar downstairs is quite small but I love the ambience of it. We tried Sake, a Japanese rice wine I have always wanted to taste. By the way, it’s super strong, like I could even finish my tiny glass of it lol. It wasn’t long till we were called upstairs for dinner.

The main dining room was small but had lovely décor. We didn’t wait too long for our orders to be taken and it was a little while for foods to arrive. It was fairly busy so I didn’t mind this. For starter, we each ordered a portion of sushi for sharing and deep fried squid. For sushi we ordered the Ebi Red Prawn Tempura, Crunchy Kani Maki (snow crab, avocado, kanpyo), Salmon Avocado Maki. Sushi was amazing, I think I like it slightly more than the sushi at Chino Latino although the portions here are slightly smaller. We also loved the squid


For mains, we ordered the Rib Eye beef with tofu & shiitake mushroom Sukiyaki which is cooked at your table, the Tori Sumiyaki which is miso chicken with sesame chilli miso and tuna & salmon sashimi. I loved my rib eye beef sukiyaki and I thought it was super cool it was cooked out our table. it was flavourful and the beef was really nice too. I didn’t like the tofu- it was my first time tasting tofu tbh. The Miso chicken was really nice too. Miriam didn’t like her sashimi, she said it was overcooked. I thought our rice was bland, could have used some salt.

Overall thoughts

It was a lovely dinner with good service and somewhere I would go back to. My sukiyaki beef was amazing and enough to share between us. Sushi rolls were amazing too although I wish the portions were slightly bigger. I loved the décor and ambience and the service provided by all staff both from of house and wait staff

Outfit details

Skater skirt- Boohoo

Crop top- Boohoo

Knee High Boots- Ego Shoes

Bag – Dorothy Perkins


Wishing everyone a happy new year of 2018!

a quick round-up of the best restaurants I have visited in 2017

Com Viet

Chino Latino


Red Rooster

Steak & Co

Miller & Carter

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