Drugstore Makeup Setting Sprays

Makeup Setting Sprays are a staple in my makeup routine and if you have been following me for a while you know I love them! (Body Shop Vitamin C Face mist is my absolute fav!) I was browsing through Superdrug the other day and I realised a lot of the drugstore brands now have setting sprays (interesting), so I decided to start a review series testing them out! I originally wanted to review just drugstore makeup primers ( find out which primers I picked up here) but I noticed most of the brands had both a primer and setting spray so I decided to get both, for review purposes (obviously lol). This series will also be great if you have seen these around but didn’t know how they would perform! It’s so much easier to find reviews for high end products but when it comes to the drugstore, reviews are scarce!


I chose these setting sprays based on

Price- under £10


Testing criteria

Testing each makeup setting spray based on its claims


Side effects

How it’s going to work

I will use the each setting spray alone for a week on top of my usual makeup routine. Where available, I will pair it from a primer from the same brand.

The Line Up

drugstore setting spray

L’Oréal Infallible Fixing Mist £7.99

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Setting Spray- £5

MUA ProBase Mattifying Fixing Mist- £5

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Makeup Locking Setting Spray- £6.99


All these makeup setting sprays are available from Superdrug and Boots or online from many sites. Note that the MUA and Makeup Revolution brand is exclusive to Superdrug but it’s also available on their websites too.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram (sarahfynn) to know which setting sprays I will be testing out! This should be a fun challenge and hopefully, it can help you know which setting sprays to get or ditch from the drugstore! If you’re new to setting sprays this can help you save and pick up a cheaper one to test out! If you are a pro in this game, this can be an alternative or something new to play around with.

See you in a week with the first review in this series! Head to my Instagram to find out which setting spray is up first!



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