LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails Review


Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well! It’s been a poor start to summer 2016 but I hope it gets better! This post will be a full review on the LQ Liquid Health Skin, Hair & Nails supplements I received back in May. For more info on the supplements, read my previous post here


The LQ supplements are super strength and contain the highest concentrations of pure marine collagen, 7,000mg.  These liquid supplements are supposed to be much more effective than collagen pills/creams. The directions are pretty simple, one bottle a day.

My experience was a good one. For my hair, I noticed at the 2-week mark, my roots were slightly thicker and my nape area was slightly thicker too (it had thinned out later last year and I have been trying to grow it back). My hair feels more defined (not sure if it’s due to the supplements) but I didn’t noticed a difference in the length of my hair or the amount of hair shed on wash days.

Skin– I didn’t noticed any difference in my skin. I have a pretty good and effective skincare routine but taking in this addition to that didn’t show any improvements.

Nails– my nails ‘recovered’ quicker from acrylics than usual. Also, my nails were strengthened and didn’t chip/break as before. It didn’t grow as much but whatever length I had was maintained.

Side effects

As with all cosmetic supplements I have taken, one thing I always worry about is side effects. Lucky I didn’t experience any with these supplements. It didn’t break me out which is very good, seeing that it has very high concentrations of collagen and other minerals. It is also very easy on the stomach, I didn’t experience any stomach problems with this.

Taste– I am not a huge fan of the taste. It’s not horrible but it’s not sweet either.

Verdict– the supplements are very handbag friendly and perfect for on the go. I was sent a one month supply so my review is quite limited. As with all supplements I recommend a 3 month supply for better and long term results. I would say my hair benefitted from them the most although I wish it had an impact on my hair length too.

LQ Skin, Hair & Nails is £29.99 for a box of 10 at Boots

God will restore, but first He has to heal


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