Lush Cleansers: Movis and 9 to 5

Lush cleansers series officially popular! Thank you guys for your support! Today we will be focusing on the Movis and 9 to 5 cleansers! As always I will include reviews and the price, let’s get started!


Movis Main

This facial soap uses the exfoliating properties of wholemeal bread and the softening properties of cocoa butter. It’s perfect to gently exfoliate and revive your skin. Its £4.50 for 100g

Let’s see what people say about Movis





9 to 5


I like the name of this lol. This cleansing lotions brightens your skin and removes all traces of makeup, leaving your skin refreshed. It comes in two sizes, the smallest is £5.10 for 95g. So how does it perform? Let’s find out






What do you guys think? Hmm I just might get Movis to try out. I am on this new quest of changing all my skin and body care products to natural products. I am slowly getting there! Let me know you thoughts on these cleansers.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day so far, as for me I have the worst case of the flu 😦  this weather ain’t helping too. Anyways until next time





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