Hey family! How you doing *Wendy voice*. I have another UK based product collection for us naturalistas or anyone looking to buy natural products really.

This time we are going through the collection from Almocado, which is created to provide holistic natural hair care solutions made with natural and organic ingredients. The main ingredients in most of the products are sweet almond, known for its softening and protective properties and avocado, known for its excellent nourishing and emollient properties.



The owner, Annette Clark Headly founded the company in 2010 which is now a proud member of untied Kurls. I will provide all the links below.

The full product collection includes skin care (That will be another post), however today we are focusing on their hair care range. They have a few products under different categories, let’s get started


Hair Cleansers

  1. Strands together seaweed shampoo
  2. stands together hibiscus shampoo
  3. Jasmine hibiscus cream shampoo (co wash)

Hair Conditioners

  1. Avocado Honey and Almond leave in
  2. Organic castor oil and coconut crème conditioner

Hair Butters and Salves

  1. Organic hair salve (herbal complex)
  2. seal and shine butter melt
  3. twist and twirl avocado buttercream

Hair moisturisers

  1. Avocado Honey and Almond leave in
  2. avocado honey hibiscus silk spritz
  3. apricot argan and meadow foam milk

Hair styling aids

  1. natural jelly with bamboo extract
  2. twist and twirl avocado buttercream

It is clear the collection has everything you need for a healthy regime! I’m going to try and get some reviews on the YT



What do you guys think? Let me know, if you find some more reviews please link them below. For more information please visit their website >>

United Kurls >>

That’s all folks






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