Hey guys, so a few weeks ago nuNAAT sent me the Garlic Magic collection to review. This post will be on my first impression on the use of their products, let’s get started! Check out my posts pervious posts on the collection for more information about them >>

So I got sent the shampoo, conditioner and intensive mask and coincidentally it was wash day a couple days later lool. So I detangled with the conditioner and let that sit for about 10 mins as a pre-poo treatment then I went ahead and shampooed with the shampoo. The shampoo lathers well and did a good job of cleansing the scalp. A little goes a long way! I lathered once because you get a rich foam with just a little bit.

For my ingredient savvy readers, yes it contains sulfate but it didn’t strip my hair because I did the pre poo treatment. I then deep conditioned with the intensive mask for 25 mins. The mask reminds me of the NAAT cream garlic and Cupuacu, a full review of that can be seen here >> . To think of it, they both smell the same.

Verdict- my first experience with this was good. I will bring you a more in depth review after I use it a bit more, so let’s say end of the month? Watch out for that then, in the meantime, we will carry on with our product collections.

Until next time



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