Hey guys, so I’m back with another natural hair event! (I am loving these events for natural hair btw, apart from the amazing offers on the day, it is packed with workshops and information for us). This time, I went to the woman in the jungle (WITJ) natural hair event in London on Saturday and as always this will be my event cover for it.

Let’s get started, check out my previous post which will give you more details on the event > http://wp.me/p1uQOd-uw

So I got there a bit late thanks to TFL cancellations on the tube. At the station, I met two other lovely girls who were on their way to the place so it was a bit easier to find. (It would have taken me a bit longer to find if I was alone. Somehow my map reading skills is OK when I travel but never when I’m at home lol). Anyway when I got there the show was in full swing and the first person I saw was Destiny Godley! I love her videos so much so you know had to get a picture with her!

Only my fav youtube beauty guru!
Only my fav youtube beauty guru! That accent tho love!

After that I went into the main hall where the usual vendors were: Motions, Cantu, etc but also a few vendors that were new to me e.g. Mon Shea and ShyMiah.












I caught up with the lovely lady at the NuNaat Store who took her time to explain the new NuNaat Creams range to me. I just had to purchase. 3 for 10 pounds? Yes. Size= 1kg! I LOVE the size of these products (if it were up to me lol all conditioners will be this size lol)! I will be doing a review on the ones I got after I have used each one 3 times. FYI, I got the Avocado Oil and Fruit Complex, Garlic and Cupuacu (UPDATE- I have now used this once and I must say I love the way my hair felt after. It has a pleasant smell no garlicy smell) and Argan Oil and Macadamia (What I should have done is get all of them lol, 7 in total) and another great thing about them is you can mix and match them for the perfect deep condition! Check out the video below on a better explanation on them


I also spoke to the lovely ladies at Shy Miah stand. This vendor is quite new to me so I was very interested in knowing a bit more of their products. Luckily she was in the process of a product demo/hairstyling session and she was kind enough to talk me through what she was doing and what products they used.  Check out the video below






Next, I made my way to the Cantu stand and got some stuff. My Cantu leave in conditioner is running out so it was a perfect excuse to stock up on that and other products that were on offer. I took advantage of their 4 for 15 pounds offer and purchased 2 of the complete conditioning co wash, 1 conditioning creamy hair lotion (UPDATE- I have also used this product. My hair is soo soft! And the smell? Amazing! I used this, this morning and my mum was like what perfume have you used? lol it smells nice!) And their leave in conditioner (UPDATE- I have used it and in combo with the lotion, hair=SOWFT lol soft). All these products were part of their Cantu for natural hair line. The leave in conditioner I got is a bit different from the usual one in that this  contains no harsh chemicals.



At this point I needed a break lol, I think I was carrying about 4 kg worth of products plus my handbag, camera bag and camera and the place was hot. So I made my way into the main hall for a seat lol and came across another vendor that was new to me: Mon Shea. Again I was in luck and she was styling someone’s hair so there goes my break! Lol. I spoke to them about the products she was using etc etc. And actually I ended up speaking to the girl for a while and again during the show. Check out the video below

After my break lol, I went in search for the different workshops that were happening. I caught the last of the You Be natural workshop so I’m afraid I can’t really say what it was about (But we know it’s to do with hair and probably hair care/styling). I also sat in the Design Essentials red carpet makeover with Ms VaughnTV and Destiny Godley. I wasn’t able to get the start of the hair styling demo so I just waited it out for the makeup part by Destiny Godley (I was searching for this workshop, I will tell you why at the end). Check out the video below, I apologise for all the fros you may see lol




After the workshop, I went back in the main hall for a fashion show/hair styles demo presented by Design Essentials, I couldn’t take any pictures mainly because I was so tired. After this I took a final walk around the hall, spoke to a few people and left

My thoughts on WITJ 2015- first I would like to thank the founder for responding to my request for covering the show for my blog. It was a great show with good information and I had a lot of fun talking to the people however I feel like they missed out on 1 little detail. I asked for a show schedule at the registration desk when I arrived but I was told things will be announced during the event so I didn’t get one. When it came to the workshops I couldn’t find any of them because there were any details on the doors so it was a lot of asking around and a lot of door opening to find out what was happening in the rooms. That’s why I was late for that workshop! There were a lot more workshops on the day but I couldn’t go to them because I didn’t know the rooms for them. Maybe early arrivals got schedules with locations. Just giving my views.

With that been said, it was a great show and I met a lot of new people there and hopefully I can work with them in the near future. Did you go to WITJ 2015? Let me know your thoughts! Check out my other social media for more info on the products I purchased and other shenanigans! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos!

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I may have an exciting announcement soon! Stay tuned! If you are organising a natural hair/ beauty event and you would like me to cover it for the blog or help with promo, please contact me with email- sarah_fynn@hotmail.com

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NaturalHairWeek 2015- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-sZ

Curlvolution 2015- http://wp.me/p1uQOd-ti

I love going to these sort of events because some time ago they were either non-existent or unknown! I always complain about the lack of natural hair events in the UK so I am very happy to be a part of these ones! Of course everyone prefers quality over quantity so even if we have just there 3 (there are others btw), you are destined to learn something new always! Any new shows that may be planned in the near future, you have big shoes to fill but there is always room for more and a place for you J

Also I would like more vendors at these shows to start accepting card payments or even PayPal. It makes life so much easier when you get to the show instead of leaving to take cash out. I’m not sure if you can provide light snacks or food as well for the attendants (I am well aware of the policies you may have to abide by, but if you could people would appreciate it a lot!) most of the time and the amount of people I speak to, no one wants to leave to get either cash  out or buy food when we arrive and the event is in full swing.

Natural hair companies- I confess I’m a product junkie! If you would like me to review your product, please contact me at the above email address. Thank you

Until next time

Love Sarah




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