Review Round up: Skincare

Votary Super Seed Oil

I’m not a big fan of facial oils, there’s been very few I have tried and loved but the Votary Super Seed Oil is one of the ones I loved. I was gifted this by a friend and I was actually going to give it away until I decided to check the price. At £70 for 50ml I decide to test out why it was so popular and expensive.

The oil is a blend of 22 seed oils and formulated for sensitive, hormonal and stressed skin. It’s surprisingly lightweight and has a beautiful ‘botanical’ scent to it. I really like this oil. I use it when my skin feels irritated and this really helps to soothe it. I also use it when my skin barrier is damaged and I am on a break from using actives. Is it expensive? Yes. But does it work? Absolutely!

Dermalogica Active Moist

So I first used this moisturiser after I had a Dermalogica luxury facial and my facialist used this on me. I loved the texture of it and how lightweight it was without being oily. Much later on, I purchased the Dermalogica Normal skin kit and it came with a travel size of the active moist moisturiser. This is an oil-free lightweight moisturiser for combination skin. I find the texture very similar to a water cream and it does well at hydrating and softening the skin. Its oil-free but it leaves my skin dewy and glowing. I use this twice a day and it layers well very other serums. I would definitely recommend this and will happily purchase the full size. This mini size has actually lasted me a while because I don’t need a lot of it.


Nivea Q10 plus C Eye Cream

I’m really loving the Q10 plus C range from Nivea, I have used a lot of items from the collection. This eye cream was gifted to me at an event and I started using it earlier this year. This is one of the few eye creams I have tried that has actually made a difference. I have dark circles and when I used this consistently it helps to brighten my under eye. The cream itself its quite lightweight so doesn’t feel heavy in the area.

It would be the first time I have introduced an active ingredient in my eye area and so far I am loving the results. It says it also targets fine lines but the lines I have around my eye area have remained the same. I still really like this and 100% recommend.

That’s all for now.

These are the products I have in rotation and have been using very often. I will be back with more reviews later.

Catch you later!



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