Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Cream Review

I started my venture into Lancôme skincare last year when I purchased the Genifique skincare gift set which came with the 30ml Genifique serum and a 15ml cream. This post will be a full review of the cream.

What the brand says: Génifique Crème Start your journey for younger-looking skin with Lancôme’s Génifique Cream, a daily moisturising face cream that promotes a more youthful skin appearance.

This velvety formula provides moisture and leaves your skin feeling velvety soft to the touch with a radiant glow.


The 15ml size lasted for about 3 weeks, I started using it in my night time routine but it didn’t pair well with the serum I was using it with so I moved it to my day time routine. After I stopped using that particular serum, I started using the cream in the evening again, so I was using it twice a day.

It has a strong perfume scent.

What I liked: the cream has a beautiful velvety texture that feels silky and smooth on the skin. It spreads really easily and doesn’t pill when layered on other products. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised without any oily residue.

It contains ingredients and extracts known for skin moisturising and soothing properties and some barrier repair ingredients.

What I didn’t like: I mentioned I had to stop using it for a while in my night routine because it wasn’t pairing well with my serum. The serum I was using was the new Estée Lauder Vitamin C serum. What was strange was that I would use the serum over my face and neck but when I layered on the cream, my face would start tingling (not a lot but I felt it) but my neck would be fine. I also didn’t get that sensation when I used the cream in the morning over a different vitamin c serum. I’m not sure if it was the cream or the Estée Lauder serum but something wasn’t pairing well


This is definitely a luxurious cream. The texture and scent are very reminiscent of expensive skincare. Is it worth the hype? I don’t think so. I didn’t notice any huge improvements in my skin whilst using this? No.  Do I mind getting it again in a gift set? Of course not, I did like using it but will I go and buy the full size? No.

Lancôme Genifique Youth Activating Cream is £63.50 for 50ml at Boots



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