Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF50 Review

This year I have been focusing on well-formulated, well-researched sunscreen formulas with better sunscreen filters. That lead me to Photoderma Max is Bioderma’a excellent sun care collection. I went with the Aquafluide SPF 50

What the brand says:

Offers a very high UVA/UVB anti-shine protection

Pleasant and easy application thanks to a fluid texture as light as water

Dry touch finish

Ideal for all skin types, even combination to oily skin, sensitive skin or intolerant to all types of sunlight, very fair skin with freckles, skin exposed to maximum sunlight

Oil-free formula – Non-greasy texture

Good skin tolerance – Non comedogenic – Unfragranced – Water resistant


Type of sunscreen– chemical. Although one of the filters is a hybrid: meaning its behaves partly as a physical and chemical filter

What I liked: I’ve been interested in newer and more efficient chemical filters like the Tinosorb family. This sunscreen has both Tinosorb M and S which studies show are much more stable and offer excellent broad-spectrum protection in addition to other chemical filters. The texture of this is very fluid: extremely light and spreads quite well on the skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy finish and doesn’t clog pores. It layers quite well on moisturiser. It doesn’t leave an extremely matte finish but it has a dry touch finish

What I didn’t like: unfortunately this sunscreen is NOT invisible on dark skin. In the picture below, I’ve let the SPF sit for at least 2 mins then gone in and blended it some more. I also noticed when I use too much of this (which happens a lot lol), it can ball up a bit under foundation and make it look slightly textured. It’s not a huge deal and only happens when I use too much product.


I really love the lightweight fluid texture and formula of this sunscreen even though it’s not invisible on the skin. I have been using it on days when I am going to work because I can cover this with makeup. In fact it works well underneath powder foundation because of the dry touch finish.

It doesn’t say to shake before application but I do anyways.

I won’t repurchase only because it’s not invisible on my skin tone. If they can fix that cast, this would honestly be one of my favourite sunscreens to date! I may keep it till I run out of it.

Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF50 is £13.20 at Boots


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