Evian Facial Spray Review

I am obsessed with facial mists, be it setting sprays or facial toners, I love drenching my face in them. When it comes to facial mists I have tried a lot but the one I always wanted to try but never seemed to find in Boots or Superdrug is the Evian Facial Mist.

The Evian Facial Mist promises to moisturise, refreshes and tone the skin. It also helps to fix makeup and freshen and purify the skin


Facials mists are a big part of my skincare routine especially when I’m travelling. I find using a mist on the plane and throughout my holiday helps to keep my skin texture free and hydrated. I have been waiting to use this mist for a while, to say it was anti-climax is an understatement! It sprays in a fine mist but I did not find it as hydrating and soothing as my HG Avene Thermal Mist. It works well over makeup, infact it helps to freshen it when applied during the day but I found the mist very disappointing.  There isn’t a particular scent to it


I’m very disappointed with the performance of this facial mist. Having tried most of the heavy hitters: Avene Thermal Mist, La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, Caudalie Grape Water etc, this one for me is bottom tier. Not enough hydration and doesn’t really make a difference and to top it all over, it’s stopped working! There is still a bit left in mine but for some bizarre reason my spritzer is stuck so I can’t push down on it and nothing comes out! The product is not damaged in any way!

I will stick to my HG Avene Thermal Mist for travelling from now on!

Evian Facial Spray is £4.95 on Fragrance Direct


I wrote this review right after my holiday in Feb!


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