Beauty Pie Pure Double Vitamin C & Vitamin Capsules Review

As you know I love many items from Beauty Pie. I have had my eyes on their Superactive Capsules range for a while, in particular their Vitamin C ones. I finally decided to get them this year and I started using them last month.

What the brand says:

Our super-targeted ‘one-shot’ face serum capsules hold high doses of stable actives, so you can ‘up your skincare-ante’ as-and-when-needed, with a simple twist, squeeze and tap. Our Superactive Capsules, with a double dose of pure Vitamin C, is boosted with Vitamin E acetate for moisture and antioxidation. They also help to firm, smooth and brighten, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and help even out skin tone. It’s a daily must-have anti-aging vitamin dose for your skin.


I started using this on the 15th of May every morning, I use 2 capsules for my face and neck. I add a few drops of the Ordinary’s resveratrol & Ferulic acid serum for added antioxidant support but to also help with the texture of the serum (I will explain why later). I also layer The Inkey list’s Q10 serum over this for added hydration. Each tub contains 60 capsules so using 2 a day gives you a 30 day supply. My morning routine is pictured above.

What I liked: the formula. This is essentially 10% ascorbic acid in a silicone base. It also contains Vitamin E and 0.5% vitamin C encapsulated for slow release. The silicone base allows this to feel almost like a primer on the skin. It also feels slightly gritty, I did experience some tingling in the first few days of using it but as my skin got used to it that went away. I mix it with the ordinary’s serum because I want to ensure it doesn’t pill when I layer other products on top but more importantly to get more antioxidant benefits. I also layer the Q10 serum on top of the capsules for added hydration and of course antioxidants. Using this every morning has really made a difference in my skin tone. My skin looks much brighter and healthier. I started to see results after 2 weeks of usage.

These capsules are the easiest capsules to twist open and use (compared to the Estee Lauder ampoules and the Elizabeth Arden ceramide capsules). BP has done a great job of packaging the Vitamin C. Vitamin C is highly unstable so by packaging them in capsules they remain fresh every time you use it. 2 is enough for face and neck and I use whatever is left on my chest or my hands, there’s no left over serum to keep.

What I didn’t like: nothing

Verdict: This year I decided to commit to using Vitamin C serums every morning! So I have been slowing researching Vitamin C serums and making my way through them. I think I have found the perfect Vitamin C serum for travelling and going forward I will be repurchasing this for trips.

I really really like this serum. The capsules are easy to use and it contains 10% ascorbic acid plus Vitamin E. To experience all the great benefits of Vitamin C, research shows products should have between 10-20% ascorbic acid. However, you can also experience great results from 5% too. Anything higher than 20% will work but you are more prone to irritation.

I only add the other serums to enhance the texture and for more antioxidants: I’m serious about antioxidant use in the morning. Highly recommend these capsules if you are searching for a good vitamin C serum to begin with. These are very popular and always sell out quickly so if you catch them in stock get a tub!

I’ve started writing down the start dates of products I use so I can tell exactly how long I was using them for and when I started to see results!

I wish they would bring more formulas in capsule form. I will be excited to see Q10 and some acids in capsule format. Treatment oils would be great too.

Beauty Pie Pure Double Vitamin C & E Capsules are £11.23 for members and £50 for non-members

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