Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi Defense Aqua UV Gel SPF50 Review

Estee Lauder is one of my favourite luxury brands! My favourite products from them are their best seller ANR serum and Ampoules however I think I have found another killer product( the full review on this soon)

Today’s post is a full review of the new Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi Defense Aqua UV Gel SPF50 with 8 antioxidants. This is part of the Perfectionist range, designed to perfect the skin by reducing sun damage, dark spots and brighten, lift, firm and smooth the skin.

What the brand says:

Our next-generation defense with a next-to-nothing feel. Professionally inspired treatment helps safeguard the healthy, beautiful look of your skin with a holistic 3-in-1 defense, fighting the look of indoor and outdoor environmental assaults: UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Defense in an invisible veil. This patent-pending formula, also featuring Tiger Lily Extract, helps promote the appearance of naturally firm, bouncy skin

Pollution Defense: It helps fight the appearance of damage from indoor/outdoor pollution, including ozone and micro-dust.The carefully crafted, self-renewing blend includes Tiger Lily Extract, Green Tea, Vitamins C and E, Resveratrol and more. Dehydration Defense: Advanced barrier fortifiers help skin seal in moisture and help strengthen it against other environmental assaults. This can also help prevent dehydration, including from external causes such as heating and air conditioning.

All in an amazing, water-light gel emulsion that applies with a refreshing burst of hydration. Absorbs quickly. Non-greasy, non-sticky. Won’t clog pores.


This is a chemical-based sunscreen. Chemical filers are:

UVB- Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Octocrylene, Homosalate. UVA- Benzophenone-3, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane

This is a gel formula and comes in an opaque tube packaging. It comes in one size: 30ml.

What I liked about it: the gel formula feels nice and slightly hydrating on the skin and it’s also very lightweight. I can layer this on and won’t experience any pilling. The formula is great because, in addition to sun protection, you are also getting the added 8 antioxidants including powerhouse antioxidants like Vitamin C, E which will further protect the skin from free radical damage. I have been using this religiously and in addition to my hyperpigmentation treatments and they are fading slowly! ( the biggest difference has been reapplication of sunscreen). This is 100% invisible on dark skin, even when reapplied! I look super tired in the pic, its the first time in a while I had to wake up early for work. LOL

What I didn’t like: Alcohol denatured is the 3rd ingredient in the product and you can definitely tell as you apply it. You get a whiff of the alcohol scent. I also suspect it’s the reason why I get a stinging sensation as the product is drying on the skin. It’s not major but I can feel it and if you have sensitive skin you may find it irritating. I also find that it doesn’t pair too well with certain primers. In the last week of using this, I started going back to work hence started doing my makeup. I usually use the Glamglow Nude moisturiser mixed with the Emani Perfect 10 serum primer as my primer. I have been using this combo since last year without any issues. Using this combo on top of this sunscreen amplified the tingling sensation I was talking about earlier. Again it wasn’t major to the point where I had to rub it off but I could definitely feel it. I then switched primers to the revolution blur stick and that has been ok.

Another issue I have with this is the size. It’s £36 for 30ml and this lasted me just under 2 weeks! 13 days to be exact. I mentioned I reapply sunscreen often, so when I started using this I would use it twice a day before I decided to re-apply my SPF with another product because I didn’t want to run out of the Estee lauder quickly. I use a good about of sunscreen, roughly ½ a teaspoon for face and neck which is the recommended amount. So using the recommended amount of SPF will get you 2 weeks use out of this which isn’t good value for money. I wish it was 50ml size instead

Verdict– I really like the texture and formula of this sunscreen. I love the gel texture which is very easy to apply and layer on. I also love the added antioxidants which boost the sunscreen protection. I love its 100% invisible on dark skin. I have used alcohol denatured in sunscreens before but I don’t remember any of them giving me a tingling sensation like this Estee lauder one does. I also wish they would bring this in a bigger size, 30ml won’t last especially if you are reapplying it often.

Would I repurchase this? To be honest I don’t mind repurchasing but it would have to be on offer for me to buy it again. There is another sunscreen in the Perfectionist range I may try.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro Multi Defense Aqua UV Gel SPF50 is £36 on LookFantastic


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