Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum review

Good Molecules is an affordable skincare brand on Beautylish that I discovered last year. I have a few of their products I have been using for some time now and slowing compiling my reviews

The Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum has tranexamic acid and niacinamide promises to tackle age spots, hyperpigmentation and sun damage. It says it will promote an even skin tone


I am writing this review after using the last drops of the serum today. I have been using this as part of my nightly routine intermittently, I started using it for 2 weeks at a time and switching to another serum but in the last 2 to 3 weeks I have used it consistently layering over a hydrating serum.

The serum is a very lightweight texture that doesn’t leave the skin sticky or with a film. It has no noticeable scent and I haven’t had any issues with the serum. It hasn’t stung or burnt my skin. it layers well with other products and I did not have any piling issues with it.

I was immediately interested in the serum because I am always looking for products to tackle my hyperpigmentation. Tranexamic acid is also an interesting ingredient and has promising claims regarding hyperpigmentation and obviously niacinamide which is known for its skin benefits. All in all the cocktail of ingredients excited me.

Results: to be honest with you I haven’t seen a HUGE improvement in hyperpigmented spots. My overall complexion looks brighter but I have had some ‘new’ pigmentation that hasn’t shifted and even the older spots that seem improved. I did notice the serum helps to keep my skin smooth. I noticed most of these results in the 3 weeks I have been using it consistently every night


I really wanted to see improvements in pigmented spots but I saw an overall brighter appearance and smoother skin. Compared to their Daily Brightening Serum which has hyaluronic acid and beta Arbutin, the discolouration serum is less effective. I prefer the Daily Brightening serum. I only combined this serum with a hydrating serum and an acid toner.

Will I recommend this serum? I think I would recommend the Daily Brightening Serum over this. This is a nice serum to use, and perhaps if you wanted a simple cocktail of ingredients and wanted overall brightening then I would. At the price, it’s a good one to try, you could even use two to use back to back to see if you see better results. I wish I had another bottle.

Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum is $12 on Beautylish. I have only seen this on Beautylish and they ship to the UK. They have the best beauty online customer service I have experience and I highly recommend them. They add custom charges to your order so there is nothing to pay for when you receive your package.

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