Nivea Sun Moisture Lock SPF 50 Review

You guys know how I feel about sun protection! Each year I try to test out new sunscreens and review for you guys. I have a dedicated SPF section for dark skin, I have tested a lot of SPFs from K beauty ones to the drugstore and compiled a list for us. Check out the beauty menu and click on ‘Dark Skin Sunscreens’.

Today’s post will be a full review on the Nivea Sun Moisture Lock SPF 50. This is a very high broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection. It claims to b water-resistant with 4 stars UVA rating. It also promises moisture


This is a lotion spray SPF which means you cannot spray it directly onto the face because it doesn’t spray as a mist. It is lightweight lotion and has the usual sunscreen scent. This is a chemical sunscreen.

The SPF is a light weight lotion and spreads easily onto the skin. It looks like it would leave a cast on the skin but after massaging onto the skin, it is 100% invisible. The lotion does feel a little greasy on the skin and leaves the skin with a ‘dewy look’. I haven’t found it to clog pores or experienced any irritation with it. It doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin but you will feel it on the skin.

It layers well with other products and I have not had any issues with pilling. It works well under makeup and because it leaves a dewy finish this does translate under makeup too. My everyday makeup is a powder foundation and this helps give it a dewy fresh look instead of a matte finish.


I do like this sunscreen, it has high factor protection and 100% invisible on dark skin. It provides enough moisture and there have been times I have slaughtered this on over serums over without the need for moisturiser. This does have a dewy finish so if you don’t not like that then you won’t like it. I would not recommend this for extremely oily skin or oily skin in general because it feels slightly heavy on of course, the dewy finish. This SPF can be used on both the face and body and comes in a huge 200 bottle. This has a 12month shelf life, I started using intermittently last summer so I will be throwing it away soon. I still have a lot to go because I have been using it for my face only.

Nivea Sun Moisture Lock SPF 50 is £6 at Boots

Check out my Dark Skins sunscreen for more reviews and options


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