Its Skin GF Effector Serum review

Its Skin is a popular South Korean brand. I have personally used 2 other serums from them and some sheet masks and I really loved them. I got this serum from a friend last year and I was looking forward to adding it to my routine.


The GF effector serum promises to provide moisture to the skin and help protect and soothe the skin from environmental damage.


I started using this serum in my nightly routine, layering it over a 2 to 3 drops over serum and before moisturiser. I have also used this serum in my morning routine. I have no issues with it pilling with other products. This does contain fragrance and it’s a pleasant scent (subtle) but I have not experienced any irritation from it.

This is a very lightweight watery serum that sinks into the skin quickly. It doesn’t leave the skin sticky and it doesn’t leave a film. I really like this serum. It leaves my skin hydrated, glowing and plump. Used at night I wake up with soft and hydrated skin. I’ve looked at the ingredients and it full of a lot of stuff with antioxidant properties, ingredients like Vitamin E, Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide and gingko extract.



A good hydrating serum that doesn’t leave the skin sticky. I didn’t realise how many antioxidants were in this formula but it’s really good to know. I have now used 3 its Skin serums and I have loved all of them. I finished the bottle some time ago before writing this review before I wanted to have the full experience before writing my thoughs

I will recommend.

It’s SKIN – Power 10 Formula GF Effector is £10 on YesStyle


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