Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturiser Review


Farmacy is a brand I discovered through Instagram last year and since then I have loved every product I have tried from them. From the Green Clean cleansing balm and the Honeymoon serum, I am really looking forward to discovering more of the brand.

Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturiser is a lightweight cream that is quick-absorbing with a blend of Royal Jelly and golden Cupuaçu Butter Beads to leave the skin feeling soft, supple and moisturised without a greasy feel


Honey Drop is a gel-cream texture that really sinks into the skin with ease. Whilst I’m not a huge fan of the scent, the cream really leaves my skin hydrated with no oily feeling. I’ve been using this twice a day, AM and PM and I have experienced no irritation from it.

This lightweight cream works really well with other serums and doesn’t pile when layered on top of them. The Cupuacu beads melt as you rub the moisturiser into the skin. this moisturiser leaves the skin soft and hydrated. It works well under makeup to leave the skin hydrated through the day. Honey drop also has other beneficial ingredients like amino acids and triple hyaluronic acid complex


There is not much to say other than I really like this moisturiser. I love the texture, last year I fell in love with gel-cream textures because of how hydrating they are. This cream is very lightweight, sinks into the skin and leaves it very hydrated and glowing. I have the travel size as I purchased in a set but it’s lasted the whole of March- I have just run out of it. Whilst I love the packaging, I feel as though it will be better housed in a tube or a pump bottle because the texture is fluid and lightweight, not as fluid as a serum or lotion but it’s not as thick as a cream

I love this moisturiser and I honestly feel like I’m putting water on my skin when I use this. if you have oily skin this would be a great moisturiser to use. I have normal to combo oily skin and this works extremely well with it.

I would definitely recommend

Farmacy Honey Drop Moisturiser (Full size) is £42 on LookFantastic. I would recommend you get the Mighties gift set which has 4 travel sizes of their best selling products for the same price. This is the set I got and it allows you to test out these products before deciding to purchase the full price.

The Mighties is £42 on LookFantastic

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