Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream SPF30 Review

Kiehl’s skincare is one of the best around. I fell in love with the brand after using the clearly correct dark spot serum a few years back. This post will be a full review of the Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30.

The Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30 is a version of their very popular and bestselling ULTRA Facial Cream, the only difference is the added sun protection. This cream promises to have all the benefits of the original (non-greasy hydration, comfortable and healthier-looking skin) plus sun protection



I have been using this close to 6 months now every morning. The texture is a lightweight lotion and goes on really well, layering over serums without pilling. The scent is a typical SPF moisturiser scent, I don’t think it’s remarkable.

I would say the cream does offer some hydration although I don’t think it’s continuous as they say. When I use the cream alone (i.e. without makeup) I tend to find my skin slightly dry towards the middle of the day. It doesn’t leave an oily finish. There is some dewiness but I like it and I think oiler skin types may also like it.

Is it invisible on dark skin? – YES. I slaughter this on in the mornings and there is no white cast, it does look like it will leave a cast when massaging it in but when it sinks into the skin there is no trace of a cast.


I have never used the original facial cream but I really love this one. It feels lightweight, doesn’t clog pores and provides some hydration. It layers really well with other products and doesn’t pill too. Best of all its 100% on dark skin so we won’t have to worry about that! This is a chemical-based sunscreen and comes in two sizes

I was gifted this by a friend but this is something I would definitely purchase. This joins my list of best SPF moisturisers I have tried.




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