The Inkey List Vitamin C Serum Review

The Inkey List is a popular low-cost skincare brand, I was invited to one of their events this year and was gifted with a few of their products which I have been using for a while. In this post, I will be reviewing their Vitamin C serum.

The Vitamin C serum is 30% stable L-ascorbic acid in a stable waterless formula. It promises a brighter youthful complexion whilst boosting collagen production and protection from pollutants.


I have been using the serum for the last 2 to 3 weeks as part of my morning routine. I use after toner before my moisturiser. Even though it’s a high ascorbic acid content, I have not experienced any irritation from this.

The serum has a silicone feel and gritty texture, in the first few times I used this, I used it alone over my toner and I did not like the results. It had a powdery feel and left my skin dry (it is a waterless formula) I also had the tingling sensation they warn you about. I started mixing the Q10 serum (also from the brand) with the vitamin c and I liked it much better. I got hydration, a much easier texture to play with and less tingling. There was still some tingling sensations but less compared to using it alone. The Inkey List actually recommend using it with their hyaluronic acid serum(for less tingling) but I used the Q10 for added antioxidant power. I’ve run out of Q10 so I now mix it with another hydrating serum.

The serum is amazing. It has left my skin brighter and started to fade some of my pigmentation. I also noticed it has left my skin smoother. The serum also layers well with other products without pilling which is great. This is a silicone base so if you don’t like that texture this serum is not for you.


At 7.99, this high vitamin c content serum is a great product to use. I prefer to mix mine with a hydrating serum for extra benefits. The serum alone has a silicone base so expect no hydration and a powdery texture on the skin. Due to the high vitamin c content tingling can be expected. I really like this because I have seen improvements in my skin both texture wise and complexion. Vitamin C is also an amazing antioxidant so I know I am getting extra protection in addition to my SPF in the AM. I have also used this in my PM routine.

I would definitely recommend and buy once I’m out of this.

Vitamin C Serum is £7.99 on Cult Beauty

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