Lixir Skin AHA/PHA 10% Night Switch Review

I’m not new to the Lixir skin brand although my first experience was negative. Read my thoughts on their vitamin c paste here. I love acid serums so when I saw the AHA PHA 10 night serum I knew it was something I needed to try. This serum promises to gently exfoliate the skin for smoother skin.


I am very comfortable with using skincare acids even at higher percentages or a combo of acids. This AHA PHA blend at 10% promises to gently exfoliate the skin for smoother healthier skin. You are directed to use at night for 3 weeks then take a break OR switch to another night switch serum mixed with one of their moisturizers. I have been using mine neat, 3 times a week and I have experienced no irritation.

AHA PHA are acids both known to gently exfoliate the skin. 10% is a good conc for it to actively work. I remember feeling a tingling sensation when I first used it but subsequent use didn’t give that sensation.  I didn’t experience any burning or rashes with this. This is a very lightweight watery serum and I find it sinking into the skin with ease.  It offers some hydration but not a lot. I use this after a water mist and on nights I use this acid serum, I don’t combine it with any other acid. I usually layer a gel-cream afterwards or I have used it a few times with my Estée Lauder ANR. Lixir Skin AHA PHA is a blend of 3 acids: lactic (AHA) lactobionic (PHA) and phytic (AHA).

Results? I am in love with this! It’s a small but mighty serum and I find my skin has been smoother and appears healthier since adding this to the night routine. I really thought I would run out of the 15ml serum very quickly, but using only 2 to 3 pumps 3 times a week, it’s lasted longer than expected. I think I am going into my 3rd month and I have only gone past halfway.


This is a very well-formulated acid serum which is a blend of two of my fav acids at a percentage high enough to work but gentle enough to use. I’m not sure how sensitive skin will react to this. Although you are directed to mix with a moisturizer, I have been using mine neat and I have not had any issues but if you are going to use it this way, I would patch test first. You can also use this as a wash-off mask but I haven’t tried it yet, maybe I will before I finish the bottle.

The serum is good at exfoliation and I would recommend you stick to the 3x a week direction. It may look small but it lasts.

Please use acids with caution: stick to one leave-on acid product, e.g. serum or toner. There is no need to combine several acid products in one routine, for instance, an acid toner and cream especially if they are high concentration. Always use SPF 30 and above in the mornings no matter the weather (and preferably use a dedicated SPF, not an SPF moisturiser)


Lixir Skin AHA/PHA Night Switch Serum is £20 and available on Cult beauty

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