Your Good Skin Instant Brightening Booster Review

Your Good Skin by Boots is one of my favourite drugstore brands, I particularly love the SPF 30 day cream and the cleanser. I was browsing Boots and saw the brand new Instant Brightening Booster and I picked it up straight away. It was on introductory price plus I love anything that says Vitamin C and brightening.

The Booster promises to instantly brighten the skin give a boost of radiance. It has an antioxidant complex of Vitamin C, Green tea, Lipochroman and Vitamin E to help protect against the environment. The serum is non-pore blocking and safe for all skin types.


I opened the box as soon as I got home and was slightly disappointed to see the serum is iridescent with golden shimmer in it. I do not like iridescence in my skincare because I feel like its gimmicky but at this point, it was too late lol.

The serum is supposed to be used at least 3 times a week and mixed with the Balancing skin concentrate. I used it every morning and some nights ‘neat’ after toning and before other serums. The serum itself sinks into the skin very quickly but I don’t find it hydrating (it doesn’t claim to do this anyway). I experienced no issues with it using it alone. It doesn’t have any particular scent, just smells like skincare to me.

The serum didn’t do much to my skin in terms of brightening. Sure the iridescence will make the skin look more luminous thanks to the shimmer but I have not experienced any long term benefits. This serum has lasted 3 and a half weeks using it every morning and some nights.


I always side-eye skincare products that promise radiance and have shimmer/iridescence because it’s almost always relying on that for radiance. That is the case for this booster. I didn’t experience any long term benefits but of course, the instant radiance is due to shimmer. Had I opened the box and saw this in-store, I wouldn’t have purchased it. The serum didn’t offer hydration for me and it also doesn’t claim to do this.

One benefit I can see is that the booster has an antioxidant complex of well-known antioxidant ingredients so at least I was getting that protection from pollutants.

Your Good Skin Instant Brightening Booster is £10.99 at Boots

Your Good Skin Brand Review


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