Sunday Riley Blue Moon Review

Ever since the GlossyBox X Sunday Riley box, I have fallen in love with Sunday Riley as a brand. I have tried a few of the products, mostly the best sellers and I have loved most of them. Today’s post will be a full review on Blue Moon which is a cleansing balm and one of their best sellers

Blue moon balm promises a skin soothing nourishing balm to milk texture that is gentle on the skin and effective against makeup and grime. It promises a rinse clean formula, leaving the skin feeling clean and calm


I got this from the GlossyBox last year and have only come round to using it. The texture of Blue moon is definitely soft but it also have ‘grit’ which is surprising because there is no mention of this in the description of the product.

The unexpected grit made my experience with this negative. I found the grit doesn’t easily dissolve on the skin, even when massaging: it takes a while to fully melt into oil. I didn’t like using around my eye area and especially if I had mascara on because that meant rubbing my eyes with it. To be clear, the ‘grit’ isn’t harsh, it doesn’t scratch the skin but it’s something you will feel whilst massaging the balm over the face. I also felt like it wasn’t as effective against mascara but it does an ok job with makeup and grime. It also doesn’t pair too well with my Primark makeup remover cloth. The instruction from SR is to ‘wipe away with a damp cloth’ but because of the ‘grit’, I just get tiny white balls on my face which is slightly annoying to remove. It doesn’t rinse clean for me and I can definitely feel some residue on my skin afterwards.



I used Blue moon for a week as a first cleanse before deciding to switch to something else because I was not enjoying the experience. I do not like the grit and they should really say this in the description of the product. Performance-wise its ok but I have definitely used better cleansing balms (Farmacy Green Clean comes to mind). I am disappointed with this because I waited so long to use it plus I am really into cleansing balms now. I stopped using it for a while then dipped into it once or twice to ensure I wasn’t overreacting (lol) and I wasn’t. I have tried to repurpose this as a body scrub but it’s not gritty enough for that. I’m not sure what to do with it now: I really don’t want to throw it out but I simply do not like it on my face. I will try it out as a face scrub and if that doesn’t work out lol I’m afraid I will have to chuck it lol.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon is £46 on Cult Beauty

Let me know what you think.





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