The Cleansing Edit


Let’s focus on the first and important step of the skincare routine: Cleansing! I must admit I was one of those that didn’t really pay attention to this because all I was focusing on were acid toners and serums! Fastforward to last year where I fell in love with double cleansing and the 60 sec method and the rest is history.

My skincare auntie, Caroline Hirrons, is always talking about double cleansing which we should be all doing and rightly so( she’s more versed on the topic so definitely check her blog/channel for more info). It makes sense really, 1st cleanse to get rid of what’s on the skin and a 2nd cleanse to actually cleanse the skin. I have rounded up some of my fav 1st & 2ndcleansers below and why I love them so much. I generally love using balms, oils/micellar water as a 1st cleanse and a face wash( foam/gel etc) as a 2nd cleanse.

First Cleansers

Collosol Water Milk Cleanser

A very recent favourite but it’s very easy to see why. This is a water milk cleanser which removes all traces of makeup, excess oil and dirt on the face without stripping it. It’s a hybrid between micellar water (which I also LOVE) and a cleansing milk. I have a full review coming but in short its: luxury French skincare and its great!


Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm

A firm favourite among the insta skincare community and after using it and I understand now. A solid balm that easily turns into an oil when massaged onto the skin. It removes makeup & dirt so easily and rinses clean. A fresh scent and easy to use balm. I have a full review coming

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

A cult classic, the EH Moringa balm is just a luxury to use. I have a full review on it here. A little balm goes a long way with this balm and it’s very effective at removing makeup

Second Cleansers

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip clay Cleanser

Ok so, I finally gotten round to using my Sunday riley stuff and I am in love. This is how late I am: I have fallen in love with this cleanser only to find out they have changed the formula lool. I have ordered another mini size of the cleanser and I am hoping I love it as much as I love the old formula.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

My beauty advent calendars last year introduced me to this cleanser and I instantly fell in love with it. It leaves the skin clean and texture free but comfortable. It’s a blend of two of my fav acids plus gentle exfoliating beads and it’s suitable for everyday use. My full review is here





First Aid Beauty Deep Skin Rescue Cleanser

I really debated adding this cleanser, I do like it, it’s an ok cleanser, I don’t find it too impressive but I know a lot of people love this brand. The cleanser is effective at cleansing the skin without drying it out and it’s good for combo skin.

I wanted to keep this short but honourable mentions also include: BeautyPie JapanFusion Cleaner, Tribalm and B Creamy Foam Cleanser, Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser

Catch you later! I hope you enjoyed the post



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