Asian Sunscreens for Dark Skin

I am a huge advocate for sun protection for dark skin because there is still that myth( which a lot of people still believe) that black skin does not need protection. The truth is we do and there is a lot of SPF’s on the market. There is also a lot of these that leave dark skin with a white/grey cast which tends to also put people off. I have been testing sunscreens for a while, looking for products that are suitable for us and can be worn without makeup/disguise.

This year I fell in love with Asian skincare and from YesStyle, I purchased products (ok a lot) including sunscreens. I initially got 6 and I have reviews of all them on my blog. This post is a quick summary of all of them and links to purchase if you are interested.

Be warned some of the pictures below are horrible lol but anything for my blog!

Use my discount code SARAHF1 for ££ off your order!

Missha SPF 45 PA+++, £7.48

Is it invisible on dark skin? Yes. Full review here

Beautiful lightweight texture that sinks into the skin with ease. I really like this because it’s a high factor sunscreen without the oily residue.


Etude House Sunprise Airy Finish SPF 50 PA+++, £8.69

Is it invisible on dark skin? No. full review here

I got this after a recommendation from my friend but it didn’t work out for me. Its super matte and leaves a white cast on the skin. A few reviews I read stated it was indeed clear on dark skin but for me it wasn’t. I ended up throwing this out


Shiseido Hada-Senka Mineral Water UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++, £6.61

Is it invisible on dark skin? Yes. Full review here

This was the one I was most excited to try because it’s very popular on YesStyle. It’s a lightweight texture that feels very similar to a primer. This was one of my fav textures to use.



OMI – Menturm The Sun UV Protect Gel Water-Proof SPF 50+ PA++++, £9.16

Is it invisible on dark skin? Yes. Full review

This was my favourite, its super lightweight and 100% invisible on skin but. BUT it has ethanol in it! It’s the 1st ingredient. And it leaves my skin feels tight and dry in the day.






OMI Solanoveil Protect Face Milk SPF 50 PA+++, £7.39

Is it invisible on dark skin? No. Full review here

I really liked the texture of this and the ingredients. It’s the only one I have used without any alcohol in it. It’s clearly not suitable for dark skin because it leaves a cast.


Missha SPF 50 PA+++, £8.29

Is it invisible on dark skin? Yes. Full review here

This has a lovely texture and I like this as much as the Shiseido Hada SPF. It feels light on the skin however this piles if you use a lot of it!

If you have tried any other Asian sunscreen, drop me a line. For more sunscreen reviews, check out the Dark skin sunscreen section under Beauty


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