Simple Moisturising Face Wash Review

Simple skincare is a really popular brand at the drugstore and they are well known for their kind ingredients and simple and no harsh ingredients.

I bought this face wash in December 2018 after my Skin Laundry Laser facial. I wanted something gentle with mild ingredients whilst effectively cleansing my face. This face wash is 100% soap-free and formulated with Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and triple purified water. It provides hydration, removes excess dirt, oil and makeup.


This became my daily morning face wash, using a fair amount in the morning washing my face with my hands. This face wash has no particular scent and produces a little to no lather. I also used with a few times with my Spin brush and it produced a lot of lather.

I didn’t like this cleanser as I started to notice it wasn’t doing an effective job at cleansing my face. I used the Simple face wash as a morning cleanser, after toner I would notice the cotton pads were dirty even though I had just washed my face. I did a mini-experiment by using a different cleanser (Murad AHA BHA exfoliating face wash) then using the same toner afterwards. The cotton pads after the Murad cleanser look ‘cleaner’ than after the Simple cleanser, the cotton pad on the right has picked up more fluff/lint from my face towel. It didn’t pick up any dirt like the simple side. I used the 60 sec method for both cleansers.



I stopped using this cleanser because it wasn’t effective enough at cleansing. I thought I liked it before because it was gentle and as I was using a mist toner I did not notice how much dirt was still left on my face. I have now switched to the Murad cleanser which is amazing( full review coming soon)

Simple Moisturising Face Wash is £3.49 at Boots

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