Summer Bodycare Edit


I’m praying for a great summer this year! (Do you guys remember summer 2018?!)

Do you change your bodycare routine in the summer? Or would you consider it? This post will be about bodycare routines for summer (all year round really) and product recommendation on where to begin. By the way, did y’all catch the great leg washing debate on Twitter a few months back? If you haven’t been washing your legs and want to start you can pick up some tips here lool

Body Washes/Scrubs/Moisturisers

For the last 2 years I have been using African Black soap faithfully, now that I have run out and I have gone back to soaps. I like Dove Beauty Bar soaps because they lather well and do not leave my skin dry. I also want to experiment with making my own soaps. I par with my African sponge to scrub my skin clean

I have been loving body scrubs since last year and I regularly add them to my routine. It started as a pamper session for special occasions but I got addicted to how soft and smooth and skin felt afterwards. I have used quite a few, but my favs are Soap & Glory Flake Away*, Scrubz of London and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Scrub*. If you have sensitive skin or eczema I may not recommend these (I don’t have this skintype is I do not know how it will react to scrubs), I recommend using them once every 2 weeks (I tried to do once a week but let’s be realistic who has time?). I also Like the Dove Body Scrub

After washing, I like to follow up with a body lotion/moisturiser to ensure moisture is locked into the skin. I love body butters and prefer my own DIY shea butter mixes. When I can’t be bothered to make mine, I really like Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturising Body Oil*- its non-greasy and sinks into the skin.

Body masks

Are body masks really necessary? Not really but I like using them. If I have time I will scrub and mask in one pamper session but I usually do a mask the next day after a scrub. My favourite one is from Bodyshop which has been discontinued! But I love Bentonite clay as well. I have a few deadsea masks from Israel I also love.


Did you think I won’t mention SPF? If your legs/any part of your body is out then you need to protect them from the sun (this is not the same as not washing them because they are in trousers LOL). I now use my face SPF for my body but I used to use a separate body SPF but the one I loved (Boots Soltan Kids SPF 50) has changed. I think. The formula isn’t the same and it’s no longer invisible on my skin. I also find the face SPF’s feel much lighter compared to the body SPF and they are less sticky.


Please for goodness sake its hot and humid out, please use deodorant! There is nothing worst on getting on the tube and smelling hot armpits. Mitchum roll-ons are AMAZING. They keep me dry and odour free BUT they also leave white marks and sometimes I find them quite drying. I wish I could find something else like it without the white marks.

Share some of your body hygiene tips for the summer and all year!

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