Pixi Peel and Polish Review

Pixi Peel and Polish is one of their best selling products. I have wanted to try this for a long time but I just didn’t want to spend on the full price. I got the travel size in a set I purchased a few months ago.

Pixi Peel and Polish is resurfacing concentrate which they describe as a salon radiance revealing enzyme peel. It has natural fruit enzymes exfoliate & polish to reveal a more smooth, radiant and healthy complexion.


I use this probably once a week or when I am experiencing texture. It has a gritty texture and feels like a scrub. It doesn’t sting my skin. I leave this on for 10 mins before washing off.

This mask leaves my skin feeling very soft and smooth and definitely makes a good prep for makeup application. I really like this mask and I would say it’s worth the hype. I haven’t experienced any issues or irritation from this


This isn’t a long review, this mask is a very good mild chemical peel which I find pleasant to use. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight even using it twice a week. You can also use this as a scrub if you’re in a hurry. I would recommend SPF use because this is a chemical peel so will leave your skin more vulnerable to the skin. If you think Glamglow Youth Mud & The Ordinary AH BHA mask are too harsh for you then this will be a good alternative. They are not dupes of each other but they leave the skin very smooth and soft with reduced texture.

Peel & Polish is £26 at Boots*

*affiliate link used.

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