Kose Clear Turn Vitamin C Sheet Masks review

YesStyle Korean Beauty Haul

You guys know how much I fell in love with Yes Style after discovering it! Check out my Asian Beauty haul here (mind this was the 1st out of 3 smh) I have started posting reviews to the products.

I love sheet masks so when I discovered they sell them in bulk I was really happy to try them! I got the Kose Clear Turn Essence Vitamin C sheet masks. These come in a variety of ingredients but I decided to get the Vitamin C for its brightening properties.

Kose promises a formula with highly concentrated Vitamin C, a perfectly fitting mask that allows the serum to quickly penetrate. It controls melanin protection. Prevents freckles and spots and provides highly translucent lush skin. It comes in a pack of 30.


The sheets masks come in a hard shell contain and they are neatly folded individually inside. Unfortunately, mine was damaged in transit when it arrived: there was a small crack at the back which caused most of the serum to leak out. it was still useable so I started using it straight away storing it upside down but that also caused the rest of the serum to leak out. I emailed Yes Style about this, not asking for a replacement but to just let them know. They replied within 24 hours and offered to send me a replacement for free! Within a week I had my new mask!

Even though most of the serum had leaked out the masks were still soaked enough for me to use. I have to use my face mist to re ‘wet’ them a bit for it to stick to my face. According to the instruction, the mask can be removed after 5 mins or left up to 10 mins and its more effective when used every day. I have been using this in place of my morning toner almost every day.

This is a cotton material sheet mask however I find the mask slightly ‘hard’ compared to other sheet masks I have used. The fit is ok, it’s just a little bit on the smaller side but after a bit of stretch, they are a perfect fit. The mask feels comfortable on and stays on. I take this off after 5 mins and massage the leftover serum into my skin. Frequent use had really left my skin brighter and this pairs well with my serums and creams in the morning. I have experienced no pilling layering other products on. Using the masks every day I feel has also reduced my need for a mask during the week. I feel like my skin is in much better condition.


I am in love with this sheet mask and I am so happy I have a backup. Buying the mask in bulk is allowing me to use it more frequently and it’s so quick & convenient to use. You would think using these as a toner in the morning will slow down my AM routine but honestly, it hasn’t. I put on the mask first and it stays on as I sort out my clothes. Kose masks also come in Hyaluronic acid, placenta, Collagen, Q10 and Tranexamin acid and I really want to try all of them! Kose is a well-known J beauty brand and Yes Style have a ton of their products! I also have to mention the masks haven’t dried out on me!

I definitely recommend! If you love sheet masking, you have to check out this and the other bulk sheet masks they stock- it will save you money

Kose Clear Turn Essence Mask is £15.65 on Yes Style*

You can read about my experience with Yes style in my haul post. I have paid no customs charges till date and shipping is usually about a week.

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I’m onto my second tub now!

Catch you later!

*affiliate link used. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I will earn a small commission which goes towards the upkeep of the blog (and allows me to keep bringing you excellent content) but the price remains the same

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