OMI – Menturm The Sun UV Protect Gel Water-Proof SPF 50+ Review

OMI - Menturm The Sun UV Protect Gel Water-Proof SPF 50+ Review

I have been busy testing out Asian sunscreens and this post is an update on the SPF haul I did back in March from Yes Style. I told you guys I am working on an Asian sunscreen edit for dark skin so I have slowly been making my way through my batch. Today’s post will be a full review and demo on OMI – Menturm The Sun UV Protect Gel Water-Proof SPF 50+ PA++++ and how it looks on dark skin.

OMI is a popular J beauty brand and this SPF promises to ‘blend’ moisture into the skin and formulated with 7 plant extracts. They say it’s waterproof and suitable for the skin & body


I have been using this sunscreen for the last month and I am halfway through the bottle. It is a very lightweight consistency, they describe it as a gel but it’s more of a very light essence/lotion consistency. It has a ‘noticeable’ alcohol scent. It’s not too strong but you can definitely notice it, in fact, ethanol is the 2nd ingredient in this SPF.

The SPF sinks into the skin well and the way I apply it makes a difference in terms of the finish and feel of my skin. The 1st time I used it, I rubbed it into the skin and it made my skin feel very tight & dry later in the day. So dry that I purchased another cream (thank God I work in a hospital) to moisture my face. In this application, I didn’t use a hydrating serum underneath so it may have contributed to the dryness too. For the 2nd time, I used a hydrating serum and slathered the SPF on, but I let it absorb into the skin naturally and gently pressed the excess into my skin. My skin was left hydrated and later in the day my skin it didn’t feel as dry & tight. I have also used this method with a non-hydrating serum and my skin felt better than my 1st time so this is the way I have been using it. There is still some dryness later in the day but nothing compared to my first time.

Is it invisible on black skin? YES. This SPF sinks into the skin quickly and it’s completely & 100% invisible! There is no flashback with this under makeup and it doesn’t sting my eyes. I have also used this on my body and again completely invisible.


I love the super lightweight texture of the SPF and the fact that it’s invisible on the skin. I do not like the alcohol in it which is responsible for making my skin feel dry throughout the day. You will also notice the alcohol scent. As for being waterproof, the 3rd ingredient and others are insolvable in water but I do not have a way of testing the waterproof claims out.

Compared to the Missha, this one came completely full. Easy and functional packaging. It’s bigger than the others, this is 100ml whilst the others are 50 ml.

Will I recommend? Hmm, I want to say yes but with caution because of the alcohol in it. Definitely not for dry skin and I would recommend a few others before this.

Will I repurchase? Yes but as a very last option and not right away. I will be purchasing a few more SPF’s soon from Yes Style.

I’m conflicted: LOVE the texture and invisibility on dark skin but ethanol as a 2nd ingredient? The evidence is clear this is not one of the good guys and it causes dryness. I haven’t experienced any irritation or breakouts from this.

I have a hater living on my forehead rent free SMH

If you want to check it out for yourself it’s £9.16 on Yesstyle*.

Check out my SPF for Dark skin edit which links all the SPF’s I recommend for dark skin in one post!

Catch you later

*affiliate link used.



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